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See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerI have to look in the mirror for my biggest challenge.See this image largerI love this idea. Why not just have a section of the train for yourself. Why wait for a party? We CAN do this...See this image largerWell, think it is going pretty well. Watching what I eat, drinking my water and doing some upper excercises. Wish could do more but will come. Y'all hang in there and leave those powdered donuts alone, lol. We CAN do this...See this image larger5/6/2018See this image larger5/7/2018 Don't think this works, so gonna trudge on doing it the smart way. Still trying, still learning. 💕❤💕See this image largerSee this image larger5/11/2018 I CAN and I WILL do this. Its an everyday struggle but I am worth it.See this image larger5/122018 Feel like that sometimes, water does wonders for feeling up that spot. Have a beautiful, blessed day.See this image larger5/12/2018 So I choose not to worry, to be diligent in what I do, proceed and succeed. Scale keeps going down, but I choose to count more on fit of my clothes. Fantastic afternoon and evening to y'all.See this image largerStill going down and that what counts. Have a beautiful day ! 💕❤💕See this image larger5/19/2018 Decided to bite the bullet and show before picture. I lost 2.4 this week. Am proud of accomplishment but am striving for a lot more. We can and will do this. Have a blessed day. 💕❤💕See this image larger5/20/2018 Have a blessed day, y'all.See this image largerGonna be a great week. Have a blessed one.See this image larger5/27/2018 I choose to be a "unicorn".See this image larger5/28/2018 My weight loss still on track. Haven't exercised for past two days, new week, fresh start.See this image largerGonna be a good day, 83° and it is just 10:30. What can I say Roswell, later in year will probably already be 100 +, so no complaining. We will do this. Have a prosperous day. 💕❤💕See this image largerYep, gotta find that younger me that's hiding in there somewhere. So stretch, pull, tug...she will come out. Smile and do this.See this image largerPicture on right: Before starting Sparks. Left: 5 weeks later. Can see a little difference in face. ❤See this image larger#BeforeAndAfter Still working, mistakes made but forgive myself and go on.See this image largerJust a thought. 💕❤💕See this image largerHave been doing my exercises, watching what I eat. Staying positive and gonna do this. Have a great weekend. 💕❤💕See this image largerI made it... Hope y'all are sticking to your goals and feeling satisfied with outcome. We've gotta keep going, staying positive, smiling, and trusting in our Lord. We all have this.💕❤💕See this image largerFound out to soon to do Body Groove standing up. Will continue with a lot of the arm chair moves.. Just gotta move and get her done. 5 here 5 there all adds up. Stay positive, smile keep going 💕❤💕(1 comments)See this image largerStaying positive and proud of choices I am making. Yesterday was hard with a birthday party but I did it and stayed under calories. Proud camper. Y'all have a blessed Sunday, stay positive, smile and laugh. 💕❤💕See this image largerWe all have our goals. Lets just keep going and make sure we do our best. We can and will do this. 💕❤💕See this image largerWe all need encouragement at one time. Stay positive, keep going. Life is good, but gonna be better. Have a wonderful day. 💕❤💕See this image largerTrying to be good, lol.See this image largerStill moving and grooving, good things are coming and I am so ready. Ready to walk, no run, jump, dance and enjoy this thing called life. Have a beautiful, blessed day. 💕❤💕See this image largerPositive, smiling, hanging in there, gonna do this. One way or another. Have a great one 💕❤💕See this image largerKeep moving forward. Strive for a healthy, happy version of the new, beautiful person you are. Have a blessed day and tiptoe if you must, run if you can. 💕❤💕See this image largerDown 2 more lbs. Staying positive, smiling, trying to move as can. Love and hugs to all. Beautiful, blessed day. 💕❤💕See this image largerTrue, yes or no ?See this image largerGetting there, shows ups and downs, but that is fine. Gonna keep going. 48#'s to go to reach goal middle of Jan. WooHoo, I can do this..💕❤💕See this image largerWelcome Monday and a new week. We have this... Have a fantastic week. 💕❤💕See this image largerSee this image largerI, we, can do this. Hit a plateau, but gonna stay positive. This to will pass. Have a great weekend. Love and hugs. Y'all are doing fsntastic.See this image largerSee this image largerSpent morning in hospital for testing for blockage in leg that just had surgery. Praying there's not one for that would delay next Mondays surgery. Staying positive, love and hugs. Keep Sparking.💕See this image largerBeautiful, glorious day. Enjoy it. Don't forget to put on your smile. Love and hugs. 💕❤💕See this image largerShrimp, cocktail sauce, broccoli, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes and ranch. All for total of 271 calories. I am full. H2O to drink. Good...See this image largerSee this image largerA thought to remember. Thank you, Lucille Ball. 💕❤💕See this image largerGood morning. Here's to a bright, sunshiny Friday. Go out there and make it a good one. Smile, love and hugs.See this image largerGood morning. Here's to a bright, sunshiny Friday. Go out there and make it a good one. Smile, love and hugs.See this image largerSee this image largerDown 33.6 feeling great. Didn't make it to the 235 I wanted before surgery but so happy. Wonderful weekend to y'all.See this image largerHave a blessed Sunday. Love and hugs.See this image largerSee this image largerI will pick up and go again. 💕❤💕See this image largerSee this image largerOne day closer to recovery.See this image largerSee this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerYep, still have my winter body from years ago but am trying. Binging, start overs, all part of life. Determined to make it though. We've got this. 💕❤💕See this image largerStayed on track today. Got my water down and stayed under my calories. Hope y'all had a fantastic day.See this image largerOk, you can have it, didn't want it anyway. Been a fantastic Sparktacular day. Hopr your was. 💕❤💕See this image largerWe are perfect !!! Yes, even with our lil flaws. We are working on them and gonna get er done. We stand and support each other, that makes for a Sparktacular day. Beautiful Sunday y'all. Love and hugsSee this image largerPositive thinking and building youurself up....💕❤💕See this image larger#BeforeAndAfter First picture taken in April of this year. Second taken today at one of my grandsons birthday party.See this image larger(2 comments)See this image largerDifficult day today. Stressed !! Feel as though I ate way to much but still under calories. Tomorrow is a new day.See this image largerSparktacular day ahead for all of us. Make the most of it. Today and every day.See this image larger5.4 more lbs. gone. Almost in the teens, lol, 221.4. Getting there.See this image largerI know this is baby steps to a lot of you. This is big steps to me, everyday legs and body getting stronger. I am literally trying to outdo the day before. Even if by a lil bit, lol, everybit helps. Love and hugs.

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