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Thursday, April 16, 2009

I can't believe I haven't blogged since last November. What a slacker I am! It's only been a couple weeks though since I've been able to get back on SP since moving and being without internet for what feels like forever.

I'm almost all moved into my new house. There are a few boxes in the basement that have yet to be unpacked, but all the important stuff is put away. The first month was really rough, living in a hotel and trying to get used to it here. Things did get better once we moved into our house, but I can't say it's been terrific. I've been in a huge funk lately and it will probably take a long time for this to feel like home. The town is up in the mountains and is small and isolated. We have to drive over two hours to stock up on groceries and other necessities. There is a grocery store here, but the prices are ridiculous and the selection is extremely limited. Being a vegetarian has made it challenging since a lot of the food I'm used to eating isn't available. I've leaned my lesson though and last time we went to the city I stocked up huge on veggie products.

It's only about 85% horrible here though. I've been including fitness classes in my routine which I haven't done in probably 8 years. I've been going to step class and kick boxing every week and I'm loving it. I've also learnt that Aquafit does not consist of elderly ladies in swim caps dancing around. It's actually hard work and a nice change of pace. I'm still running, trying to find a couple races to do this year. I'm so used to being able to drive 30 minutes to a race and now it's probably going to involve a plane ride. A huge bummer, but I guess I'll just have to really make the races I end up doing count. I've been kind of lost with running goals since I don't have any definite races in mind, but I'm hoping to do at least one half this summer and a fall marathon.

Now the challenge part.....I've committed to doing a triathlon in June with a couple of the wives from DH's work and I'm so nervous/excited. I've got the biking and running thing down no problem, but the swimming, not so much. Up until a month ago the only swimming I'd down in the past 10 years consisted of wearing a bikini and usually just lying on the beach. The first night I attempted to do laps I was surprised that the life guards didn't try to rescue me because I'm sure I looked like I was drowning. After four laps my heart rate was out of control and I was gasping for breathe. It's so funny how fitness abilities in one sport do not translate to other sports. After that horrible attempt I considered not doing the triathlon at all, but talked myself out of quitting. What fun would life be if we only ever did things we were good at? Okay, it might still be fun, but definitely not as satisfying. There was once a time when running left me feeling the same as swimming and I'm so glad I persevered and didn't give up. I've been swimming twice a week trying to improve my skills, but I really think that lessons are in order.My self assigned homework is to look into that. I would definitely feel a whole lot less nervous about the triathlon if I could improve my swimming skills.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Yea, I am a bit of a slacker myself
    3970 days ago
    yep I took lessons and it really helped.
    4025 days ago
    Really understand the moving parts of your blog. My husband was transferred to Brazil and what an adjustment it continues to be. Sounds like you're getting what you need, but what we want? Well...that's a different question! Congratulations on your triathlon! What a great goal!
    4046 days ago
    Oh..I am right there with you. I think I am finally going to try swimming both for recovery of my ankle and to improve my running..I would love to do a tri but am terrified of open water. Good for you for keeping at it..I bet you will be amazed!
    4321 days ago
  • RUN2009
    oooooh I know exactly what you mean. I have been swimming 1-2x's a week since February to get myself ready for a couple triathlons this summer. I am ok finishing last as long as I finish. My first is a sprint with a 750m swim and the second is an olympic with a 1500m swim. yikes! I did take one private swimming lesson ($$$) but I do think the advice was worth it.
    4365 days ago
    I hear yah! about swimming. I did a mini-tri a couple weeks ago. Fortunately it was in a pool and we could stop and catch a breath. Swimming aerobics are so different, it kills me. There is a ton of technique in swimming. My son in law who is a full Ironman triathlete says the techniques taught in "Total Immersion" school/video is used by a lot of triathletes. I have ordered the videos and books and so far haven't been able to apply the stuff so well. Nevertheless, it must work for a lot of people. I struggle because I am a "sinker." The first few lesson are more "floater" oriented and the series acknowledges that sinker need to just get through them. I am having a hard with the "get through."
    4382 days ago
    I'm sure the swim lessons will give you the confidence needed!
    You are adjusting and doing so well, all things considered.
    Keep blogging!
    4394 days ago
  • MARLIE13
    Heehee Sarah....what and awesome blog! I'm giggling at the swimming part since I have the suit, cap, and goggles yet still have not gotten into the pool. You've made it further than me! How awesome you're going to do the triathalon too. So excited for you!

    PS A note to myself to not complain about feeling isolated since I have groceries close by, just no shopping mall. lol! Glad to hear you are getting settled in. I hope you'll start feeling more and more at home. Sounds like you're making some friends and that is awesome!
    4400 days ago
    You're doing great if you've got two out of the three:) I've only got one out of the three. I'm terrible on a bike and swimming. I'm working on being able to do one when my littlest is in school finally. My sister has done a few and she said that a coach is the way to go. Good luck with your endeavors.
    4405 days ago

    i feel your pain, ha ha. Really, I am planning a tri this September and am in big trouble with the swimming. You can do it, get a coach. Practice. Make up the time in the other 2 events.
    4405 days ago
    Glad you're starting to get settled. Great idea on the lessons. Just take it slowly. Check your tri notes and see if you'll need a wet suit. If so I highly recommend that after you get comfortable with things you do work with one to get used to it. Also schedule a couple of open water swims before the real thing. Again, slowly, and practice makes perfect. You'll do amazing!!!
    4405 days ago
  • BRUIN2
    Great idea to get into some swimming lessons! You'll be a little fishy in no time!

    It's great to hear that you're finding things to keep you busy and active with! What about setting up a "race series" with the triathlon ladies? You could each plan one race every how-ever-often and try out new routes/locations... And you could even make your own Race Series T-shirts!!
    4405 days ago
  • no profile photo CD557571
    I recently found out that aquacise was not just for old women with swim caps on too! Funny how we get an idea in our head...

    Glad you are finding your way into some new things. The tri is a goal of mine too, but I don't have a definite time in place. The one I had entered in July recently had to cancel. So now I'm looking for another one. My races all involve minimum three hours of driving. I'm considering flying to some farther afield in the near future.

    So good to hear from you again. Take care.
    4405 days ago
    OH MAN, I so relate to your part about swimming laps... I started trying to swim last year with a tri in mind, but I gave up once I faced the fact that because I DON'T HAVE A BIKE my heart wasn't really in the swimming training because I knew a tri wasn't realistically in my near future. I hope to get a bike soon one of these days and then really get back into learning to swim. You will ROCK that triathlon, I know it. :)
    4405 days ago
    glad you have found some fitness friends there. swimming is so challenging for me too and i have been doing it every other week for a while now. it will come back to you. you should see if the pool has stroke clinics. they are usually pretty cheap and one of the instructors could help you out.
    4405 days ago
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