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Thursday, May 21, 2009


It's time for the month in review. And, since I'll be off to Cape Cod for a few days with the Dude, I may not be around much until Monday or so. The laptop will be with us but I really just want it to check food and directions.

Without further ado.

It has been, eek, one year and four months since I started alli, and close to one year and three months since I started Spark.


I started off at 346 lbs. I am now 199.2. I've been stuck at that weight for a few weeks but it's under 200 so I'm happy.


Bicep 12.5" This is tied for a personal best. Originally, it was 19", so it's down 6.5"
Bust 41" Originally, it was 55", so it's down 14" Good golly, Miss Molly!
Band 35.75" Originally, it was 47.5", so it's down 11.75"
Waist 35.75" Originally, it was 49", so it's down 13.25"
Belly 39" Originally, it was 59.5", so it's down an astounding 20.5"
Keister 46.25" Originally, it was 64", so it's down a pretty dang cool 17.75"
Hip 42.75" Originally, it was 54.5", so it's down 11.75" This is lagging as my belly continues to drop. It'll be at my knees before the end of this journey.
Thigh 22" Originally, it was 32.5", so it's down 10.5"

My average inch loss is 13.125" (over a foot, baby!)
My average inch loss without the outlyers (Bicep and thigh) is 14 2/3"

No wonder I don't have to turn to the side to get by anywhere near as often as I used to.


Oh, WOW.

I started off as a 3x/4x/26/28 up top and a 4x/28 below.

I am currently a 14 all around but the other day I got on (as in, zipped AND buttoned!) two pairs of size 10 slacks.

Now, they were stretchy and all, plus I had not just a muffin top but the whole dang bakery.


They will be wearable by the end of the Summer if not earlier.

As for up top, Mediums are a hit or miss right now. I bought myself a Land's End size Medium (10-12) Winter jacket for next year. Except for having to scootch it just a tad on the hips, it already fits.

Anybody want/need a nice size 1X systems-style (it's a Columbia Sportswear knockoff) Winter Jacket? It's blue and white and very warm.

Oh and I also started off as a 44DD (really should have been a 52D, but I was too vain to actually buy a bra that fit me back then).

I am now a 38C. Ooh la la ....

Body Reconfiguration

Aside from the obvious info re sizes and measurements, my body is absolutely changing. With my remaining belly fat sliding into my hip area, I've ended up with what is not hard to see as a flat-esque stomach, a characteristic I have never had, not even when I was 16.

My face continues to get more angular, and resembles how I looked in High School. I am a 1979 graduate.

And I weighed 124 then.

Holy cow.

Fun Stuff

Hey, I was actually on television!

I feel like I've mentioned it a thousand times already, but I really and truly was. See:
Spark People set it up, with a huge shoutout and thank you to GrantM, publicist extraordinaire and all-around cool dude. Please show him some love -- he does a lot of fantastic things around here and they mostly go unnoticed.

So, it is, right now, weird as anything to mention the TV thing and know that I've done it. But it does offer some renewed motivation. And, as a result, I also ended up being mentioned in my company newsletter. Now, I swear this is true, I've had people from other departments ask me what I eat for breakfast.


With warmer weather coming (someday), the chicken soup meal had to be put into semi-retirement until October or so. Who wants soup on a hot day?

Hence I concocted a tomato-coconut curry sauce. It's fabulous over rice. The new replacement meal will be chicken, tofu, brown rice, mixed vegetables and the aforementioned sauce. We'll enjoy the whole meal (we've just been dabbling with the sauce so far) in a couple of weeks. Can't miss bean week, dontcha know.


I continue to make sure I visit my gym three days per week. If I don't work at the end of the week, I cram three days of the gym into the start of the week, and vice versa. I do feel that a rest day in between is helpful. And it's not like I rest or anything: I still lift weights and walk. But three days in a row (like I did this week) is still somewhat tiring for me.

The average amount of calories I burn in a typical gym session is about 325 and rising. When I started off, it was around 200 calories less than that for the same amount of time.

I have also been grabbing more fitness opportunities. Going out to play frisbee with Mr. J. Getting off a stop or two before mine. Walking around downtown with my mentor. Jogging to the printer. Fitness is all around, you just have to grab it.


I feel pretty good. I am around 55 above my goal and, since I've been plateauing a bit, that's something of a drag. But I am otherwise doing marvelously well if I do say so myself, and I'm happily looking for newer and better ways to do what needs to be done.
While I love Boston Terriers, maybe my avatar really should be a chameleon.

Off to the Cape.

PS I urge you to click the Youtube link and see just how cheesy a video can be. The dang thing's got cholesterol!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hope you don't mind but I came home to a mountain of what to do -- individual love is there -- I just be too tired right now. Sleep hugs! Zzzz ;)
    4203 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4749243
    This is so amazing. Makes me tired and hungry just reading it. (Just kidding.) Simple congratulations don't seem enough. But you have mine! Good golly, if you can do it maybe I can too--isn't that what they all say?

    4204 days ago
    The first word that came to mind, inspiration. Keep up the great work.
    You have motivated me to kick it up a notch!
    4205 days ago
    Ever mindful of PostScripts, I came back by to check out Slade.
    emoticon emoticon
    4205 days ago
    Fabulous! Congratulations on all that you've done to re-make your body and your mind! It does slow down as you approach goal, but I'm trying to think of it as practice in maintaining!
    4205 days ago
    emoticon You're doing great!

    As a child of the 80's (graduated in '89), I vaguely remember that song, but I don't think I ever saw that cheesy video before! Thanks for sharing! emoticon

    Keep up the good work!

    - Karen
    4206 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3248497
    Janet I will check out the video posted on Grant's blog when I get home from work. I hope you enjoy your time away & don't use the cpu unless it's necessary. Enjoy yourself. I love your transformation!! Just amazing..keep working hard. And like KUNGFOOD said, it is just the beginning for you!!
    4206 days ago
    Have a great vacation - I'll look forward to your next update on the life of the incredible shrinking woman. You continue to inspire!
    4206 days ago
    You are so awesome. Have a great time and have some fun. What a journey you have had. Amazing weight loss and attitude. You are living the life. Pam
    4206 days ago
    The Amazing J!!! :) Have a lovely vacation... You deserve it! :)
    4206 days ago
    Astounding and awesome. That's just the beginning of the alphabet of praises that I'm sending your way. Beautiful, babe!
    emoticon emoticon
    Have fun, drive safely.

    4206 days ago
    Fantastic month (and more) in review. Just what I needed this morning.

    I am headed to the Cape tomorrow night. Can't wait. Neither can silly Milly. I hope to follow your footsteps in more ways than a trip to the Cape.
    4206 days ago
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