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The Cool Before the Warm, the Calm After the Storm

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


This is one of my favorite songs of all time, and it also rather neatly sums up how I've been feeling.

Yesterday we returned from NYC, where we'd been for three days. I got in a lot of cardio, but the food was a struggle. Everywhere, everyone (seemingly) offered me food. I'd refuse. It would be offered again. I would explain, no, I'm fine, I don't need anything else. It would be offered yet again. I swear I had to refuse three times before it was believed.

And, what was offered was inevitably salty or carb-laden. Potatoes. Pita bread. Ai yi yi.

We ordered Greek food the first night and that ended up being dinner for me for both nights. Now that was a carb-laden plate. Okay, pita bread (and I had what was the equivalent of about a half a slice). And rice. And vegetables that had been cooked seemingly forever.

And potatoes? Why? Helfino. But for whatever reason three sources of carbs just weren't enough, so a fourth had to be offered. To my detriment, I chowed down on it. And ended up, on Saturday, going over by almost 200 calories. What kills me is that I allowed for a good 1,100 calories for dinner and snack. Let's say the snack (a smoothie made with skim milk) was 200 calories. Probably pretty close. That means that dinner was a staggering 900 calories. And people tried to offer me more!

When we came home, I weighed myself, as it was Monday and I needed to check in. Now, it was the afternoon so I wasn't expecting it to be wonderful. I ended up being, oof, 3.6 pounds up. Ugh. Not pretty. We also found that food (unbeknownst to us) had been sent home with us. My husband took care of it, but still!

Hence yesterday I was in a foul mood.

And then there's today. My husband went back to work but I'm going back tomorrow. Hence I took care of some errands and did some painting of the exercise nook. It troubles me that it's still not done but it's very possible that it will be done this weekend. I am getting awfully tired of stepping over brushes and junk to be able to do anything. It's shaping up nicely, though.

I also went off to grab some stuff which included swinging by the grocery store. And, I saw my friend for the first time in over a month. He's doing fine but things aren't very exciting by him. Hey, that's life. Mostly dull, punctuated with some excitement. I think he was touched that I came by to say hi even though I didn't need fish.

Hence that helped to put me into a better mood as well.

Oh and yanno something? Yesterday's gain is almost all gone, save .4 lbs. And I hit new personal best measurements in two areas. One was my bust and the other? Oh joy oh rapture -- how amazing is this???? -- my scary megabutt.

I have finally hit a new personal best milestone (by a big .25 inches, but you take it where you can get it, know what I'm sayin'?) in the keister area. This is for the first time since, I kid you not, 9/29/08. Over three months! At its highest, it was 64". It is now 48.75". As in over 15" less.

I can feel the darkness lifting, and things beginning to ease. Yeah, the exercise room isn't finished, and yeah, I'm going to go back to a disaster at work, but as the song says

Bitter turns to sugar

It's a good turn.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thank you all.

    Marit, the song is called "My Ever-Changing Moods". The group is The Style Council. It was a minor hit in the 1980s. Just a sweet, major chord song.

    BTW, yeah, I had a minor disaster at work waiting for me but at least it was a somewhat minor one. Much to do!
    4349 days ago
    Jes, you're amazing. It's not just your progress that is inspiring, but your demeanor and sense of humor through it all. You are truly an example of what this community is all about. Even when you're being hard on yourself, you are encouraging to the rest of us.

    4349 days ago
    Yeah... let's hear it for the smaller megabutt!

    I washed my new "skinny" jeans for the first time and found that this morning, I still slithered right into them. Progress!
    4349 days ago
    (Now you have me wondering, I couldn't listen to the song in my country...)
    My family's like that too, always offering at least twice. I'm getting better at refusing though!
    Glad the darkness is lifting - it's getting lighter. We have daylight for 15 minutes longer here, and I try to walk outside during the day, if only for a few minutes... Every bit helps. Congratulations on inches lost!
    4350 days ago
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