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Water... stones... water!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


How can a 5-letter word and a 2 letter + 1 number molecular formula (H2O) wreak so much havoc if enough of it is not taken in?!?!

A dear friend that I met last year on Dr. Gates' weightloss website, Carol, gifted me with a book entitled "Water: for Health, for Healing, for Life" by F. Batmanghelidj, MD.
As I was re-arranging all the stuff that I was unpacking I displayed that book along with other great ones, above my computer screen on the top shelf of my computer desk. Over the days, it has caught my eye on many occasions but I haven't had time to pick it up and sit down quietly and read it. Heck... I haven't had time to open up my new "Walk Away Your Waistline" DVD and exercise to it, either. Between plumbers, electricians, delivery people, shelf-lining (a totally insane concept if you think about it), and leaf-raking (another totally insane concept if you live in the Texas Panhandle) I have been getting my exercise elsewhere. Another thing I haven't taken time out to do is DRINK MY WATER.

Water takes time.
It's inconvenient to put ice in a glass and get water.
Yet... I'll get in my car and go to Sonic (takes time).
I'll fix me a Dr. Pepper (putting ice in a glass and pouring).
It's insane thinking and insane actions!!

Well... I've been having these horrible, horrible headaches. Blurred vision to the point of not being able to see the huge screen at church when I'm seated only 7 or 8 rows back (even my great grandmother could have seen it without her specs). Then there was the nagging aches and pains in my back and hips and the burning feet and dry skin and scalp.

Knowing what I knew from previous Kidney Stones, I knew the field was set for a major stone storm... but I simply pulled the curtains and chose to ignore the sounds of the distant thunder and flashes of lightening. Well, when going to bed Sunday night I told hubby "I hate these headaches, I wish I knew what was causing them!" As I lay my head down, a voice rang in my head saying "Your problem is WATER". It was a very strong, authoritative voice much like a stern father. I dreamed of water and of stoney places... weird I know.

Monday morning I woke up and had hubby go to Drug Emporium and get me some EvaMore water. It is an Alkaline water and when you're dehydrated you're body's very acidic so the Alkaline Water tends to balance your system out and re-hydrates the tissues much quickly than reverse-osmosis water, especially when you're in bad shape (like I was). Well, I was in the little girls' room most of the day because of that water and noticed a lot of cloudiness in the urine. Another pre-requisite for the Stone Storm. The day goes on fairly normal, including a headache that kept trying to creep back in there. I thought "OK.. let's go rake the rest of the leaves and put the big windmill up in the back yard and get some exercise!". From previous experience I knew that exercise usually made my headaches go away. And the headache DID go away. Eureka!

Well, I got to bed about 10pm on Monday night. At 2am Tuesday morning I woke up to that old familiar " Heeeeeere's Johnny!!!" type of feeling from that scary movie "The Shining" only this time it was "Heeeeeeere's STONE-Y!!!" Holy Toledo!!!!!!!!!! But this time I was bound and determined I was going to pass this thing by myself and NOT go to the hospital like the previous 5 stones (or should I say Boulders). I remembered an elder (of all people) at our church telling me about another member who was plagued with stones and that the member was told (by his Urologist of all people) to drink about 3 or so beers when he felt a stone going through. The alcohol would start numbing the pain and the hops and barley would have a diuretic effect and force the stone to move. Well... I thought "Couldn't hurt" but with it being 2a.m. my hubby remembered the stores were closed. No... I was birthing this one without any "pain killers" LOL!

Well, about 8am Tuesday what I expected to see was something the size of the Island of Manhattan at least. But instead it was the size of a large grain of SAND. All that pain for THIS??? I knew that I had been told that before, but I simply wouldn't believe them. But they were right!

So all day yesterday (Tuesday's Inauguration Day) I drank water and sat back and took in the day's activities. I came to understand there's more change on the horizon than simply in the political arena. I was spared going to the hospital... this time. And the Good Lord willing... there won't be a next time, either!

Water.... Water..... Water.......
Who knew something so clean and pure would have such a huge impact on a person's life!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hi Chell, I have been missing you and wondering .... is Chell alright??? Ah alas...she is but what pain you went through. I learned about what happens w/o water from you. Thanks!! You should be a writer of books. Very expressive!! Glad you are better now.

    WHEW !!
    ......oooO................ I walked all the way over here just
    .....(....)................. to give you this (((((HUG))))),
    ......)../....Oooo...... and a bit of encouragement.
    .....(_/.....(....)....... Have a Blessed Day
    ................\..)........ Eblooming

    .................\_)....... emoticon & Princess Mia emoticon
    4003 days ago

    You're tough! Thanks for the reminder about drink, drink, drinking water.

    How you doin' now?
    4023 days ago
    Girl! Where have you been??? I have missed you a ton! Hate to see the stones and they sound more like the Rolling Stones. How's the house moving going? Are you enjoying your new home? My BIL gave me a new Kasey T-shirt, so I have something to sleep in and dream. :-)
    4044 days ago
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