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Thursday, November 13, 2008


Be aware re the video that at about 1:33 Sting drops the f-bomb plus there's some odd/questionable imagery, particularly towards the end (it is, after all, Frank Zappa), so do be discreet and I'd recommend listing with headphones on if at work.

Okay, disclaimer is out of the way.

It's not murder by numbers, it's health by numbers.

Read 'em and weep.

We had health screenings at work today.

* Blood pressure: 125/72. Ideal is less than 120/80 but the # they seem to care more about is the second one, which is fabulous.
* Glucose (and I wasn't fasting!): 91. Ideal is below 110 so this is off the charts fabulous.
* Total cholesterol: 156. Ideal is under 200. I was 199 last year.
* HDL (good) cholesterol: 40. Ideal is over 40 so it could be slightly better but is still good.
* TC/HDL ratio: 3.9. Ideal is less than 4.5
* BMI: 39.4. Ideal is 18.5-24.9 so there's still a ways to go, but extreme obesity is 40 and up so I am now classified as obese for the first time in probably 10 years.
* Body fat percentage: 43.9. Ideal for females 40-59 years of age is 18-30%. Still a ways to go but improving. The nurse suggested interval training. She was REALLY impressed with my cholesterol #s.

Plus I got a flu shot.


I will go to my doctor in January. Man, she's gonna flip.

Hey, this stuff works.

WHO KNEW?!?!?!?!

Okay, you got me. We ALL knew. Deep down, we knew. But we put it off. Or we rationalized it. Or we wished it away and swept it under the rug.

Well I am here to tell you that once you confront that rug and turn it over, and stop putting it off, some truly amazing things can happen.

And the truly amazing thing is that this is in ALL of us. You, me and the postman. The annoying woman at work and the lunch lady and your government representative. Your father and your cousin and your niece and your landlady and a poet laureate and an accountant. A truck driver and a kindergarten teacher. A food service worker and a CEO.

It's as easy to learn as your A, B, C, D, E
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Congrats on your improved health stats.I have been avoiding my primary care doctor like the plague because although he is knowledgeable,patient,and informative he is chronically late.I don't mean 15 minutes here or half an hour there .He is usually 1 1/2 hours late .The last time I visited his office he was 3 Hours late and all of his morning appointments were waiting for him.So, instead of leaving his office by at least 4pm I didn't leave until 7pm.He shares office space with another physician who does not allow eating nor drinking in the waiting room.I was admonished for trying to eat an Altoid and take a sip of water.The cherry on top is his medical assistant who is rude ,indifferent and has n't any people skills .
    Sorry about the rant .Having said all of the above I realize I should not allow any of those circumstances stand in the way of being healthier and I need to have the numbers to know where I stand .
    4389 days ago
    Y'know, I had had a big cholesterol drop the year before (240 to 199) so I thought I was done with those. That one I got by eating out a lot less and doing some substitutions like cholesterol-lowering margarine and drinking skim instead of 1% milk. It didn't translate into weight loss but the numbers improved. Hence I figured, okay, I'd had the big health bounce and that would be it. I did not expect a second bounce.

    4392 days ago
    Thanks for the concrete reasons to keep it up.

    4393 days ago
  • KARBIE18
    Yay! That's great news. I'm so glad your hard work has paid off. Being healthy is really what it's all about. Keep it up!

    4393 days ago
  • SUMITH2008
    Your doing fabulous! I bet, after losing 100 lbs your body is thanking you dearly. I've lost 25 lbs over the past 4 months, and it was hell! So easy to add lbs but so hard to get rid of it. So i can imagine, how hard you worked but what a awesome reward. Sometimes I wonder, why in the world do we neglect our bodies to the point it causes us harm. Glad, we changed our mindset eh :)
    4393 days ago
    Momentous momentum!!! I love it.

    You're right, it's easy to spiral into a cycle of thinking you can't possibly do it.

    Welllll, it ain't easy. It's not a switch you flip or anything truly brainless like that (you should see the negotiations I'm going through in order to get a Thanksgiving dinner that I won't feel too awful about the next day). But it's not impossible.

    Getting out of the defeatist mindset is, I think, really, really key.
    4393 days ago
    WHO KNEW? The truth of it ... WE ... well *I* in any case... thought it was MUCH harder to just make a DENT in it - so much so that the whole NASTY PROBLEM sort of overwhelmed and depressed me on a daily basis into perpetuating the bad habits and inactivity, numbing my feelings with "comfort" food and a perpetual negative feedback loop took over from there.

    I'm so impressed by your numbers! YOU'RE HEALTHY! You ROCK, my friend!
    I'm so happy for positive feedback loops! I feel them working! I LOVE going to the doctor these days!
    4393 days ago
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