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How do you say NO?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

So how do you all handle it on holidays and such.... the food, cake, pie, ect.... it is so hard to say NO when everyone else is saying YES!! Just need some ideas for helping me to say NO . Thanks so much!! emoticon
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  • RENA1965
    1. being honest with my family and friends- they know how large I have been so ask if there is anything they can prepare to me. I have sensitive stomach so eating fatty food gives me GERD, if the food is all wrong I take my own. I have been to a 60 years old party and sat with two other women watching what they ate, people eyed up our colourful salads as we shared them around between the three of us strangers to break the ice..
    2. eat my lunchbox at work even if the free food hits the table- if the others throw caution to the wind and ask me why I don't eat I say, look at yourself you want to loss weight, so many bad things smacked together do damage. I don't like the punishment so refuse to do the crime.
    3. I ask myself do these people remember to wash their hands, have seen people get stomach problems and when your the only one whom avoids the food and is not sick I have to wonder- real big eye opener..
    4. Whom said I have to say no to everything, if I know I am going out socially I am planning for this event and bake a cake or dessert I can take with me. I am not eating alone before the event watching, I am eating my healthy versions and sometimes slapping wandering fingers that find my plate..
    5. I think of the damage all this junkfood does inside the body, as have thin fat people just fall over dead in my family. Being thin is no guareentee you don't get heart problems, it is all about "what" we eat and sometimes actually large people whom eat healthy also live long lifes too.. Reading the cause of death of my dad, sobered me up to the fact some thin people can have the heart of a 80 year old even if 25 years younger..
    6. I drive a hard week up to most occassions, eat lightly around the main event and if my weight is slightly under eat a little extra to the main event then let it be that.. Back to business as usual.. I have lost weight the past 3 christmas while everyone else complains of clothing being too tight.. If I go on holiday I take my lifestyle change with me, I may not get to the gym but am out jogging along forest tracks, biking or taking long walks with my boyfriend and looking around where my boys are at.. If the water is warm enough I take a dip.. I never use free food as a excuse to lose control.. I make the activities not associated with eating a big deal...
    4422 days ago

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    I'm no expert but today I left myself plenty of calories for the family get together. I decided to drink water and had some fruit while I perused all the goodies. I allowed myself small tastes of a few things, but I ate veggies and fruit in between. I even had Choc chip cookie and a tablespoon if ice cream. it was enough to satisfy me. But I can;'t lie, it took a lot of effort and remembering of my actual goal.
    4422 days ago
    This may or may not be helpful: I weigh myself everyday, and if I have a lot of carbs 1 day, I retain water and it shows up as a pound or 2 more on the scale the next day, especially if it is an after dinner dessert. I think about how I will feel when I weigh in the next morning. I also think about how I bad I will feel if I eat something that hinders my reaching my goal versus the temporary pleasure of food. And last but not least, if I have eaten something "less than ideal" I forgive myself and get back on track. It can be very challenging!
    4422 days ago
  • SHERRY822
    Well, if you are going to a function like a picnic or pot luck, you could make your own healthy desert and stick with it. I make a parfait with fresh or frozen fruit, yogurt, and granola. If I really want to live it up I make a homemade angelfood cake and use it in place of the granola. I just layer it in a big bowl, or you can make individual ones if you want to, in little 12 oz. cups. I put the cake or the granola in first then the yogurt, then the fruit, and top it off with a little more yogurt. You can also add some fat free cool whip right at the time of eating it if you would like. They are delicious. You can also substitute the yogurt with fat free pudding if you want. You may even convert some of your family and friends to eat a little healthier, lol. I hope this helps.---Sherry emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4422 days ago
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