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The nerve of some people

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hello to all my friends, I know I have been MIA for a few weeks and I apologize for that. My husband left on Monday for a lengthy training exercise and we were trying to spend as much family time as possible before he left. Sometimes it takes me a little time to myself, being mopey and the like, to get over things after he takes off. You'd think I'd be used to it by now, but I'm not :-). Anyway, on to my story.

Monday was my husband's 30th and our daughter's 4th birthdays. My mother, who lives in Southern California, sent each of them a card in the beginning of last week (things take a while to get to Alaska we've found). My husband received his card this past Saturday (with $30 check inside) yet our daughter's card was nowhere to be seen. So I check the mail yesterday and low and behold there it is. Upon turning it over I discover that the envelope has been taped together...never a good sign is it? I get a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomache but just to make sure I text my mother to ask if she had done that to which her obvious response was "no".

I take the card into the house and let my daughter open it and the card falls out of the envelope in pieces. It was a paper pop out card, very similar to the paper dolls we had as kids. The princesses and ponies had been popped out of it but the worst was yet to come. My mother had enclosed a $50 gift card for Target which was well...gone. I call my mother who in turn calls Target only to discover that the entire amount was spent in one of their stores about 40 miles from her home, and directly across the street from the post office.

So, our conclusion is this...some jerk sorting the mail noticed that it was a birthday card (obvious in a little pink envelope right?) and took it upon him/herself to open it up and take what was inside. Why they destroyed the card in the process I have no idea...and why they would then forward me what was left of said card is also confusing. Target is not going to issue another gift card (and who can blame them really). Luckily I knew that this gift card was "on it's way" and purchased the gifts that my parents had intended for their granddaughter so that she was able to open something from them during her party.

The outside of the card said this "To the 4 year old princess" so what I have to say to the person who did this is...
You sir or ma'am are complete scum of the earth. It is pathetic that you have reached such a low point in your life that you will steal from a small child on her birthday. This is a sure sign that you need to change things around for yourself. Your lack of respect for someone else's property is astounding and I hope with every beat of my heart that the postal service finds out who you are and prosecutes you to the fullest extent of the law for mail tampering. Dirt ball.

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    people never stop amazing me.......but in this situation....stealing from a little girl........(the envelope clearly stated).......they just disgust me........hopefully they toss and tumble at night knowing they did wrong
    3971 days ago
    That's horrible!!!!!! Sometimes I really wish those people who did such low things would end up paying for it and big later!!!!
    I know when something like this happens I always hope that the saying "live by the sword die by the sword" really does happen to that person.
    I know this entry was a while ago but I hope other than that your 4 year old had a good birthday!!
    3971 days ago
    That is just disgusting!! How could a human being do that. Well, I have learnt that what goes around comes around and those persons will pay one way or the other. Gosh, to steal from a 4 year old Princess.
    Army, I know it is hard when someone you love is away for long periods of time. My dad was in the Navy and I enjoy spending all my time with him now even though he retired some 20 years ago. I guess I will never grow up!! LOL :)
    4264 days ago
    Oh nooooo, what a total crud!!! sorry...I know I'm hitting this late, been so MIA myself here lately. I do hope you reported this to the postmaster, tho....I sent my son's income tax refund to him when he was stationed in N. Dakota and it never arrived, either. Gotta love the postal service......NOT. Thiefs in all walks of life, unfortunately, and we all pay the price. But I agree with you...that was lower than low. Glad your little one had a good birthday despite it all. I think in the future, I'd be sending everything certified, with return receipt requested, so you could track everywhere it'd been before reaching you, maybe. Hope your week is better this week!
    4271 days ago
  • MKPQ51
    I'm so sorry to hear about this happening to you. Unfortunately, it's not the first, nor will it be the last time that this will happen; my brother-in-law was a postmaster and used to tell us some unbelievable stories.

    If you haven't done so, do notify the postmaster. Though they probably won't be able to do anything about this (other than offer apologies), at least they'll be made aware that they do have a thief among them.

    Also, in the future, don't mail gift cards with the birthday cards!

    4274 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/20/2009 4:46:50 PM
  • KRISTINB1977
    That is so sad. I thought we only had to worry about mailing money/gift cards to foreign countries... Have you / your mom sent a letter to the postmaster of that post office? They need to be told what happened...
    4275 days ago
    WOW! i can't belive that someone would really do that how SAD is that !
    4275 days ago
    That is such a shame. I hope that your daughter had a great birthday anyway. I too hope that they find them and prosecute them.
    4275 days ago
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