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My first 5K

Monday, June 15, 2009

Last July I started the Couch to 5K running program and after a couple of weeks my darling got off the couch and joined me.

We've been running together since, about three times per week.

And this Friday night we ran hand in hand across the finish line of our very first 5K. I was pretty emotional and happy and excited about that! It feels like a grand thing, and definitely something I'd like to do again!

I didn't have any idea what time I should aim for, and was happy about the 40:19 on the slightly longer than 5K race. (I read today that the route was about 5300 meters.)

It was POURING with rain when we ran! We got so wet it was silly! It was quite dark too, since the race started at 10pm. And did I mention it was wet?

We ran along muddy gravel roads inside the zoo and on paved roads outside. I really splashed into some of the puddles on the road since my glasses were so wet I couldn't see where I put my feet and my darling had to laugh since he could hear the splashing in my shoes when he was running beside me.

I am waiting for some of the pictures from our friends. They were cheering us along and waiting for us at the finish. The only picture I have of me is before the start - I was really looking forward to getting going here despite all the rain.

We got off to a good start, I tried to keep my pace slow enough so I could run all the way, and I did! I only walked for a couple of steps to drink some water. The zoo was pretty dark and I didn't see any animals, but it was fun to run there. A pity about the rain, since there were few spectators cheering along the route.

I could have finished stronger, but since I couldn't see anything through my wet glasses I didn't realize the finish was there until we'd passed it. The next time I run a 5K I'll plan better and really run at the end to feel out of breath when I cross the line. This time it was nice just to hold hands and finish the 5K together with my darling - such a good experience.
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