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To truly feel liberated, you must have been imprisoned.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I did this to myself. No one held a gun to my head and made me chew and swallow piece after piece of pizza. It makes a lot more sense if a masked bandit had me at gunpoint in the kitchen and frankly it minimizes responsibility and accountability that has to come to make a change in one's self if we blame it on a random, faceless evil.

In fact, there was a 'gunman'. It was me. I held myself in contempt time and time again. I chained myself with the fat and I tortured myself for 4 to 5 years, like those victims that escape from basements where they've been raped and abused. I was so convincing, only to myself, I could sell the Brooklyn bridge tomorrow if I could harness the persuasive power I had over myself. I could convince myself to drink water at the same time I was drowning. Instead of a successful career in sales, I found that I could harness the persuasive power to convince myself that I COULD DO THIS. Really, I could. All I had to do was listen to myself-after all, I'm the most persuasive person I know. Richard Simmons has nothing on me!

I know how to lose weight, and I know how to exercise. In fact, I like exercise and being active. What I didn't like was the sweating like a pig and being asphyxiated by my own weight that I didn't like. It was never that I didn't like fruits and vegetables, I just liked the greasy burgers and pizza more because they were slippery and easier to inhale. Veggies are crunchy and take longer to eat because you have to chew them, otherwise it hurts to swallow them. Slippery fat pizza slides down easier. That was another huge realization that has helped me. I asked myself... why does everything bad have cheese? mayo? sauce? Why am I compelled to order a large Diet Coke and never wanted to eat unless I had a huge pop? Because it makes it slimier to swallow! I had to have pop with a meal because I didn't chew my food totally. Ever watched the hot dog eating contests? Ever seen them dip the buns into the water? They do that so that they can scarf down more, faster!!! The same reason I used to drink like that, and always wanted cheese or mayo.

I think this perspecive helps one not be so focused on being deprived of what most people think are they 'good' things - cheese, mayo, heavy sauces. Why did we like them? Was it the taste, or something else? If it was the taste, a tablespoon would be good. If you're inclined to douse the noodles with alfredo, you're not tasting the alfredo. I gurauntee it. Try it and you'll see, and hopefully you can feel the same liberation I have felt.

Anyone had this same epiphany or tried this change??
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    thank you for your blog! I loved reading it!

    spark hug
    2216 days ago
    Whoa! so deep, and so true! I love your new pics! WOW! You look great! Over 70 pounds! Way to go girl!!
    4547 days ago
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