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Second Month on Sparks

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Today is two months with Sparks and I'm still here and still going strong. Yay me! What has changed since I've started? Where to start. I feel so different...so much better in so many ways. When I started, my lower back hurt so bad ALL the time I could barely sleep through the night. My right knee was hurting so bad I couldn't even get on the floor with my son to play. Both are gone. I sleep through the night now without pain which is sooooooooo wonderful. I can get up and down without my knee buckling. I don't wake up to awful acid reflux at night any more. I feel better in every way. I can exercise a lot longer than I could when I started AND I kinda look forward to it now. Weird huh?! :) I've lost a lot of weight too which is so great. I'm proud of me and that I'm sticking to something thats for ME. Can't wait to see what the next month will bring!

Sept 18, 2008 313 lbs
Oct 18, 2008 292.6 lbs (-20.4 lbs!)
Nov 18, 2008 277.8 lbs (-14.8 lbs!)
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