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See this image largerSee this image largerWeighed myself this morning but I dont know how to read my scale any help?See this image largerTonights dinner. 3 Talapia fillets salsa and 6 chips around 460 caloriesSee this image largerHey sometimes motivation can come from a new pair of kicks! Have a great weekend all God Bless.See this image largerDessert!See this image largerBeen waiting for watermelon since last year!See this image largerI dont have a before picture but I have an as of this morning pic. At 190.See this image larger1@ 1/2 cup of liquid eggwhites 6 chips hint of lime chips 380 caloriesSee this image largerFirst nice day of the year!! First outside walk of the year for us. Felt really good! Keep it up everyone!See this image largerThis the snake river canyonSee this image largerWalked the canyon rim trail Monday got some pics. To share...See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerWalked canyon rim trail Monday... Have a great day!See this image largerSee this image largerGrilled chicken breast 4oz. Asian stir fry steamable veggies = 155 caloriesSee this image largerSlow cooked pinto beans! Only 234 calories per cup and 800 m.g. of potassium!See this image largerGood Sunday morning to everyone!See this image largerI feel I'm not making fast enough progress so after 30 min. On the stationary bike I thought I'd incorporate 2 mile walk, goal is to make it a 2 mile run before end of summer. We shall see.. Lol.See this image largerThis is a better pictureSee this image largerThe walk back... Walking as I post this you can see its getting darker outside.See this image largerAfter late workout snack!!See this image largerLunchSee this image largerIts 80 degrees inside our house. I need to buy plexi glass to put up the wall units so in the meantime its making workouts something of a struggle I'm using ice packs to be able to finish.See this image largerBig thanks to all who commented during this workout new friends to boot love u all good night. Stay 💪See this image largerPerfect time for a walk finally cooling down outsideSee this image largerHere is another shot 1 mile in..See this image largerI have lost five pounds! These have been a hard fought 5 lbs. But I will take em weighed at the doctors office where last time I was 201 today I weighed 196. Their scale is the one I worry about so on mine I weigh less but theirs is the one that count so I will take it. Thanks 4 support.See this image largerHad headache checked sugar was down to 60. So first instinct was to have artificial sugar. Then thought don't wanna go backwards. One thing I appreciate about everyone here is all their hard work even in their meal prep.See this image largerChicken mole 397 calories a little high but the chicken has been cooked with no skin and boiled with long grain brown riceSee this image largerGood cool morning to mow lawn get a little pre-workout.See this image largerBeen helping my brother in law move all day. Now were about to enjoy dinner!See this image largerHave a great weekend friends!See this image largerStarting the morning workout after a light liquid eggwhite breakfast. Could use some coffee!See this image largerSmall chicken salad. With grapes around150-200 caloriesSee this image largerIts hot today but we are taking turns on the stationarySee this image largerAway from home for 3 days and I can just feel myself going backwards! I don't have my stationary bike so we went for a 25 minute walk but eating on the road is "No Bueno"See this image largerSo glad to be home. Today I officially started exercising again seems like I took a whole week off and I'm sure I'm gonna pay the price but here we go again.See this image largerThought about going to get my usual mcdonalds breakfast but today I thought let me see what I can cook for myself vs. Mcdonalds 370 calorie eggwhite delight meal. So I fried some zucchini squash from my stepdads's garden and some liquid eggwhites some garlic salt fresh salsa and some parm. Cheese on top and its only 197 calories !! Saved 100 calories for later on.See this image largerMy wife and I took the weekend to spend some quality time together and we went to a Roaring Springs water park. Did a lot of walking and climbing. We went on these rides!See this image largerDid only 30 minutes but this machine kept going up and up at an incline so I know I'm gonna feel this one for a whileSee this image largerThis was yesterday at the Roaring Springs water park we needed a break from everyday life and it felt great. Have a great weekend everyone!See this image largerDown for the count!. I did not have a good day today. I got bit by a dog out on my route. I spared you guys the before pictures. Too graphic for social media. But Dr.'s order do nothing elevate leg. Compress, ice, antibiotics, tetanus shot and pain killers!! I was on a good workout groove too!See this image larger1 cup cottage cheese, 1 small peach, 7 grapes, 4 cherries= about 230 calories. Good clean snack!See this image largerSee this image largerTouchdown Cowboys!..See this image larger6 a.m. decided to go for an early morning workout. Instead of coffee!. We'll see what happens:-)See this image largerGot my sleep apnea machine Tuesday this week its been helping me get some better sleep I felt so good after the first night. I hope it helps more as time goes by. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

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