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...I Got to Keep on Moving (forward)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Okay, so on Thursday after my learning about my pinched nerve injury, I pleaded for help from my SparkPeople friends and was gently reminded to stay focused on the big picture: Getting and staying healthy. Prior to the pinched nerve and bursitis setback I had hit my stride towards achieving that goal and believed that nothing was going to "Breaka my Stride" (I love that song).

Well, either because I was moving too fast or was doing too much (probably both), my body has told me to slow down. Notice I said slow down, not stop and give up. "Oh no, I've got to keep on moving" forward. I blew it, went too far, too fast but I can learn from this and do what I need to do to keep moving forward.

I took a step back and looked at my primary goals: fitness, nutrition, and accountability (friends). Prior to my injury/illness my daily fitness routine included water aerobics, water jogging (that I used to train for the 5K run in the pool), boot camp workouts, quickfire challenge (QFC) (new last week) exercises, and a 3-day-a-week circuit training workout with my physical therapist. I now recall exactly when I aggrivated my hip and back.

Prior to this setback I was so happy to be feeling my body get stronger and more flexible. I especially enjoyed having more energy and the athletic abilities I was developing. I've been reading fitness and nutrition articles and sought advice on proper exercise techniques. I especially didn't want to aggrivate my hip (replaced in 2005). So, I was told by my therapist which pains to push through and which type of pain that would lead me to stop doing what I was doing right away.

It was the dreaded "WIDE LEG WALL SIT WITH CALF RAISES" that I pushed myself to complete (5 sets of 20 throughout the day). When I did the 3rd set after lunch I felt the burn around the 10th rep, and I pushed through it until the 16th or 17th rep. I stopped because my left glute (where the bursitis is) was on fire. I did a little stretching, maybe not enough and laid down. I was a little tired from PT at 9am that morning followed by the 5K I had run in the pool, and the Boot Camp "Crunchless Core Workout" that I did before going to PT. At the time I didn't think it was too much, but, well...

Now, I'm very limited to what I can do physically, which affects how many calories I burn, which affects my nutrition plan. What to do, what to do? When I took the new PT order to the therapist he told me to do nothing but the ice and some stretched, that he took me through.

I asked for direction and advice on how to change my plans. SP Nancy as well as several of my Spark friends and members of my family (I kept seeking a different answer) told me to follow the therapists advice and stop EVERYTHING! Of course I wasn't gonna let nothing "breaka my stride" - right? So, there was a major internal struggle based on fear of failing to meet my new-found goals of being healthy, fit, and trim.

THANK YOU SPARK FRIENDS for reminding me that by stopping to take care of my injury/illness is necessary to achieve my goals.

I did as I was told inspite of how I felt about it. I ice my back, do the stretches and I adjusted the calorie intake since I'm not doing cardio to burn them. No wall push-up, no water, NOTHING! until I am re-evaluated Tuesday at PT.

Last night I received an email for my new "Lifestyle Change Strategy: You Can Overcome Setbacks." I feel as if I've received Divine Intervention in breaking through my internal struggle. This is the first thing I read:

"A healthy lifestyle is not an all-or-nothing proposition. Plans will go awry and obstacles will pop up. Don't get down. Get down to business."

As read the rest of the article through bleary eyes, I felt a major breakthrough coming. I gently let go of the guilt, shame and remorse for not taking better care of my body. The realization that my struggle came from my desire to accept nothing less that 100% from myself. This perfectionist attitude is a trick I can let go of since it only keeps my stuck in the "I've failed again" and/or "I knew I couldn't do this" cycle.

So, writting this blog after doing some soul searching and journaling, is the completion of the Action Step for this Lifestyle Change Strategy. WHAT A PROCESS!!!

I'm not saying I was making plans to give up or that I was headed for a bengefest, but I had familiar feelings that would have taken me there had I been on my own and not been able to rely on my Spark friends. I am truly Blessed and Highly Favored to have found SparkPeople.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • KV711LAW

    What an amazing blog!

    Hope you are still QuickFiring Your Day!

    QuickFiring Your Life!

    emoticon emoticon
    4222 days ago
    Let me start by saying, You go GIrl, I am so proud of you. Life throws you a curve, you throw it right back. Good for you. You do know you can work out to much in one day? I had to learn that. I was working out so much I was beginning to hate working out. Now do not get me wrong I have never like working out I only LOVE the results, But it was just to much. I now only do 90min to2hrs a day 6 days a week. Always do 60 to now 80 min a day cardio. the rest is yoga or strength training. Yes If you do not hurt yourself, you can just burn yourself out and since this is the rest of your life, life style we can not do either. I have herniated disc in my neck and back. So I know I have to work smart not hard. I am so happy for you that you have found a way out of the darkness. I do understand. May Peace and Blessing be yours Always emoticon
    4322 days ago
    You are really a remarkable woman, Mary, You have worked through this and after Tuesday's eval, you can start building up slowly to your previous efforts. You can DO IT, I know you can.
    God Bless, Lainye
    4322 days ago
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