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Monday, June 12, 2006

What do you want to be when you grow up?

People have a funny way of rising up to meet the challenge of their responsibilities when they're given a chance and the right motivation. They already know what needs done, and that it's their job to make sure it happens. Parenthood, for one, can make people grow up pretty quickly. The thing is, you don't have to wait for a young 'un to appear before you have responsibilities like this. We all have them. You have goals that need to happen, a difference you need to make. At home, at the office, in the community, with your friends—wherever you are, whatever your role, there's something that needs to be done. Who's going to drive it forward if not you? Who else is going to take it upon themselves to see it through? Can you rely on yourself to be there when it counts the most? Yes you can—by doing what you know is right.

My thought

I always thought about what I wanted to be when I grow up. And what I wanted to be wasn't unhappy, depressed and stressed out. That wasn't a goal of mines. When I look back to when I was younger I had it all made. Didn't have to pay bills or work just mainly live life as a child but, then I look at adults and wanted to be them. I wanted so badly to have that wonderful job and home to call my own. Now looking back I wished I didn't grow up to fast. Because now that I am adult I still think of what I want to be when I grow up. Happy loving, caring, stress free a loving mother is what I am but, I want to bring the whole package along with me. I want my girls to grow up to love them self but, also love them self now and not rush to grow up to bad. I have to take upon myself to see myself grow up and be what I want to be. I know I am loving and kind but, I have to feel that on the inside out and work from there. See those flaws is what gets me to not grow up. Look pass that I say to myself.

Is Weight Loss Stressing You Out?

Yes, it can stress out anyone. Just thinking about it takes you to another level. It's emotionally, physical road coaters. I know this by first hand. I think to far ahead when I need to be thinking about now in the present. Then when I know I have to workout I make up all the reason not to workout or I say I will do it soon then soon lead to never. Then I make up other reasons not to. I will be like well I walked for 10 minutes around walmart so then that should be good enough for today. But, yeah, Weight loss is stressful. There are times I want to give up and just pick up a bag of chips and fried chicken and call it a day. But, that day will lead me weight in at 300 again. Then I will be more depressed and stressed out. I will more likely look at myself with more negative talk and more flaws to talk about.

But, I can make weight loss less stressful.
I have to make it a lifestyle it's like breathing something that comes natural. I don't make up a reason not to take a breath so why should I make up a reason to not workout for 30 mins or to not eat vegs or fruits. Like my journal says Dieting of a mad dieting woman my ups and downs to become a new and better me. I will hit bumps along the way. I have thought about jumping off the boat a couple of times but, then when I see that I lost 43 pounds then I know I can't gain that back and start all over.

Why Do We Beat Ourselves Up?
Good question because at times I don't know. But, some times it has to do with life mainly how world looks at how we are supposed to look when they know it's not true at all. I beat myself up because at times I can't change quick enough or that the scale moving to dang slow for me. I some times beat myself up even after doing something I knew I shouldn't have I then feel more guilt for doing it. I beat myself up even when I am doing good but, didn't noticed or pat myself on the back for doing good. No matter what good or bad some of us still beat ourselves up.

Progress Quote:)
Action is the only way anything ever gets done. Sitting around and waiting for life to happen to you will only guarantee one thing: that you’re not going to end up with a life you love. By waiting, you can react to what’s tossed your way and nothing more. It’s easy to take a passive approach to life without taking chances. It’s easy to fall into a rut and do the same things the same way all the time. Change is what’s hard, but it’s change that will reveal all the wonders that life has to offer. You can break out of your set ways by taking action. Try doing the same thing a different way. Jump in with both feet and learn something new. Ask a friend to teach you a skill they’re good at. Grow as a person and your world grows with you.

MY thought
I surely get this but, doing it will take some time. I jump in that with both feet but, it's like one foot is still half way up there.

Motivation Quote
People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing -- that's why we recommend it daily. ”
Makes sense doesn't it? The secret to staying consistent with your goals is to stay motivated. That means finding ways to fire yourself up on a daily basis. Being inspired at a seminar, while reading a book, or talking to a dynamic speaker is easy. But what happens when you're on your own? To follow through on that burst of motivation and reach the finish line, you need regular booster shots. Give yourself those little positive reminders that you have a job to do and a good reason for doing it. What’s pushing you? Is it a specific milestone, your self-esteem, a drive to make a difference? Surround yourself with visual, verbal and physical “pep talks” that trigger that motive. It doesn’t take long for dust to gather on your momentum, making your goals turn stale. A daily dose of motivation kicks off the dust before it can settle and gives you a fresh, clean start.

My thought
I surely need this more then ever. Motivation is the key I have to think positive and always remind myself of the good I am doing and not the bad. Think POSITIVE

My Positive Outlook on me today:)
1) I am beautiful
2) I am kind at heart
3) I am a good listener
4) A wonderful MOM
5) I am sexy out and in
6) I am intelligent
7) I am healthier
8) I am a wonderful person
9) A great daughter and sister
10) I am outspoken

Goal Setting Quote
It’s great to have goals. Everyone should make some. However, are your goals detailed enough for you to realistically reach them? For many goals, you have to plan a progression of steps necessary for achievement. Wanting to lose 20 pounds could be an excellent goal, but how are you going to achieve it? Better diet, exercise, sleep? Say you want to run a 5K for the first time. It is not just going to happen overnight. You have to chart a list of stages required to get into this kind of shape. Track your goals. Write them down. Look at them often. Most importantly, hold yourself accountable.

My thought
I understand this one I always had my goals set but, then after awhile I stopped setting them because I wasn't reaching the goals I set myself up to get to mainly when it came to just losing 2 pounds after stopping at 240 and beening there for awhile I gave up on writing my goals. I just let it happen as it happen. But, then I started getting lazy my exercising went to a stall and my eating wasn't all that great. I noticed when I did keep goals I kept myself at bay and that is what I will have to keep doing.

Life Quote
What motivates you to live life? Are you motivated by deadlines and things that you HAVE to do or by dreams and things that you want to do? If you find yourself losing site of your goals and dreams, take a minute to ask yourself why you are letting things get in your way. Set aside some time to think about your goals. What do you dream of doing? Set goals to help you get there. When you are working toward a goal or dream that has significance to you, you will have more passion to fuel your fire allowing you to create daily successes for yourself!

My thought
I have set goals that reach beyond my weight lost and I have sat back and thought about them to the fullest and one day hoping all my goals and dreams will be real.:)
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