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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Good" food is expensive. Chicken, fish, berries, avocados, nuts, fresh produce, fresh fruit.... I used to NOT spend the money on those things, with the mindset that I "couldn't" spend that kind of money on stuff that would disappear down my throat. But NOW after a year of shutting up about it and JUST DOING IT...I realize several things.
1. My budget hasn't even noticed the extra 'expense' of quality food to put inside my body. Because I'm treating myself to these beautiful, natural, God-made, colorful foods, I am more appreciative of it, I eat less, and I do not "blow" other money on Taco Bell, Wendy's and Burger King drive thrus. I'm worth so much more than that.
2. Even if I had to cut out something else in order to "afford" an extra $40/week on fresh produce/fish at the grocery store, it would be so worth it. So many people comment on my skin now...how it "glows" and it so "clear". What do you use? they ask. I use any old moisturizer from Avon...but the key is the fresh fruit and veges, and especially my avocados, which I love. I eat 1/2 avocado just about every day and that = clear, creamy skin :)
3. I would have argued these points last year BEFORE I TRIED IT. Now I KNOW. Now I won't ever go back to putting any crap in my grocery cart! If you told me over a year ago that I wouldn't be relying heavily on LeanCuisine and Weight Watchers for lunches...I'd have said well, what do you expect me to eat? Fast food? Nope...now I take a little time planning meals and lovingly making them for a very special person....me! Whole wheat pasta w/ veges, lots of salads, homemade sushi...just to name a few. Yummy.
4. I treat myself better every minute of every day BECAUSE of how much thought, money, time I put into my "machine" (my body). If you buy an expensive car...you wanna take care of it, right? I am so much nicer, calmer, happier, quick to laugh, than I was a year ago. Who knew?
5. For way too long I was overweight, unhappy, depressed...but too unmotivated to do anyting about it. Because yes, it is work. BUT, it is the work of your LIFE. And now that I've jumped right in....I love swimming!
6. I think I learned that I could either stay pitiful, or get powerful. But not both. Now, I am powerful. What about you? You have to either put up, or shut up.
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    I agree eating healthier has benefitted my skin as well as my disposition. I feel healthy and my outlook is sunnier. It is sad that the healthy stuff cost more as that also increases the cost of healthcare for everyone because there are many families particularly lately that can't afford fish, fruit and vegitables and must settle for "junk food" anf the result is poor health and an obesity epidemic.
    4455 days ago
  • JLITT62
    Nice to see you back!

    Yup, making my own meals is very key to my success. Even the best processed foods aren't the same as home made; they just can't be.

    But . . . 1/2 avocado every day? I know they're the good fat, but that still seems like a lot. Altho my sking doesn't glow, I must admit. I love avocado, but I always buy them & then don't end up using them.
    4455 days ago
    I'm totally there with you.. I find I don't even crave the countless choc chip cookies, chips and whatever else garbage I used to eat.. and in the long run you end up saving money.. I used to buy all this processed food.. and I thought I was saving money.. Now I'll gladly pay a dollar an apple or pepper if it means I don't need fast food or chocolate! I am satisfied with a cup of cocoa and cooking at home is fun! I used to hate cooking because I found it depressing because I didn't have the stuff to make most of the stuff in the cookbooks... I do now.. and if I don't I can run to the store and just get the mushrooms.. (fresh) it's much more satisfying.. I'm in much better control of myself and I know I'm a lot healthier too...

    I feel a lot better.. no more food coma... and way way more energy.. YAY me.. YAY you.. we finally grew up! emoticon
    4455 days ago
    What a emoticon blog entry!

    Just goes to show what a little bit of truly caring for ourselves can do!!

    4455 days ago
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