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I Know You're a Real Koo Koo

Monday, May 18, 2009


Well, maybe you aren't. But I know I surely am.

It's inevitable, I suppose. It's that all of the things that make me up as quirky or odd have also manifested themselves in my weight loss journey. And that's not a bad thing.

When I first started, I absolutely hated, hated, hated the idea of drinking water. Water? Brr and blech, at the same time. Cold and bland was not going to cut it, and keep in mind that I started in January. In New England. Ice was not going to be in my vocabulary unless I was slipping on it in front of my neighbor's driveway.

So I changed it up, and realized that the water did not have to be barely warm enough to be liquid for it to provide me with a benefit. Now, it's not absolutely, positively 100% ultra stupendously perfect. It would be, I suppose, if it were cold as anything, and not have a decaf tea bag dunked in it, or sweetener thrown in it, or a flavor stick dissolved in it. Yes, if it were frigid and bland, I might -- just might, if I was really good and lucky and the stars and planets were all properly aligned -- lose .0000000000001% more weight than the way I have it, which is either boiling or close to it, with one or more of the aforesaid flavor options going on.

But I don't care. It doesn't matter. The flavor sticks, the steam, the sweetener, they make it possible for me to drink the water. Take them away and virtually no water is drunk. So which is worse? A flavor stick and a higher temperature, or no water? Gee, whaddaya think?

Same with the bottle or cup. For me it's about ritual. It's not exactly a Japanese tea service, but I like having my mugs. My bottles. My little sticks all lined up and ready to go. My tea bags. I sound like I've got OCD, but it helps me to remember -- drink four of these and the daily water requirements are done.

Walking isn't always easy to fit in. So I get off two stops earlier and, get this! I don't even count it. It's just serendipity. I pretend to myself that the bus broke down or it was going express and that was the closest I could get to my home. In the meantime, I still walk.

And then there's sweets. On my page it says that a part of my plan is lying to myself about why chocolate is evil. Well, of course chocolate isn't evil. Morality doesn't enter into it. There may be less than pure morals on the part of manufacturers of foods that are not so good for us. Yeah, I'll buy that. But food? Once it's ready for the table (unless you eat exceptionally fresh -- e. g. still swimming -- sushi), it has no consciousness, no mind. But I tell myself a little story anyway. And the story goes something like this. I don't eat red meat or pork. This has been true since age 13 for red meat and since age 0 for pork. So far, so good. Hence I tell myself, when something looks particularly tempting, that it's made from lard. Look, beef-flavored cookies! Wow, how'd they put a whole ham inside a cheesecake? Amazing how it says french fries, and they seem to be made with potatoes, but didja know they're really made up of pork? That pie is really a cleverly disguised burger, dontcha know.

I push foods away from me, if I have to sit at a table with them. Sure, I can reach a foot or so, but I don't. Eh, it's too much effort. Those tortilla chips are SO far away. They could be on Mars for all I know. I cannot bring myself to make the effort to grab one. Or a dozen.

Like my friend said to me when talking about the side effects I can get from taking alli: People Need to Get Over it. And he's right. Long as I do what I'm doing, the ick factor is minimized. And I'm not going to let it stand in the way of me taking the help I need, and getting this done. I'm not going to put squeamishness ahead of my health. I'll barrel through, and get over it, and set my mind onto it in whatever way I can spin it so that I make sure to do it. That's another thing I do because it needs to be done.

So, yeah, I'm a little nuts. But the gist of it all is that I do these little things, and I follow these little rituals, and they help me to get where I need to be. And, don't be so quick to laugh -- I bet you've got a few of these, too. A special mug. The right pair of shorts. The perfect go-to recipe for just when it looks like you won't have time to do much of anything other than dive headfirst into a gallon of Rocky Road.

Whatever you need.

Whatever it takes.

Whatever works.

Even if we all look a lil weird while doing so.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I like my water hot, cold and luke warm. I have kidney stones so that's just survival. Cheesecake is often maid with Gelatin which is beef so you are right. The popcorn that leaves a greasy film on the roof of you mouth.. LARD. Some cookies are also made with lard (esp those from chinese restaraunts - get the lechee nuts instead.) So when you are imagining you might not be far off.

    I'm so proud of what you accomplished. And glad to wear your cast offs. It's the most amazing thing. Alli works for you, and you can do this and that is a very good thing.

    4205 days ago
    LOL! I know EXACTLY where you are coming from! Although, personally, I've been a "nothing but water" drinker since I was a kid. Sweet drinks (unless it is lemon iced-tea) never really appealed to me... though I'm not a fan of hot drinks either. So I guess I am a bit koo koo... :)

    I think we all have our "little" quirks as to what gets us through the day. For me, water must be in a GLASS glass, and cold enough to have come off an arctic glacier... If I'm trying desperately not to eat something I shouldn't have, I think about eating something that completely turns my stomach (i.e. - cheap, greasy grocery store popcorn - you know, the one that leaves a greasy coating on the roof of your mouth - ECCCKKKK) and that sometimes helps to turn me right off...

    And... sometimes weird is good...

    4206 days ago
    Okay... I gotta admit I had to read this 3 times to actually get it... well, I think I got it... ha ha...

    Obviously you have a very powerful mind.. and can manipulate yourself in a GOOD way... keep up the good work!!

    4206 days ago
    I agree, good for you! Find what works and get to it, forget the excuses! :D
    Way to go!
    4206 days ago
    Whops - trigger happy fingers double posted.
    4206 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/19/2009 2:16:48 AM
    Oh, I've got plenty of quirky rituals. My morning ritual on the wii fit starts me off - I need that number to record on my excel sheet (LOL - the day isn't complete without it!) Then I fill my water bottle, snap on my pedometer, pack my HRM in my gym bag, pick up the wrapped lunch my darling makes every day for me (I'm so lucky!) and make my oatmeal.
    I have my green tea when I get to work and all those things help keep me on track at the start of my day. It's even better if I manage to hit the gym before getting to the office.
    4206 days ago
    I usually use a britta pitcher but if I have to drink bottled water , ice mountain. No offense but I hate Aquafina. It has more of a plastic bottle tate to me. If you drink tea you are supposed to drink 2 glasses of water for everyone of tea. It dehydrates you. At least that is what my Doctor says. But you need to do it your way. Whatever works for you. I have some friends who love Aquafina too. I guess it is just my taster LOL. Have a great day. Pam
    4207 days ago
    Too funny... I have a ritual water bottle. Its an aquafina bottle with a wide mouth. Anything else doesn't cut it. No fancy camping store bottles for me. The plastic ones can get lost and I don't care. I buy another. Not the most "green" but it works. Spare me the Polar bottles, the Dasani, they won't do! I love my aquafina!
    4207 days ago
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