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Thank you my Spark Friends

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wed. June 4... Pain scale about a 6 on the pain-o-meter.
About a month ago, I started having some serious issues with my health. There were days when I could barely walk. I was eating pain killers like candy.(exaggerated but you get the picture) i had medication changes. Some added, some taken away some increased doses and some decreased. my self esteem and energy were going down the tubes. I tried to get on the computer and post but just couldn't find the energy or the desire to do so. After not going to the computer for about a week I was seriously considering quitting Sparks. Not because I was unhappy with Sparks, I was just tired, didn't feel like I was making any progress or really doing anybody any good.
Well, I logged on, preparing to put out a post of my decision to leave for a while and I had about 200 messages. I started going through the messages and to my surprise I had Sparkmails, comments on my page, Spark Goodies, A Saying things like, just checking up on you to see if everything is o.k.... miss seeing your post. Hope everything is o.k... sending you prayers... Rick.. where are you?? it sent chills over me and kind of made my eyes well up. WOW, I thought. These people really care! I've been with Sparks a while now, about two years. I've reached my TOPS goal but I'd still like to lose more for my own personal goal. In all this time, I have encouraged people, people have encouraged me and we have conversations, but for me i always felt, this is what you do here. you help people, but you know, It really goes deeper than that. You develop some true friendships here. You may not ever meet them in person but that doesn't matter. When they post, send you a message or a goodie, Their intent is sincere. and from the heart. I have never felt better about Spark People than I do now. And I want to thank everyone who contacted me, posted inquiries about me and everyone in general for your support, encouragement and most of all for your caring. i will get around to answering each mail and post I received, so if you haven't heard from me yet, hang in there it's coming.
Thank you everyone

God Bless

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  • no profile photo QUIRKYLADY
    I just joined Sparks today and was on the Gardening and DIY area and was looking at a post of yours and noticed you had SLE and that there is a group for it. I was so surprised and happy to find this as I too have SLE and have never met anyone else who does. I can not tell you how blessed i feel to have found this group. I am crying as I write this. I know and understand your struggle and your fatigue. I was finally Dx. with it after a year of going to many Dr's and not knowing what was wrong with me and that was 17 years ago. They and all the books I read told me I would live maybe 5-10 years. I was very ill with arthritis, asthma, chemical sensitivities and chronic fatigue for 2-3 years. I was on Aleve and steroid pills for a while. I went to a few SLE support groups at the hospital in my area. It scared me what I was seeing in those meetings as all the people were on steroids and chemo and the medications were causing them as much problems as the illness it seemed to me. So I headed to the library and did a lot of research and decided I would not go the traditional route. I gradually weaned myself off the Aleve and used only natural and alternative type treatments. I gradually got better but the fatigue gas never completely gone away. Then this month I developed a rash on my lower legs in what the Bx. says is Vasculitis along with some asthma and increased fatigue. I had kind of almost forgot I had this illness and now it has reared its ugly head again. Both incidences of the Lupus flare ups in my life have been right after a probable viral or bacterial exposure as both started with Bronchitis-the first bad and quick but this time mild. Both times what seemed to help me the most was large doses of Vitamin C believe it or not. I do think people like us with SLE need to look at alternative treatments and research. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your group and posts and it means a lot to have found you and I am sure others who have this illness will feel the same way so don't give us up! emoticon
    4753 days ago
    I'm glad you have a better idea of how many people are keeping tabs on you and your progress. Of course, we care, as you inspire us. We know how difficult your struggle has been and continues to be so when we see you succeed it gives all of us hope. Plus you're just a nice guy!

    I hope they figure out your meds and the pain gets better. Take care of yourself but don't quit SparkPeople - we need you!
    4759 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1990669
    Hey Rick!

    So glad you decided to stay. The Universe was lining up to tell you that we need you as much as you count on us!

    Get out there, give a horse a big old hug, settle in and relax and take care of yourself.

    We are thinking of you and miss you when you don't post. But don't make it a stresser either.

    4760 days ago
    Dang, I'm sorry you are in such pain. Keep working with the dr till you get the right medications.

    I have to admit I missed you on the Sheltie team but just assumed you were busy.

    Glad to see you back and about. Take care!!

    4760 days ago
    Sorry about the pain Rick, just remember you do have a very good support base ready for you, keep us in tune. My prayers are with you. Skeeter
    4760 days ago
    emoticon Sorry I missed your first blog on this topic... But glad to
    hear you made the right decision, we are all here for each other that is
    the beautiful part of it, we are not just words on a blog, we are another person with the same struggles with food. So just know we want you
    to know we are so sorry for your pain *& pray that daily God will help your health to improve & that you won't be feeling like quitting again!!
    4761 days ago
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