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All I Need is One More Chance

Monday, June 29, 2009


It's all anyone needs, really. And yes, the clock is ticking on your life, and on mine, and sometimes that paying of the piper comes due faster than expected, witness the lead singer of this week's song.

But for many of us there IS time.

So let's use it wisely.

And give ourselves more chances.

Because the amazing thing is, we only need one more, but we can get several.

Every day, every moment, can be another chance. Another choice.

Walk or drive.
Eat junk or eat healthy.
Cook or eat out.
Water or soda.
Help or hinder.
Record or forget.
Degrade or praise.
Exercise or laze.
Give or take.

Lots and lots of these choices, these chances. Every single day. And the wacky thing is, very few of these choices are truly dependent on each other. I mean, if you walk today, it doesn't mean you can or have to hinder someone tomorrow. Or you do. But it's the old "post hoc ergo propter hoc" fallacy, e. g. that so many of us think that just because Y comes after X that it had to have been caused by X. Well, not necessarily. Sometimes it's just an accident of time. And next time X and Y will happen at the same time, or X will happen after Y or X won't happen at all.

I'm kind of rolling this around in my head because the whole plateau busting thing is frustrating but it's another round of post hoc ergo propter hoc. I mean, I exercise more, I gain. Or I lose. I eat less. I gain. Or I lose. I rest more. I gain. Or I lose. The bottom line is eventual, incremental, continuing, sustained and cumulative losses. But it can be hard to see that very large picture in light of little speed bumps.

So I'll toss out post hoc with the bathwater it came in and instead just ride along on the journey. I'm confident that good choices will lead to good results, but not necessarily on my own happy little personal timetable. My body has no calendar; it's going to do its thing on its own sweet timetable and the only thing I CAN do about it is to continue to do good things for it. And trust in things to eventually work themselves out and right and good and properly.

And in the meantime, seize my life, because it is short, all too short.

Seize yours. Yours is worth getting back. You want it back?

All you need is one more chance.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo CD4749243
    You continue to make good sense. One day at a time. Enjoy.
    4172 days ago
    You totally awesome and way cool shrinking woman - I can't TELL you how much I enjoyed this blog! And we WILL get through this plateau thingy.
    Still making happy choices and enjoying the ride, just stopping to smell the roses at this current weight of mine.
    4173 days ago
    Totally how I feel right now! I stop exercising I lose.. or gain.. it really is just needing to roll with the punches. Can I be happy with the weight I am currently because my body seems to really want to stay here.... ugh...
    4174 days ago
    For morale during plateau-busting, I think the moving average charts at physicsdiet.com are really helpful. They're also great for estimated bodyfat percentage, which always fluctuates with water, at least on my scale!
    4174 days ago
    Come on Jespah!!! Kick it up a notch... do an extra 5 or 10 minutes of cardio... dance to a few songs... come on girl... kick it up a notch... kick that plateau to the curb.. it's not going to just happen on it's own... u need to change things up!!!! Add heavier weights.. eat MORE fruit!!! sneak in an extra walk.. do some stairs.... BE CREATIVE!!! BUT DO IT!!! You can and WILL bust thru this plateau!!! I believe in you!!!
    4174 days ago

    think positive

    act positive

    like you said each moment is a new start
    4174 days ago
    So many life affirming choices.

    Lately I have been thinking about how I got into the shape I'm in. (oh you don't know the shape I'm in...another good walking song.)

    I can't figure out why I let my self get so out of shape...no I won't skirt it...fat. That is what I let my self become. And bored. And boring. And nearly crippled by inactivity. Blamed it on disability. It was a disability alright, but not the one I thought I had.

    So maybe it does not matter how I got here or what I thought i needed that overeating did for me. Maybe all that matters is the choices we make now. i actually love these choices. Love food that is not soaked in salt and fat. Love fresh. Love to move. Love to work out. Love how I feel.

    How come I forgot all this stuff?

    4174 days ago
    that's right loved this blog. you are going to do the good things for your body every day every choice. sure we all make a few wrong choices but for the most part.and don't worry the weight will come off in its own time. nice blog.one more choice for me i ahope i make it a good one just like you. emoticon emoticon
    4174 days ago
    Cook or eat out? I mean is there a choice here? EAT OUT! All the way.

    I hear ya about the timetable... I was just looking at my progress this year and thinking "at this rate there's gonna be a year 3 on Sparkpeople" - and here I thought I'd lose 70 pounds in a year. HA! But you know what? There are FAR worse things to contemplate!

    Reminds me of an article I read (Ann Landers I think) about how people are always looking ahead to the destination, and not bothing to enjoy the journey! They they get to the destination (deathbed) and realized they forgot to live!

    So carpe diem! And eat out!


    4174 days ago
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