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Sick Baby- diet go bye bye

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My daughter is 7 and a half months old. The past week has been fun. . . NOT.

She has never been sick and all the sudden this past week is filled with three trips to the hospital (maybe a little much but Im new and panicky). An as yet unresolved high tempurature and a leaky ear and as of an hour ago ANOTHER leaking ear.

First she has a well baby and gets a slammer in the shots department. 4 that day. That night she gets a high temp. 102.5. I figure its not over 103 so I wont worry. The next day I work overtime and when I pick her up from my grandparents it is 103.3 I figure it isnt too high over we'll just get her some medicine. Dont want to go to the hospital. So with constant medicine it is easier for her to deal with. Sunday, she is iffy when the medicine wears off but when she is roaming in a diaper she has her normal moments. Monday I try taking her to daycare. They say a temp over 101 and she has to go home (bad news for me since I thought her staying under 102 was good - for her being sick that is.

I am at work 30 minutes when my phone buzzes. When I get a sec to check my voicemail. Her temp is 104.5 under one arm and 105 with a different termometer. At 8 we are already on the way to the emergency room. In the car we strip her down and roll down the window a bit. I am freezing but her temp is coming down a bit. When we make it in it is 103.4. THe doctors want pee and blood. She wasnt eating much so no urine but they take blood and all they can tell us it isnt the immunilizations like we had thought but that she was fighting an infection of some sort but without urine they cant be sure. They checked her ears they said it didnt seem to be them.

The next day I stay home with her cause she seemed truamatized by the hospital visit. She seems to be a little better. Not much but many enough for me to try work again. Wednesday I make it through work and when I go pick her up form daycare they tell me her fever was 101.6 when they checked it 30 minuted earlier.
now she has to stay home another 24 hours before returning. ARGH!!!!!

PLUS when I pick her up I noticed she has something in her ear. Looked like mucus (thought maybe she got banana in there? A long shot but I was hoping). I call a different hopsital since I didnt want the ones in town and was able to get a same day appointment. They take a little blood, a culture from her ear, and prescribe me some ear drops and a antibotic to fight the infection. I get her home put her to bed after the medicine and the next day I stay home. Now it is the end of the day and I am thinking that maybe I can try returning to work maybe I can work TWO days this week. When I get up to put her in her crib I notice something on her shoulder- did she get a boog on her shoulder? when I sit her up THE OTHER EAR IS FULLED WITH PUS!!!!!

Never sick before. Starts daycare and suddenly she is sick with everything. If she gets antrax I am throwing in the towel on future children. Top it all off that constant nursing her is left me exhausted and now I am sick with sore throat congestion headache and wouldnt you know it- MY EARS ARE SORE!

Ask me how my diet is going in the mess of this? My daughter is sick and sad and not herself that it breaks my hurt. When that medicine wears off too fast and she has to wait before I can giver her more she just cries in my shoulder and she only wants mommy. Daddy wont do. I cant use the bathroom without crying. She'll sleep for two hours naps three times a day if I let her but only if I hold her. The minute she lays down she wakes up (night time is the only exception). Then again she wakes so often at night that I may as well not sleep.

Time to cook is a joke. I've ate out twice this week and when my boyfriend's at work a bowl of cereal and whatever I can get using one hand is all I get to eat. which means a muffin, granola bar, slice of bread and other lame meal options. I have no idea how many calories I consumed but I think it has been a really bad week for the first week of my diet. Tonight I just had a turkey sanwich on a bagel. Likely the healthiest thing I've had to day.

How do you eat healthy on a diet when you have a sick infant? Someone must know how to do it. The best plan I can think of is make everything at 8:30 when she is in bed for the night so all I have to do is grab it really quick. Doesnt solve how to eat it al with one hand and far enough away that my daughter cant stick her hand in for a handful. But it would give me a better option then a piece of lemon bar which really isnt so fun in the morning for breakfast.
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