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Sick and Whiny!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ever have those days? You come down with a cold and everything is just wrong and bad with the world? You can't hear clearly, taste clearly, much less THINK clearly. All thoughts of diet and exercise go out the window - you just want to feel better somehow. I mean, maybe that piece of chocolate won't taste dull because you can't smell it and will be the miraculous cure-all for the common cold! It could happen...in my mind. LOL

After having been on Michael Thurmond's 6 Week Body Makeover for a couple of weeks, I have to say it's not all bad. I've lost about 12 pounds (let's call it 12 pounds-ish given my sick weakness), and other than remembering to eat, it's been fairly painless. When you plan your meals and cooking, the rest is a cinch. Given my ability to lose weight with any eating plan I commit to, and the fact that I will be on this plan for a lot longer than 6 weeks, I've started to tweak the plan to 'see what I can get away with'. Up until I got sick, I could get away with a decent amount of things without seeing significant issues with weight loss. Plus, I haven't even begun to exercise to plan. Hopefully, the service guys will make their appointment on Monday and my elliptical will be back in operation.

My slightly revised Body Type A eating plan really makes me happy. I am now a firm believer in the 6 meal per day concept, as well as the whole food (not processed) philosophy. Cooking at home really is the only way to be successful with any diet/eating plan given the level of control you have. I've always been a label reader - except for those things I considered to be staples. But lately, because of watching the sodium counts, I looked in my cabinets and found over 700mg of sodium in BREADCRUMBS. What the? Really? I had no clue. Breadcrumbs, ketchup, pickles, you know the 'little' things that you just grab and use, pretty shocking when you study the labels.

I think the best part is that now that I've tweaked to a level that I'm happy with, I really see myself going forward eating this way AFTER the weight is off. Now THAT is exciting because it means my odds for KEEPING the weight off go through the roof. I really enjoy my meals, no added salt and all. Potatoes, no salt? No problem! Since when? LOL Since two weeks ago. Just amazing.

I'm looking forward to adding in the cardio and resistance training next week. I think I was nervous about the idea of consuming 8-900 calories per day AND trying to burn extra calories at the same time. I guess I thought I'd fall over from weakness or something. This body has energy to burn for DAYS and DAYS and DAYS. Oh what silly webs our minds weave. My weigh-in the following Monday I think will be exciting. With my version of POP and the addition of exercise - I think it will be fabulous.

All I have to do now is stop feeling sick and whiny... :)

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    Congrats on the 12 pounds! That is AWESOME!!!!

    I too agree it is amazing what can happen when you eat the right foods & eat regularly. It really does work. I also really agree that what you do needs to be something you can live with. I have realized that over the past year. I would be so hard core with 6WBM that I would eventually fall off the wagon b/c of how extreme my eating was. Then, I'd go to an extreme the opposite way b/c I had been so restricted. That would go on for a month until I could "force" myself to get back with it. And let me say I'd have to "force" myself. It took this happening to me about 3 or so separate times before I realized I'd need to make some slight tweaks to prevent this cycle. I was getting no where.

    Like you, I've now realized that this needs to be a life long eating way of life (low fat, low sodium, good carbs, good protein, low/no sugar, 6 meals/day). I am trying to make very slight tweaks so that I don't fall into that complete food boredom. I am still experimenting so can't say for sure if I'll be successful. But, I think if I stick with the overall concept & keep my calories relatively low, I will lose weight.

    So, again, CONGRATS on your success. This is a lifelong journey so finding the best way to make this livable is key! I'll be interested to see how you continue to do with your "tweaks"!

    4562 days ago
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