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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Accepting The Gift Of The Cross

In our stages of growth we should become more conscious of our righteousness as opposed to our sin. Practicing a consciousness of our state of righteousness is a journey in maturity. This growth process of humanity does not have to be painful. Under the law, man was conscious of his sin continually; but under the New Covenant God desires for us to focus more on who we are and what we have in Christ Jesus.

Our own righteousness is filthy in His sight; however, the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus is our new identity. As we honestly grow in Christ our desire increases to please Him. As we grow to please Him, we become more aware of our new creation realities. These realities and more powerful than the bonds of sin because sin is no longer our master. We are not under the law but under grace according to Romans 6:14, which says, "For sin shall not have dominion over you, for you are not under law for under grace."

Does this mean that we will not miss the mark because we are under grace? By no means! It simply means that we must practice a lifestyle of walking in our redemptive rights. To refuse to grow up and walk in God's truth is to refuse to accept what Christ has made available to us. It cost the Father the blood of Jesus for us to live this life in its totality. We appropriate this life by grace. For if this growth and acceptance of righteousness came by our own works or by the law, then Christ died in vain according to Galatians 2:20-21.

His death is not in vain in our life when we recognize that we are in Christ Jesus. Maturity sets in when we meditate on the fact that Christ lives in us and we become God-inside minded. This is by no means a formula that makes us flawless, but rather creates an awareness of our purchased possession. In order words, we have more working in us internally than we have working against us externally.

As the maturity level develops in our life, it doesn't mean that we are free from the ability to sin or free the enemy tempting us with sin. We must always remember that we have an advocate with the Father, our high priest Christ Jesus, and it is through Him only that we are more than conquerors and triumphant in living this Christian life. We are assured of this because Christ Jesus is the propitiation for our sins and He is our righteousness. This righteousness is our purchased possession.

Jesus died to provide this for us and now we must possess the provision and walk in it.
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