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A big Aha Moment thanks to a great Friend!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Well I have been working so very hard to lose this excess weight and it is coming off so sloooooooooooooooow. But each week as I go to work..I drink one big cup of coffee and well since I don't really like the taste of coffee I always drown it in heavy whipping cream so it tastes like a dessert.lol. Anyway my workout buddy had told me that I should measure my calories and I said yeah you are probably right but I am counting 300 calories for it already and that should be enough. Oh but let me tell you, when I was on vacation last week in Boston, I was able to maintain my weight and even lose a little and she asked me if I had coffee while gone and I said nnnooooo! so Tuesday morning I measured and low and behold I think I was drinking about 900 to 1000 calories in that cup of coffee each morning.

Well after talking to my friend in Washington state who is going to do a half marathon with me, she said just think Lori if you give that up you will probably see a loss of 2 lbs a week, so I am winging myself off the coffee and have given up the heavy whipping cream all together so that I can see the numbers on that scale that I am working so hard for. Anyway, just thought I would say that measuring things out is a whole lot better than guessing. lol.

I will say that I can't thank my friends on Sparks enough, as I enjoy the Fierce Fushias weekly challenges and my weekly weigh-ins for nashville sparks keeps pushing me forward. I am at 201.5 and can't wait to be in ONEDERVILLE! I will probably be screaming from the roof-tops when I get there by the shear joy of that accomplishments. But I know that I wouldn't be where I am today without all the motivation and support I receive from you girls and guys, so I just want to say thanks and remember we are all in this together.

I have realized that no matter how slow it comes off.. I Love exercising and working toward goals. I look and feel so much better and will keep chugging on.

Last night when I was talking with Tracy, my exercise buddy who I keep trying to get to join sparks cept she only has dial-up and says it is too slow, I told her that when we reached our goal weight I was going to send our story into Women's world or one of the other mags and she laughed at me. Oh well...it could happen. emoticon emoticon emoticon
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    you nailed it right on the head! I can totally relate!
    4267 days ago
    It will happen for you! ...I can just feel it when I read your blog...

    FYI... I too was hooked on dessert coffee...Now If I want treat I put pack of N0 Sugar added Hot Chocolate and fat free dry creamer in my coffee and top it off with o fat cool whip...yum! emoticon
    4337 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4376424
    Woohoo, yippee, you're almost there!!!:)
    I'm so excited for you!!
    And, yes, wasn't that an amazing revelation about such a simple thing as cream in your coffee making such a difference!
    4338 days ago
    OMGosh, what a revelation! Thank goodness you figured that one out! By the way, I joined SP in 2006, but I had dial up, too, and yes it was dreadfully slow. Therefore, I was only active for a couple of weeks, and even then it was just to enter my food. Even that took hours on Dial-up!
    4338 days ago
    WOW! Why not switch to tea if you don't like the coffee??
    4341 days ago
    WOW that coffee was like half or more of the calories for one day!! I have to get better at tracking my calories....I have a hard time with that one.... emoticon
    4341 days ago
    I had a similar Ah-Ha experience this past week. I had bought something for dinner at the grocery store. I THOUGHT I had read the label. After I ate the whole thing I realized that there were 2 servings in that package. Instead of 500 calories, I had eaten over 1,000 calories! I was upset at first, but then decided it was a good lesson to read labels more carefully.
    4342 days ago
    wow - you'll be at onederville by next week!

    I bet I have the same problem. After reading your blog, I am switching to tea. I like fat free milk in my tea but only like cream in my coffee. Drinking 4 cups a day most certainly is packing on calories. I'll give it a measure in the morning.

    4343 days ago
  • GAMEON123
    WoW! What a calorie surprise!! Glad your friend got you to measure :)
    That will be sweeter than your coffee if you see it on the scale!
    4343 days ago
  • OMEOW_
    AH-HA! Oh yes, it's those extra sneaky calories that always trip us up, I'm glad you found your "ah-ha" and now know what to do about it. Onederland here you come emoticon
    4343 days ago
    oh, man, i can totally relate to this! i always say i like my coffee to taste like warmed up coffee ice cream :) i drown it in french vanilla full-fat full-sugar creamer., and i don't even bother counting it when i record my food! i think i don't want to know how many calories it is because i don't want to give it up... but i really have to. my goal in july is to switch from coffee to green tea. we can do it!
    4343 days ago
    It's those calories we don't think matter much that add up the most. There are substitutes like fat free/sugar free creamers with wonderful flavors. Letting go of the caffeine can bring on the headaches. Aren't you starting to feel empowered???

    On another note. Kerry Felts father Ronnie passed away today. I know you said you knew Kerry from High School. He had a brain tumor, and had been in the hospital with pneumonia. He took a turn for the worst, and had been on life support. They found no brain waves yesterday and decided to take him off support. He went to be with the Lord today.
    4343 days ago
    knowing what your intake is is a big key.....to knowing what you have to do to burn those calories.....I do a check about once a month with to make sure my calories are within range...
    I eat almost the same things like a turkey sandwich on whole wheat......but when I have a new food I try to make sure I dont over so things ..........I know that entering all the food items is very timely I did it for 3 months........
    good lick on your new changes.....
    4343 days ago
  • AWOLF24
    Good for you for giving up the creamer! Great decision! Just think how much you could be EATING instead for 900 calories!! emoticon
    4343 days ago
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