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Check the labels!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Honestly, how many times has it been pounded into our brains in the diet world - check the label? Check the label! I pop into Sam's this afternoon to pick up a dessert for a party and thought, hey - they have fresh chicken breasts and they're usually pretty cheap! I swing by the meat department, make a 5 pound chicken tenderloin purchase and zip out of there. It's fresh chicken, and it looks like pretty much every jumbo package of chicken I've ever bought in a Sam's except now it's 'their' brand instead of say, Tyson.

I make it home late, and I'm putting the chicken into two separate ziplock bags to marinate. As I'm putting the styrofoam packaging into the trash, I notice a nutrition label on the bottom. 350 mg of sodium. Ingredients - chicken and salt. What are they doing? I'm used to those silly frozen bags of chicken being super injected with crap, but fresh? New one on me. Don't they realize that people are going to season this stuff as they please? They don't need to start each serving off with 350mg of their stupid salt? OH I'm so mad right now. Shame on me for not looking while being in a hurry, but shame on them for polluting freakin' fresh chicken. I'm actually mad enough I'm sending in a complaint letter. They need to stop doing that to a fresh product. They can bastardize the frozen stuff all they want. Isn't fresh supposed to mean fresh?

Blah blah blah...read the label!
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  • CAROL_
    Yeah I'm with you, really really disappointing. What is their deal? Well I don't know but I sure can guess.

    The phrase "follow the money" applies. Anytime you want to know something, follow the money. Salt is a preservative, "all natural" too; so injecting it extends the shelf life of "fresh", highly perishable meat. Thereby increasing profits due to lessening spoilage. Also saline solution weighs alot. Increases the weight sold, without increasing the meat sold.

    I've started buying organic everything after reading about GMOs. I am EXTREMELY thrifty and frugal so wouldn't even consider doing so in the past. Now I wish I had done it sooner . . . I'm already feeling so much better (which I truly didn't expect at all).
    4437 days ago
    isn't it disconcerting to find them injecting our chicken with stuff?

    I'm with you READ THE LABEL
    4444 days ago
  • no profile photo JEZYBEAR
    I know it is amazing how much salt is in everything! I try to remember to check but sometimes you just forget. I can always tell after eating it though if it had a lot of salt but by then it is too late...
    4445 days ago
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