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The SCALE will no longer be my IDOL! Who is with me?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Today as I was reflecting on not losing weight for the 3rd week in a row, I realize how difficult it is to look at the scale week after week if it is not moving.

I then gave a lot of thought to how much weight(no pun intended) I put on the Scale's reading for the week. Why do I care what the SCALE says, if I feel and look better? It is at this moment that a light bulb goes off in my head, as I realize how far I have come... because a year ago I would have just given up and stopped exercising or caring, but not now because Sparks and all the wonderful people I have met and came into contact with help keep me motivated and focused on what the prize is at the end of this magnificent journey.

Yes I am working my butt off at least 5 or 6 times a week and not seeing the scale move, but I enjoy my workouts. I feel refreshed and excited afterwards, even though sometimes the thought of pushing myself to get there is a chore. Why do I let it make me feel like I am a FAILURE just because the number doesn't CHANGE? Why am I not reflecting on the overall feelings of well-being, the rush of adrenaline I get after spending 60 minutes on the elliptical or after dancing in Zumba for 50 minutes? I have gotten so much more by continuing this journey, like a relief of some of my STRESS, feeling better about myself overall and knowing where I am in my Journey.

I just know that I am making the right choices for a happy and healthier me in 09. I know this because last night after my DivorceCares class, I had a decision to make... either go find a place to exercise while waiting for my daughter or go eat at my all time favorite Italian restaurant, Demo's, and I chose to step out of my comfort zone, pass the restaurant, and go in the Hendersonville YMCA and ask for a guest pass for the night. Yes, I made the best decision and had an awesome workout that left me feeling so much better than I would have had I went to the Italian Restaurant instead. And guess what..afterwards I was not hungry for the pasta's that I have been staying away from.

I am trying to remember that with each passing day my progress is much like a babies progress while trying to learn to walk... I have to take baby steps and realize that at any moment I could fall and have to pick myself back up (without crying) and take another step forward. And guess what ladies and gentlemen that is just what I did last night (after not seeing the scale move yesterday) and I made the decision to go exercise instead of eating out.

So I hope I encourage each of you that might come across my blog to do the same and make the right choice for you! God Bless each of you in your Journey to a happier, healthier 09 and lets STOP making the SCALE a IDOL and use it as a TOOL. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Fantastic post! Thanks for sharing your struggle and breakthrough -- we all have times like this, so thanks for helping me focus on the positive!
    4461 days ago
    I am also with you on this one no movement since 12/15/08. I am struggling with water retention and constipation issues. But am hopeful that I will bust out of this plateau this week. I have lost an inch in my waist since Tuesday and an inch in my chest since last week. So things are changing.
    4486 days ago
    I'm right there with you. No movement in over 3 weeks but I have decided to continue to work hard. I've been in this since Jan. 1 & I don't want to give up now. Thanks for helping me continue also & to make the decision today to step away from that concession stand at the basketball game. Instead I grabbed a water. Hang in there. emoticon
    4494 days ago
  • RAMONA62
    Great blog!! I agree that feeling better and even clothing fitting better is a better positive reinforcement than the dang scale....Baby steps...good for you. I feel inspired as I too have seen not movement of the needle on the scale going anywhere....not up not down....but with spring coming....I will be able to kick it up a knotch...
    Thanks for sharing. emoticon
    4494 days ago
    WOW!!!! You wrote what I am feeling! Too cool! This is why I know I will drop some weight eventually. Without this site, I would have given up again. I have been working so hard to lose weight. I get so discouraged when I weigh-in and have lost nothing. Postings like yours keep me motivated. Thank you! emoticon
    4495 days ago
    There will be points along this journey when the scale does not move. I was stuck in the same place for over 6 months. Losing and gaining the same 10 lbs over and over. But during that time I learned that this is a journey the keeps moving, maybe not always in the direction we want it to, but it keeps moving. It sounds like you have learned to enjoy the ride. Keep it up, the scale will move again.
    4495 days ago
  • CRISSI584
    This post is EXACTLY what I needed today! I am at the three week point in my workouts and I have not seen the scale budge a bit. I too am doing Zumba or at least 60 minutes of running 5 days a week to no avail. I do feel better, and when I leave the gym I sit a little taller in the saddle. It's time to look at the bright side of the situation :)Thank you Thank you Thank you for your share! emoticon
    4495 days ago
  • CHRIS4338
    You have an awesome perspective! It helped me realize that sometimes it about how exercise can make us feel, not always about how it makes us look. I have been working with a trainer for about 2.5 weekw and haven't lost anything. However, I am already a much a calmer, more centered person who doesn't let daily stress bring her down. I feel like this is a great place to be and it can only get better from here!
    4495 days ago
    Excellent Blog.
    I love that you're looking at the big picture and the benefits of your healthier lifestyle instead of just a number on a scale.
    We are, after all... so much more!!!
    4495 days ago
    I get on the scale 1x a week at weight watchers.. even when I am at the weight that my scale can handle I do not want to be a slave to my scale! Once a week is fine with me-- If I use a scale it will be as a tool to see if I am retaining fluid.
    4495 days ago
  • CUDDY521
    emoticon Thanks for sharing! emoticon
    4495 days ago
  • DEB2448
    this is a wonderful blog. I will remember this when I get discouraged. Thank You.
    4495 days ago
    You are spot on!
    4495 days ago
  • BELG64
    That could have been a post on my blog because my scales have been stuck for the last 3 weeks as well despite exercising my butt off and eating relatively well.
    4495 days ago
  • GRACIE0204
    Your blog hits the nail right on the head. We often idolize the #s on the scale. And it can be pointless. More power be given to the healthy habits and baby steps we have accomplished to reach these new habits. I am so impressed with your capacity for change and endurance emoticon

    I wish continued grace in your daily weight loss journey emoticon emoticon
    4495 days ago
    I loved your comments about the scale! I, too, get on that foolish thing and do let it get me down! Divorce Care? Isn't that a Christian tape series? Our Vineyard church uses those. You are write the scale can be an idol. Maybe we should respond the way Moses did when he saw the golden calf in the Old Testament. Smash the tablets . . . no smash the scale! emoticon
    4495 days ago
  • SHER71481
    I too just came to this realization not too long ago. I was BAD!!! I used to weigh myself every single day 2-3-5 times a day lol Every single time i went to the bathroom and you know how much that is when your drinking so much water!! Everything you have expressed in this blog is something to reflect on! It is the absolute truth. The feeling you get knowing your doing it and not giving up. The feeling you have after exercising (even though you dread leading up to it lol) It's all so worthwhile! Congrats to you for realizing it!! It's hard for alot of people to realize. I still can't believe i have come to a point where i feel comfortable with this journey! You know what that means!? That means we have DONE it! We are DONE! We WILL get there. Your choices are amazing. And your right even if you choose to oneday not make that healthier choice you won't forget the journey you are on and pick up right where you left off. I really enjoyed reading this blog. Very well written!! Thank You
    4495 days ago
    You go girl! Amen. Same here--was having trouble with "that scale thing". But I agree. If you feel better, that's worth it right there! Plus, I am getting closer to the type of person I want to be since my big "D" last January. Hang it there. You've done great. Anyone that can do 60 minutes on the elliptical & 50 minutes in a Zumba class is doing well.
    4495 days ago
  • SWATKINS1961
    Wow Lori, You read my mind and put into words my exact feelings for about the past month. Amazing, seeing my feelings in print. You are so right about the SCALE Being an IDOL. One that I will try to put behind all the other great things I am doing for me.

    KEEP the great thoughts rolling along, they are inspiring and so are you. I'm glad I clicked on the read this blog button. IT'S AWESOME.
    4495 days ago
    Great blog. It's an awesome feeling when you realize that the healthy changes you have made become habit and you actually enjoy them. I have been stuck at a plateau for several months now, but I am sticking with it and know eventually the scale will move again.
    4496 days ago
    I'm so glad I read this! I was having a rough day today because I'm getting sick......again........and instead of just relaxing and giving myself a break, I've been sitting around stressing about my weigh in on Saturday. That's crazy! I'm sick and all I worry about is that stupid little square mocking me from the bathroom.

    Thanks for posting this! I'm going to go lay down, and recover and maybe I'll even give myself permission to skip this weeks weigh in so that I can stop stressing about it.
    4496 days ago
    Funny, I wrote a very similar blog today. I'm with you!!!
    4496 days ago
    I've been there also. When I first started my journey Feb 1 2008 I thought the same thing. I would get sick to my stomcah getting on the scale and see no movement. Depression set in and it was back to square one.
    Then in March 2008 sparkpeople appeared from someone who sent me a link. Wow here I am a year later 32 pounds lighter and so many friends that care.
    I have started a new me to help loose the rest of my weight. I have found that for the past 4 months of complaining about my busy life, company, distractions, kids and grandkids I have to make a menu to the last oz eat all the food I log and keep eating no matter how busy, how depressed I get. Plan ahead, blog about everything, seek help listen to others and keep sparkpeople tools on the ready.
    Thanks for your blog.
    4496 days ago
    I think that is so true..the scale makes us crazy, especially when its not moving and we are exercising like we should..if i start seeing inches come off, then the weight will start moving.. so, i am with you..no more idol scale.. emoticon
    4496 days ago
    Wow! I loved your blog! What an empowering realization. You are doing so well and I am so happy for you!!!!

    You definitely reminded me to look at the overall picture rather than getting bogged down in the negatives!

    4496 days ago
    I think this blog was the most important thing I could have read today. I also did not lose last week instead I gained and then woke up in a funk this morning; skipped my morning workout and had a pop tart for breakfast. Your blog has really pointed out to me that I am the one in control of my journey and I need take moment to realize how far I have come so far. Thank you so much for sharing, I will be squeezing in a workout on my lunch break and on when I get home tonight. I may have skipped my morning workout, but I have all day long to correct that.
    4496 days ago
    I agree with you totally about the scale. I have decided that I will only weigh myself once a month and do body composition measurements along the scale. If I feel better and can notice changes in how my clothes fit, then that is fine with me. Also, it is nice when friends say that they see changes, even though I know the scale hasn't moved that much if any.
    4496 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/19/2009 2:06:17 PM
    This is a great post! The scale is a tool. It doesn't judge your worth or your success or failure. emoticon

    I am glad you are feeling stronger, more open to opportunities for exercise and positive. Keep doing the hard work and the inches will start to come off and so will the pounds!

    Keep it up, Done GIrl.
    4496 days ago
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