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Quotes, Tips and Motivation and Advice

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Quotes, Tips and Motivation and Advice
The more muscles you incorporate into your workout the more calories you burn.

The best type of cardiovascular exercise is that type you will do most often like, walking jogginin, running, sweimming and water aerobics, bike riding, jump rope, stair climbing, elliptical, and other cardio machines cardio on a ball also.

Feel your navel pull in your abs contract and keep a neutical spine.

Give your shoulders the break they and you deserve.

Work your belly, thighs and shoulders all at once.

When you work with the ball a few simple movements can get you great results.

Zip up your abs anytime anywhere.

Nothing works your tummy like being on the ball.

Get fit, because you ware worth it.

Start moving your body and your mind and motivations will follow.

Feeling good about yourself involves more than a fit body commit yourself to constant self-improvement by challenging your mind as well as your body and savor the feeling of self-accomplishment!

The joy lies in the journey not in the destination. Enjoy each and every day. It's god's gift to us.

Respect and cherish your body. You've been given only one. Taking care of it is the key to a long happy life.

Laugh hard as often as possible It's the best natural medicince for the mind, and it firms your tummy!

We all need to feel appreciated. Tell someone you love how much you treasure him or her. A smile a compliment, one kind sentence those little things can make a person's day.

What we are is god's gift to us. What we become is our gift to god.

Prevention is the best medicince. Never take your health for granted.

Oxygen creates energy. Breathe deeply and nourish your body with this important life force one of the best ways to get more oxygen flowing is by exercising. Exercise equals energy!

Widoms #1

Some people try to speed up their results by exercising their trouble spots every day. For example they do a leg workout everyday or an abs workout every day. Rather than speed results however this might be a recipe for injury. Your muscles need a day to recover from, resistance exercise. If you work the same muscle group every single day it never gets a chance to recover and grow stronger. Worse you feel sore and tired all at the same time which depletes your motivational reserves.

Widoms #2

Don't forget to celebrate your successes. Too often we only notice when we slip up. We spend the day thinking "What's wrong with me that i slept in? or "I didn't work hard enough on my workout.You find more motivation however if you focus on each and every success. Congratulate yourself for getting up earlier to fit in your workout. Be proud of your ability to perform a new workout. Be constantly on the lookout for these little successes. They will serve as the kindling that fuels your desire to stay on track.

The Science of Exercise:

There no question that there's a link lack of exercise contributes to weight gain. Why? Because exercise burns calories and when more calories go into your body then are spent through activity. Your weight goes up. While exercise is an important part of reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. Beliving that exercise alone is the key to weight loss is a setup for disappointment.

The Real Role to Exercise

Burning enough calories to lose weight through exercise alone would require a lot of exercise. You have to burn about 5 1/2 calories (though physical activity) per pound of your body weight a day just to maintain your current weight. To lose 1 pound of fat in a week you have to burn an additional 3,500 calories a week (that's 500 extra calories a day) so in order fo a 170 pound woman to lose 2 pounds per week without making any dietary changes, she would need to continue doing everything she is currently doing plus walk an additional 10 miles a day. That's why experts have concluded that while exercise is extremely important to your overall health, it won't lead to significant weight loss on its own.

Does that man that exercise is a waste of time? Absolutely NOT. Walking 30 mins a day at a moderate pace can burn aobut 200 caloires. While that amount of activity wont cause a dramatic drop in your weight those few hungread caloires burned compensate for adding a bit more food to your eating plan. Ever better, the benefits of exercise go far byond weight loss. they protect you against heart disease and stoke and reduce stress.

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