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"Bailing out the Big 3"

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I promise I am not blogging about this to start a war. lol Blogging is for about things that are going on in our lives and how it affects us. This is a subject that is definitely affecting me and my family. Can anyone say, emotional eating. I've let it succeed in taking over especially these last two weeks and definitely these last couple of days. I've consumed more "junk food" in this time period than in the whole year. So maybe blogging about how I feel about it will help me in some way.

So should we bail out the big three? Either people are all for it or totally against it. I will say up front that I am for it, so you might not wish to read it. I am from Michigan and this is directly going to hit home.

As my husband has been a General Motors employ for almost 13 years now, we are desperately hoping that they get some help. My husband has been a faithful and loyal worker for years. He is salary and does not belong to the UAW.

I don't want the bailout for Rick Wagoner, Alan Mulally, or Robert Nardelli. If they think that they are part of the problem than let them get rid of them.

Get rid of all the unnecessary middle management that is so not needed.

As far as the UAW goes, I do think they should get 95% of their pay if they get laid off, not have to pay anything for health care, and get retirement without contributing to it. Who wouldn't take a voluntary layoff if you were going to get that much?? My husband would not get even a third of that if he was laid off. We pay quiet a bit for health insurance a month for five, and my husband has for retirement what he has put into it. So if that is something that they need to restructure then so be it. Definitely be fair to all workers but not ridiculous.

Again, I say don't bail them out rather bail out the millions that will ultimately loose their jobs. From someone down the chain that doesn't have anything to do with how the company is ran, but rather gets up and goes to work faithfully each day to try and provide a roof over their families head, clothes on their backs, and food on their table. Nobody wants to loose their job, especially when it's so hard to make it anymore with a good one.

I understand that the car companies may have brought some of this on themselves with now just bringing hybrids and fuel efficient cars to production or not even to production yet. Maybe they were behind and out of the loop to some extent. Do we punish the workers that built what they are told? The companies are finally making the strides that they need to get in the now.

How can people say the bad economy and gas at $4.00 something a gallon for so long not have had an effect? People stopped buying trucks and SUV's for that reason alone. People stop buying cars just to have money for gas. No one felt safe buying a car. You can't just blame it on them alone.

I could rant and rave about this all night unfortunately I am sure.

Alot of people say "Let them fail". Ultimately, most are saying let millions fail.

I just read on yahoo the following by JULIE HIRSCHFELD DAVIS, Associated Press Writer, and I quote:

" U.S. auto companies employ nearly a quarter-million workers, and more than 730,000 other people have jobs producing the materials and parts that go into cars. About 1 million on top of that work in dealerships nationwide. If just one of the auto giants were to go belly up, some estimates put U.S. job losses next year as high as 2.5 million."

These are the people I am talking about and how many lives will be changed if we don't get help.

How will it directly impact me and my family? As I have said, my husband has worked for them for almost 13 yrs. He has lived in a state without family for those 13 yrs and I have shared almost 8 with him here, so he could work for GM and try to provide us with a decent life.

If he looses his job, we will have to move to another state because the job market here in Michigan will not survive if the big three fails.

So we move to Kentucky to be near my family for help until we get on our feet and my husband finds another job. I've always wanted to move there, so why would I care?

Because if we have to leave the state, we will have to leave my 15 yr old stepson behind to stay with his mother, whom I won't even get started on now, so he can finish out school here where he has grown up all of his life. We would have to be 500 miles away from him for at least half of the year. Me, My husband, and my two girls would be lost without him. Even if we lost the house, retirement, health care, and anything else, it wouldn't compare to how it would be to have to leave him.

So do I favor and pray for help for the big three? You bet I do. Don't bail them out...it's a 3.7% loan out of the $700 billion you have approved. Add your strings, do your restructuring if you must, but don't bankrupt them, and don't let them fail.

*Thanks to all that have read and have listened to me rant..I think it has helped a little in some way.*

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    Did you ever think that if your husband did get laid off you could pursue a career you wanted and he could be the stay home dad.?
    All things are possible..
    It's better then having to move.
    several years ago I had to work 2 jobs and so did my wife until things got better, we just to to adjust our schedules because of the kids.
    4496 days ago
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