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Day 1 of 18, off to a rough start

Monday, April 21, 2008

So, long story short, we got surprised with crunch starting today on Friday. We're working 12 hour days (including an hour lunch so it's not AS bad as I thought) and 5 hours on Saturday (so 60 hours total). My plan is:

-3x30 min workouts during the week (at work, running on the treadmill or eliptical)
-2x60 min workouts Saturday and Sunday (Maya arms and core and DDR)
-Other strength training when I can work it in (at my desk, while watching TV, etc)
-Eat lunch as normal, order the healthiest option at dinner (since it looks like we will be picking a restaurant and each getting to choose our own meals, yay)
-Calorie goal: 1600 per day, average through the week, not above 1800 average through the week.

What I attempt to get out of this is keeping a routine through crunch, while realizing that I have to take it a bit easier on myself with all the extra hours. I also have a goal of losing 1 lb per week during the next 3 weeks. (So on May 10, I would like to weigh 186 or less)

I decided I am also going to step it up and journal each workday to keep a consistent check of my progress, mood, and catch any emotional reponses to food or skipping workouts. I fully expect that I might have such a rough day I have to just go home and skip the gym, or I'll need a few more (good) calories to keep my body and brain fueled. What I want to avoid is getting into a tiff with my boss sending me into a pizza eating blob on the couch later at night.

So here is to the first day of my new, revised reports. I'm going to go Monday - Sunday and report Saturdays and Sundays together and do a weekly tally there.

Crunch Report! Day 1 of 18
Calories Out: (1648+380) = 2028
Calories In: 1557 (-471)
Sleep: 6.5 hours
Fruits/Veggies: 6
Stress Level: 4
Emotions/Mood: Morning was stressful (director was getting on me and getting my dander up), but things have settled this afternoon. It is only day 1 though! No emotional eating thoughts yet.
Crunch Food Ordered: Turkey Meatloaf and salad with lite italian (throwing away texas toast and trying to leave at least a little on my plate), Fresh Choice for lunch.
Exercise Done: 1 3/4 miles on treadmill, 13 mins on eliptical, arms
Weight: 189.0
Weekly Deficit So Far: 471

I debated on whether to include the report of the day a day lagged (so I could do it all at once) but I think I'm going to keep each day on the day, so I can update it with my progress and thoughts and such. So here is the first day (and it will be complete tomorrow)

In other news last week...
-Ate somewhat sanely even with my parents being there. It's not that they eat so badly, they just eat differently. They eat a lot at one time, and eat fattier meat type meals (bbq, steaks, mexican, etc). I generally eat lighter, lowfat and carby stuff throughout the day (I eat, I burn, I eat more, I burn more, etc). We also ate dinners very EARLY, which messed me up (I get hungry at night thenI didn't do too badly, but I'll be happy to be back onto my normal eating.
-Maintained around 189 (not below 188, not above 189) since last Wed. This makes me happy. I'm hoping to see something in the 187s by Thursday, but a consistent almost week is almost as good.
-Went shopping yesterday and got more new clothes, I am varied on shirts from Medium to XL, but pants seem to be a consistent 12-14 and skirts are large. I also got some new running shoes (YAY), casual, less tacky walking shoes (to walk to lunch or dinner or out with), and 7 lb weights.
-I spent some workout time on the heart rate monitor (mom's) and may not be burning as many calories as I think. HOWEVER, since what I'm doing is working, I'm going to just keep it up and not be neurotic. I think what I'm not burning is more than made up for by the fact I do not multiply my BMR by 1.2 (which is what you're supposed to do for your calorie input needed while sedentary).
-I didn't get a run in, but I'll be doing the treadmill this week and see how it compares. I'd love to push to 1 1/2 miles today but I can also work up to it over the week.

Alrighty, enough chit chat, I'm off to get some stuff done and stay *peppy and energetic* enough to get my sweat on after work.
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  • JLOBO1978
    That is a crazy week. Wow. You'll pull through it though.
    4698 days ago
    wow!! insane week chicka!! I'm pulling for you!
    4699 days ago
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