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Ride Report and Update (day 198)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Last week was a success, aside from my feelings I stuck with it. Friday’s weigh in was a little sad, but expected – since I lost only .6 – I am thankful that I didn’t gain but I always want MORE! I want to be a BIG loser not just a loser. :-) greedy I know! The weekend wasn’t as good (food wise) as I had hoped. But I am still within my 35 allowance points for the week (with 1 remaining).

Yesterday was my Monday ride with Shannon Liedtke and we rode from her house (9th and Alberta) to Kaiser Sunnyside (102 and Sunnyside rd) – 28 miles round trip. As we left Shannon’s house we were strong and rode up to 205 and got on the 205 trail… not sure if that path has a name, but I am going to call it the 205 trail for now. We rode in it for about 3 miles and had to get off it because part of it had construction and was closed. At which point we rode down to 92 and down to Kaiser from there. But let me stop for a minute and tell you about the hills/mountains. Once we were on the 205 trail we had a nice stroll and just dropped down a large slow decrease in elevation and the hill back up was a killer. I shifted way down and went REALLY slow but I didn’t walk and I didn’t stop. Once at the top I felt accomplished and strong (and tired) but I did it. I am getting much better at the hills and really feel it. Then we traveled on but the next hill was on 92nd just a couple miles from Kaiser (which is about half way up MOUNT Scott) and it was a rough on… even harder then the last. It was what I call a step hill; its was semi-steep and long at first and then there was a flat part for a short time and then a shorter steep part and then flat again and then a really short but really steep part… it was really hard again, but I didn’t stop and didn’t walk… I just kept pedaling. The most wonderful thing about climbing great hills/mountains is you normally have a GREAT downhill and man it was great. The wind in my hair the sun on my face and a good friend, what more could I ask for? Once we got to Kaiser, I had a nice break since Shannon needed to so come work inside. The ride back was very nice, I pushed hard and the hills weren’t nearly as hard it seems. I had the opportunity to encourage Shannon on this ride since she was having an off day. It was just one of those rides (for her) where every pedal seems like you were riding in sand. I felt blessed to be with her and help her along. I did great till we got to the last final stretch going from 102nd to 9th felt like it would never end. There are no hills and its all flat… which is harder sometimes because you can’t just coast and you have to keep pedaling. Shannon then encouraged me and told me I could do it… I didn’t believe her but I just kept pedaling. It was an awesome ride all together and I feel so accomplished for covering so much distance in one day.

Now, some of you might be thinking or wondering what we could have to talk about on such a long bike ride and others of you might not care… but those of you who might be wondering, are in for a treat… . Well, let me break it down for you (you may want to think twice before reading the last half of the paragraph – you have been warned). We talk about our week and what is going on in our live with school for her, work for me, marriages, friends, future… etc. We also talk about our relationships with God and if we have been in the word and what we are learning and how we are being spoken to and blessed. But yesterday was really funny. We got on the topic of our eating and bowel movements and gas. I know, seems gross but she is studying to be a nurse and I was once an elderly care giver so, nothing this department really bothers us. In fact, if I was in need of assistance, I know shannon would be a great choice. So, back to the conversation, we started talking about gas and how awesome it would be if our toots could propel us faster and farther! Yes, you heard me right, we wish we could fart and have it jet propel us up hills, on the flat, and just not have to pedal. It was so funny to talk and joke about this on our ride. I just love being wish Shannon and the company is just A+. Wouldn’t trade our Monday rides for anything!
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    It is always neat when you attack a hill and can make it up without walking - you can see results for your time on the bike. Interesting topic of conversation for sure emoticon
    4342 days ago
    THat is so AWESOME!
    1. losing a loss is a loss so yay..it eventually it will add up
    2. staying within points!
    3. 28 miles! what a great workout
    4. sounds like my kind of conversation all around.

    I enjoy reading your updates. ;-)
    4342 days ago
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