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Little Fish in a Big Pond

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lots of random thoughts today....

Work has been busy this week (notice the absence of bloggery) but today sorta mellowed out. I just spent some time playing around with my little fishie on the tracker thingee (at the bottom of your sig, the progress bar). It didn't look right at 185 because, well, my shortest term goal is 190, but when I get close I like to move the carrot further so I don't get any ideas about resting on my laurels, so I want it out at least 2-3 lbs beyond what I weight currently. It's a very mental thing I guess. So I tried putting in 150 (since that's my long term goal for this year), and it made my poor little fishie so very far away from finishing his swim. So that wasn't to be. My fishie is definitely not ready for that big of a pond yet I guess. I decided on 183 because that's about what my Spring Biggest Loser Challenge goal is. So here is to getting to the low 180s in the next 8 weeks! The idea of seeing 180-anything is exciting to me but I guess it should be coming up here shortly as long as I'm mindful of what goes into my mouth as usual and shake my bootie vigorously like normal.

It's easy to remember when I'm doing well (like now - my big bounce back up today is 192.8, wow, so horrid...*sarcasm*) but so easy to forget when I have a rough week or start seeing the same weight range bouncing around over and over....but I'm actually very good at this. I think there was one weekly weigh in I posted a gain for all of 8 hours - I reweighed after my workout and I actually lost. I've only maintained twice that I can remember, I'm always at least a few ounces down from the last week. The month view really helps. Sure, this week I saw a 194 early on (so I'm 191-194), but a month ago, I was still struggling to stay under 200 (so I was 196-200). It's so easy to focus on the biggest number and compare it to the littlest one last month and go, crap, I've only lost 2 lbs, I suck! In reality, I'm about 6 lbs down which is fine with me! What I mean to say is... I've developed some good habits I think I can probably live with for the rest of my life (maybe a few more calories and less rigidity on workouts having to be X amount of calories X days per week). I'm not just going to lose my mojo unless I chose to. That's such a great feeling. I guess the last 75 lbs isn't a fluke, who knew!

I think my body is liking the "being a calorie burner" every day thing, so I'm switching up my workout days. I'm taking one weekday off and one weekend day (generally Sunday). Fridays and Saturdays are much easier to justify a few more calories if I am also moving my butt those days. I'd rather have the days I eat 1300ish calories to be non-exercise than the 2000 ones. I am dreading running today, and I don't know why. I feel a little blah today but I always feel *better* after exercising. I guess I just haven't grasped that I really and trully can run over a mile without dying and I'm just not in the mood to push myself today. I guess I will have to push myself to push myself, hehe. It's either run 1 1/2 miles or try to work on running the 1 1/4 a little faster. I'll see how I feel once I hit the track.

I finally went through all my clothes besides my coats (I'll do coats when it's closer to coat time and not super hot). Before, I was thrilled to outgrow my clothes but since I'm coming up on the 3/4 century mark, I really have lost a significant amount of sizes and I can't quite hold up the XL and XXL skirts anymore, even with elastic waists. So to charity they go. I guess I'm more of a jeans/pants person lately anyway, long skirts just do nothing to highlight my awesomely toned legs (and I'm not nearly ladylike enough to do short skirts most of the time).

I did get to go shopping this weekend and came back with a decent haul. I also stumbled into bizarro world where medium shirts fit (I guess the reason XL shirts were too long is because they were also too big?), I bought a pair of flats (but sort of regret it - they're not nearly as comfortable as my chunky heels, amazingly enough, but they are adorable), I got a pair of short shorts that look HOT, I bought a DRESS, and the only pants I ended up with were size 12 (though they probably have a few lbs before I'd feel comfortable pairing them with a tight shirt). I bought size large workout clothes, and after taking back what I just didn't like after trying on again, I should have enough to get new shoes and not be over budget. Yay! I still need to schedule us a massage for hitting under 200, and I could really use it! I am so darn lazy, except for clothes shopping I guess.

My parents are here SATURDAY, not today (which actually works out really well with more time to clean and Friday night to hang out with friends) so that should be fun and interesting. They are going to be house hunting here and possibly moving out. I would actually look forward to this, since they're not looking to move into our neighborhood area (so we wouldn't get dropped in on) we'd see them maybe once a week for dinnerand games - instead of not at all for months and then 24/7 for a week or more. Small doses is good, we get on each others nerves with prolonged exposure in tight spaces ;).

I am really starting to think more heavily about serious weight training. I'd at least like to know what I can lift, bench, squat, crunch, etc. I have been really resistant to joining a gym, but I think in the future it will be unavoidable. I'm going to outgrow dance dance eventually, and I'm seeing (not touching, but seeing) the glass ceiling on yourself!fitness. Running is good, but I am definitely not in good enough shape to make it my only workout, I have the endurance, just not the right muscles yet. It sort of wrecks me in the shins and ankles. If I joined a gym I could go back to elipsing and swimming, but maybe it's time to try something new - what if I did something different every day and really confuse my body. I could put everything in a hat and draw it out and find out if I run, dance dance, maya, elipse, swim, or do something new. But then after a while would my body get used to such chaos? Would I never be able to switch it up because I've switched all the switching I can switch? Or would it take me doing the same thing all week to be different.

Hehe...ok. Rambled long enough. Off to find something to occupy the rest of my workday! Enjoy your day!
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  • SUNNIE_63
    As leader I am tempted to sort through all this and pick out your strong points and give you a woohoo, and thne try to say something encouraging for the weaker points.

    But honestly Quix I admire the level of "having things figured out" that you have acheived, and I find myself coming to your blog just for hope. The hope that I too will one day figure my body and it's needs out well enough to acheive success too!!!

    Take care and enjoy your parents, have a great weekend!!

    4708 days ago
    I'm glad you are sorting out the clothes, you'll look better in clothes that fit and that will be even more motivation. Good luck with the parents!
    4710 days ago
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