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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Since September 27, 2008, I have been most diligent about what I should & should not eat. A few times I have gone slightly above my caloric range, but for the most part have been doing really well. Yay for me ! (grin) Ok, I went shopping yesterday. Ya' know those pre-made salads
some stores offer ? Yeah, well a nice Greek one caught my eye, called me by name actually. Not sure how it found out my name, but it knew it, none the less, and was shouting it out, to boot ! I walked on past, knowing full well that I would be returning to the call of that loud mouth, nestled so attractively among the other waist busters of its kind. Shamefully, I did! My arm, seemingly having a mind of its own, reached out, and began sorting through the packages of dressings to lavish atop of that heathenous salad already sitting in place of esteem at the top of my cart. Did my appendage of betrayal select a healthier low cal, low fat version of the topping it sought ? No-o-o-o-o-o-o! Did I put it back ? No-o-o-o-o-o-o! I GRABBED ANOTHER ONE !!!!!!!!
The remainder of my shopping trip went according to plan, I'm happy to report. My cupboards are once again stocked with all good healthy choices that have now become a part of my new, and much improved, life style. However, lurking sinisterly, in the cold crispness compartment of my refrigerater, it waited! As the first ray of light shone through the crack of the opening fridge door, it happened. The screams erupted, louder than before & so much more demanding!
That damn salad didn't care, at all, that I was simply there to retrieve my fat free coffee creamer. ( At least that's what I told myself ) Nope, it just kept shouting," Eat me! Eat ME! " I slammed the door ! Humph ! Tell me what to do. I don't frickin' think so !! As I'm sure you have already guessed, I was back in that fridge before my coffee was even cold. I'm weak, I tell ya',
weak ! I grabbed that screaming meeie, that had more feta cheese than usual in it, I'm sure of that. I drenched its stunning green foliage & other delectable tidbits with the 28g of fat per packet of Greek feta & oregano salad dressing & I ATE IT !!! It was decadently delicious ! End of story is....................it cost me 1.8 lbs. Yep, I gained a pound & a half. Was it worth it ?
Oh-o-o-o-o-o-o Yeah-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a ! :) I'm saving myself here by thinkin'," Yep, sometimes ya' just gotta' splurge." (grin)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Calories always yell the loudest: NO MERCY! emoticon
    4516 days ago
  • MS-CEE
    And what was that 1.8 compared to the taste buds, anyway?? emoticon
    4521 days ago
  • no profile photo 154BYAUG
    This blog made me laugh... hysterical!

    Salad sounded delicious!
    4543 days ago
    LMBO - what a great blog! I think it was SO worth it! But, I'm sorry - SALAD (ya know, the healthy green stuff that's cold and crunchy in your mouth) is NOT a bad thing to splurge on! I know, I know, the cheese...the dressing! Oh the humanity!!! :) I think you are so worth the splurge. It could have been an entire cake - at least you splurged on something healthy - good for you!
    I wish that salad was the only thing screaming to me from the aisles at the store - those darn
    "-itos" (Fritos, Doritos, Cheetos) grow arms and grab my legs as I buzz on by!
    Thanks for the chuckle today!
    4543 days ago
    LOL...you go girl. That's got to be the funniest blog I have ever read. Some times we just have to give in. And it's GOOD when we do.
    4543 days ago
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