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I'm Scared!

Friday, June 12, 2009

I have been doing good on losing weight but now I'm at a stand still.
This is really scaring me because if I can't lose this weight off on my own my pulmonologist will recommend weight loss surgery.
I went to see him yesterday and again he's still pushing weight loss surgery.
Its just not an option for me but the weight is not coming off like I want it too.
And now that I'm a diabetic its even harder.
I'm afraid if I start crying I'll never stop.
Any ideas??

I'm really struggling to get my fbs back down into the range I'm comfortable with 100 - 110, for some reason its running higher and I'm already taking 500 Metformin three times a day.
The coughing has stopped but keeps rearing its ugly head every now and then and sends my bs through the roof.
My 30 day average is up, its 121, not happy about that at all.
Mom and my regular doctor keep telling me I'm too hard on myself and relax a little.

Here's my bs readings for May...

110 Friday May 1st
115 Saturday May 2nd
107 Sunday May 3rd
107 Monday May 4th
108 Tuesday May 5th
116 Wednesday May 6th
114 Thursday May 7th
124 Friday May 8th
111 Saturday May 9th
107 Sunday May 10th
130 Monday May 11th
106 Tuesday May 12th
115 Wednesday May 13th
114 Thursday May 14th
126 Friday May 15th
107 Saturday May 16th
112 Sunday May 17th
122 Monday May 18th
128 Tuesday May 19th
125 Wednesday May 20th
109 Thursday May 21st
106 Friday May 22nd
102 Saturday May 23rd
106 Sunday May 24th
106 Monday May 25th
134 Tuesday May 26th
134 Tuesday May 26, 10:33 PM
125 Wednesday May 27th
156 Wednesday May 27, 10:35 PM
131 Thursday May 28th
137 Friday May 29th
136 Saturday May 30th
168 Sunday May 31st emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Sweety you have great bs ratings. I have had diabetes for over 20 years and I still have problems with my fbs. You don't have to do anything you do not want. Call on God Who will answer and show you great and mighty things. Don't be afraid. Jesus came so we can be able to do anything without fear. We all are here for you. You are a motivator and now we are going to motivate you. Sometimes the weight will come off slow. Are you following the Diabetic diet? If you are then the weight comes off because that plan is full of good things for your body so that your blood sugar can stay normal as possible. Write down everything you eat and also look at your fitness plan. Strength train if you don't. Add cardio if it has not been added. See what you are doing that you may need to change. Sometimes we have to change our exercise up in order to start losing again. Ask for God's help and He is well able to do it. You are already a winner. I am here for you anytime you need to talk. I am using the library right now because my pc is down but still get in touch with me. I believe in you. God bless your every ounce lost for good!!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3822 days ago
    Oh bless your heart I wish I lived closer to you I would help you lose those pounds.. I know it seems hard to do but if you believe in yourself you will do it.. Remember I was pre diabetic and I beat it with losing this weight and now I am off my Metformin.
    You are a very strong person and a real sweetheart so like I have said do not give up on yourself..
    emoticon emoticon
    3826 days ago
  • LORRAINE10141
    Those readings look pretty good. Only a few are over 125. Stress can raise your levels also. They are still finding ways to improve bariatric surgery. You are doing great so far. 85 pounds lost already, that's awesome! Encourage yourself by measuring different parts of your body. If you're eating the right foods and portions, your inches might be shifting. Even if numbers aren't moving now, they will. They are beginning to do the surgery going through the mouth. It was on msnbc recently. My sister had it and is doing VERY well. Her diabetes was under control within three weeks. Her energy is soaring. She is eating healthy foods now. She needed the surgery as a catalyst and it is working very well. You have already lost 85 pounds. That is a major achievement. I'm proud of you. Be patient and keep plugging away. God bless
    3826 days ago
    Ditto on everything that has been said. DON'T let your doctor talk you into a surgery you don't want. They can't force you, and shouldn't try to. Everyone has to make their own decisions, but I know of at least a few instances where the surgery did not turn out to be a positive thing. You know what's best for you. And, alhough sometimes we need a push (from a dr. or a friend or whateve) to get started losing weight, you have the right to do it your way.

    I don't know anything about blood sugar levels, so I won't pretend to. However, I do know A LOT about plateaus. They happen, and the best you can do is try to work through them, so they don't last too long. Try to change up your workouts... switch around the order of your exercises, try a new type of cardio, try to add 10 more minutes to your workouts, or try some intervals. Try drinking some more water everyday, and try to change your calorie consumption a bit each day... still staying in your range, but trying to not always be at the low end, or always be right in the middle. Try to vary it. It's called "calorie cycling" and there are a few Spark Teams that focus on it. I learned a bit more by Googling it.

    The bottom line... you've had great progress so far, and plateaus are just part of the process. Don't beat yourself up about it. You're on your way...hang in there!
    3827 days ago
    What my doctor had me do was fasting and before meal BG and I also kept a food log of what I ate so it would be easy to see what foods were spiking my BG. Also I found that the later snack has given morning fasts in the 120 range. I try not to eat after 8 which I think helps! I am on 1000 metformin but was told to take in the evening. It's the extended release kind. I try to take after my evening meal about 7 to keep a schedule. It's only been a week but keeping a sharp eye on carbs and what I eat ...I am feeling lots better...let me know if I can be of any help! I don't know if I have any answers but I would be glad to try!!!
    Hugs Deb
    3827 days ago
    Hang in there!! Plateaus, unfortunately, are part of the weight loss process...you've gotten a bunch of great advice here & I totally agree. DON'T let it get you down & frustrated, keep on keeping on & it will all come around. YOU ARE DOING AWESOME SO FAR!!

    When I was 1st diagnosed with diabetes I was having an issue with my FBS spiking & my Doc said I was experiencing "liver dump" (which apparently is common) and suggested eating some crackers & peanut butter or cheese right before bed. It really seemed to help & even after a while she pulled me off my night time metformin. You might want to ask your doc about it, but your #'s look really good for FBS's...I know it's all frustrating as hell but the more you learn about you & how your body reacts the better it will get...I swear.

    Keep up the great job you're doing & don't forget to get some "baseball practice" in this weekend!

    Enjoy your day,

    PS. I have a blog on my sparkpage that has some good plateau busting ideas if your looking....
    3827 days ago
    Plateaus happen. Don't let it get you down. How has your eating been? Are you keeping your calories in a good range? That is usually the first problem I have! What about your exercise? Maybe it's time to change things up a bit. Remember diet is the most important aspect of weight loss. You can do this. Don't let a little bump in the road get you down.
    3827 days ago
    Never ever let your doctor pressure you into surgery...I have always said that if you are fearful or don't feel right about having surgery you will have a poor outcome...DON'T let him talk you into it...

    I looked at your blood sugar readings and except for 2 you are doing exceptionally well...I agree with your mom and your doctor..stop being so hard on yourself..for a diabetic your sugars are awesome!!

    I too am at a stand still...I am going to do some soul searching and see if there is anything that I can do to change a little of my habits and maybe start to lose again...

    Please don't let them talk you into this...as one of the doctors I work with always says "weight is a number and NOT a determination of how healthy you are"...STOP looking at the scale and continue to push on...

    Keep me posted...

    We LOVE YOU!!!!! emoticon
    3828 days ago
    If you do not want the weight loss surgery I do not feel you should have it. I never thought they would push that on anyone unless their life was in danger....I am not sure how long you have been taken the metaformin...maybe the meds need changing up? as for as the coughing (my HBP meds was causing my cough) lisinpril I got off it and that crazy coughing went away the minute I stopped taking that medication. Maybe change what you are eating and your exercise plan too. I hope you will find what is going on.
    3828 days ago
    Lemgirl, all I can do is pray for you. Dealing with diabeties is hard as I had a very close high school friend and my own sister as Type 1 diabetics. You may want to increase your calories intake to the high end for a few days and then drop down just a little and see if that will help. I am at a plateau right now myself, yoyoing within a 5 lb range but I don't have the pressure of getting weight off like you do for medical reasons. Wish I could help you more. (((HUGS))) Linda Kay
    3828 days ago
    Boy you sure have been hiding your feelings well. Shame on you (o;. Hey what are your friends here for? Just because I have problems like everyone else doesn't mean I am unapproachable!!! OMG your suffering all alone, not fair. Your pulminologist sp??? is a bully. He doesn't seem to realize that his lectures cause you more stress, nor does he seem to care!
    I just started after a few week absence logging again in my notebook!! Know what? My new meter, which I checked with that testing solution is 40 or so points off in my favor!!! You might want to check yours also. I am in a very similar boat to you. I think you know that. Right now i am gumming a salad. mmm mmmm ewh. I was thinking the same that someone else did, you might be eating too little. If you were eating too much you would be gaining right? I hear people on here every other day eat a different caloric/carb amount. Like 1 day they will eat 1200 calories, the next 1500. with some it really kicks the body into gear. I know you eat healthy!!! OHHH metformin does come in a long acting version. Someone had mentioned it. I keep forgetting to ask my dr. about it. I think that might really help you. Yes your numbers are up a little, but if mine were what yours are my doctor would probably kiss me. (in my dreams lol)
    I honestly would ask around about other pulmanologists. He sounds like he has no bedside manner at all.
    I hope you know I really care about you. I wish you had talked to me. Do you feel ashamed or something? I whine to you all the time. I feel bad here you are scared shi*)^ss, and finally you are talking. That's great!!!!!!!!!! It's okay to cry, cry till there are no more tears. It's okay. Nothing will happen. get a big old box of kleenex a huge glass of water, maybe a sad movie and gofor it. I sometimes have to do that or read something. See holding all that emotion inside will make all things go whacky! Bloodsugar,bloodpressure, you know how it goes. Are you afraid you will bejudged? We won't do that. I doubt your mom will either. you are an awesome person and I feel blessed and honored to call you my friend.
    love you,

    3828 days ago
    Hi Theresa,
    I am so sorry you are having trouble right now. I agree with Scrappy_RN. I have read that too about plateaus. What she is talking about is called muscle confusion. When we get use to doing the same exercise routine, our bodies kind of do it on auto pilot. So you need to "confuse" your muscles. But when you change your exercise routine, the body is feeling like "What's this? This is new. Not sure how to do it but let's get going." Try a new exercise video, ride a bike if you are use to walking. Do a different type of strength training. I know they talked about muscle confusion on the Biggest Loser. That was one reason they had such great results while on the ranch. They also have a new thing called exercise of the day on here. Look at them everyday and pick out some new ones for a new routine. I think I will do that myself.
    There are actually several great articles on plateaus on SparkPeople. Look them up and I think what you will learn will be of great help to you.
    One other thing that occurred to me is I know stress can also raise your BS levels. When we get worried, it does have a chemical effect on our bodies and that is why the BS rises. Try to do some relaxation techniques, look into meditation, or just sit quietly and imagine you are in a safe and quiet place. Someplace tranquil. Maybe imagine you sitting near a waterfall, or in the mountains, whatever works for you. Try the meditation 15-30 minutes a day and also meditate or relax when you feel especially tense. When I am feeling overwhelmed and especially pressed for time, my favorite "place" to go in my mind is a little cottage in the woods where once I enter, time stands still and everyone and everything stops moving until I exit. And for that little time, the pressure eases up and I feel better able to deal with everything. It's very calming. Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves. Email me anytime if you need to talk to someone more about this. I've considered lap band myself, but I would rather try it this way first. I know how you feel. Please keep me posted. Big Hugs,
    3828 days ago
    Hi Theresa
    The dreaded plateau.
    SCRAPPY_RN is more or less right. What could be happening is that your body is holding on to reserves thinking you're starving it. This may be because you're actually eating TOO LITTLE - that's right TOO LITTLE. Are you eating wihing the right calorie range but always at the lower end.

    So review what you're eating and up the calories a notch for a couple of weeks.
    Or you've been doing the same exercises in the same order and your muscles have gotten used to the routine. You need to shake it up a little.
    Have you also thought of trying a slower release drug to Metformin. this may help.

    If you feel like crying,it's best to let it all out hun. I can understand your frustrations and fears but you're not a quiter and I'm sure with a little tweaking you can lose some more weight.
    Hang in there
    luv and bear hugs
    3828 days ago
    I think you need a SUPER Duper BIG emoticon Ok, now take a deep cleansing breath ;) You can do this. You have been doing this and you have done fantastic!!!
    Have you made any changes in your diet or exercise routine that could be increasing your numbers?
    I just read an article today about getting through plateaus. The article said something about your body and muscles getting used to your routine so that if you hit a plateau you should change it up a bit. I am going to look for the article and send you the link.

    emoticon emoticon
    3828 days ago
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