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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


It's the third night of Chanukah tonight. And, it's time for the month in review.

Measurements (as of yesterday)

* Bicep 13.25" up .25" My highest was 19", overall I'm down 5.75"
* Bust 45.25" up .75" My highest was 55", overall I'm down 9.75"
* Band 37.75" down .25" and a new Personal Best!!! My highest was 47.5", overall I'm down 9.75"
* Waist 38.25" up .25" My highest was 49", overall I'm down 10.75"
* Belly 40.75" down 2.75" and a new Personal Best!!! My highest was 59.5", overall I'm down 18.75"!!!
* Rear 49.75" up .25" My highest was 64", overall I'm down 14.25"
* Hip 44.75" up .25" My highest was 54.5", overall I'm down 9.75"
* Thigh 24.25", the same as last week. My highest was 32.5", overall I'm down 8.25"

Overall average loss for all eight measurements: 10.875"
Overall average for the six main measurements (not the bicep or the thigh): 12.17"

Some time in early 2009, I am guessing before the year is a quarter over, my average overall loss for all eight measurements will be over a foot.


Currently 233.8. Not too shabby. I had a lot of yo-yo plateauing going on last month and that may or may not have stopped. It's not so much due the seasonal foods (I hardly eat any) but probably more to do with the disruptions in the routine, plus my own feelings.


I've been like a fiend for a while now. With snow on the ground I've been going out any day I want cardio, which is every day but Sunday. Even with a day of rest I'm still burning up calories and have already burned over half of what I need to do for the week. It's only Tuesday. Over the Winter break I'll continue to shovel, plus we'll be painting. Variety in cardio is a good thing even though these are essentially just chores. The painting will be of my exercise room so the motivation is to make it something serene and pleasing to me.

I'm also going over to look at a gym this week if I can spare the time and if they're open. Of course they will try to sell me a package but I am nervous even though I know it won't be too costly. I just hate the idea of paying for something I won't use, and I have no idea how much I'd be using the facilities. It is a nice idea but I do not respond well to pressure and that goes double this time of year. We shall see.


Not so hot. This is only the second day of lightening after the solstice and skies have been either clear and frigid or a grisalle (look it up; it's a French word that essentially means grayscale). Work is getting me down, big time. At this time of year, I always take stock and, frankly, I am bored silly. I should not have the kind of time I have, to devote to Facebook, Spark and my site, all during work. That's crazy. Even when I am busy, it's either tinged with a lot of stress or dull. I am tired and unhappy, let's face it. But I am stuck for any number of reasons, one of which is the economy and another big one is the fact that I haven't even been there for 6 months yet. I know that my boss realizes that this is dull as dishwater and she promises that eventually I'll be moved to something else. But what? Who knows.

Everything else is also kind of blah but that's probably more a function of my mood than of the blahness creating/promoting my mood. E. g. the blahness is caused by my mood, rather than the mood being caused by blahness. I am looking forward to time off. While very little exciting is planned (we are going to NY at the end of the break, to see my in-laws and my sister-in-law will come with her family, but we will also be seeing a friend who's getting a divorce so that's fraught with issues. Plus eating there is extremely tricky for me), it will still be better than endless, mindless data loading.

One thing we will do over the break is begin to plan our May vacation. That will help to sustain me.

In all, I'm doing all right, and one of the main things is finding a lot of good fitness opportunities. I know the mood will lift, but it hanging around a lot lately.

Shoo, bad mood, go away. Fly away. If only it were so simple.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    WOW. I seem to spend all my time reading my friend's blogs and saying "wow!", but this is REALLY a wow. You have done so well. All right, that was the final push. I've been saying for half an hour now "in a few minutes my daughter and I are going mall walking" (because it's waaaay too cold for me to go outside...anything below 65 is WAAAAY too cold for me!)...but now I'm really going to get away from this computer and DO it! BYE!
    4358 days ago
    Hey, sweetie, thanks for dropping by.

    It was a nice gym but there was no one there but me and the dude showing me around. Then again, it was 2 days before Xmas and about 330 PM at a place that caters about 99% to commuters.

    It was very clean, lots of nice equipment, little touches like, heh, an ironing board and iron in the locker room. I suspect I will do it, after the start of the year (I don't think I'll be going downtown at all until after the break). Even if I only use it once/week, that works out to less than $7/visit, Cheaper than the movies. :)
    4362 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3248497
    Blah, Blah, Go AWAY!! I hope you feel better and don't be nervous about the gym. I was nervous when I joined the gym last year. Just a wreck, but I got one and stuck it out. It took a month or two to be comfy there but now I love it!! Also yeah in NY it can be tricky for ya to eat. But if you are coming to the city, NYC, many places have their cals posted. But not all. Either way, I hope you enjoy yourself!!
    4362 days ago
    Oh I definitely have Seasonal Affective Disorder. I am awaiting my Chanukah present to myself, AKA a full-spectrum light. St. John's Wort is my friend. :)
    4363 days ago
    Great statistics, progress and current state! Good for you!
    4363 days ago
  • KARBIE18
    So glad to hear you're doing so well on your fitness quest. You're kicking butt! Hope your blahs take a hike very soon. Could you possibly have seasonal affective disorder? Are you like this every winter?

    Anyway, enjoy the rest of your Hanukkah.

    4363 days ago
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