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See this image largerwe have some work to doSee this image largerITS WHAT WE DO! about the icon-an online friend drew hubbi & I in ministry-we're aka Norm & Suge! See this image largerbut we're workin' at it!See this image largerwho's in chargeSee this image largerthe babies!See this image largerthe motley crewSee this image largerthe missing twoSee this image largerthe whole armour!See this image largergotta have tools!See this image largerat daughters engagementSee this image largercompany christmas party '07See this image largerfit enof to do diamond head and tell about it!(1 comments)See this image largerSore from 7000 steps yesterday and trip to farmers market. See this image largerJust got my Fitindex scale. Taking it up a notch. It's app'licable ;)See this image largerStepped up to the Fitbit Versa - I'm in a whole new ball game. Steppin' up. It syncs with everything. I can focus on the goal with much more ease.See this image largeris back from a long SparkPeople hiatus; hopefully with a vengeance; but only time and results will tell. I'm armed with a new fitbit and a renewed attitude to regain ground lost and leave it in dust!See this image largerI'm good for today. Guess I could have burned some more calories. But I feel great knocking off the last 1500 steps. I deserved what I ate. Know to knock down some H2O.See this image largerLove my #fitbit versa! Gets me through each day.See this image largerweek 7 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 90 minutes per week" earned 6/24/2018See this image largerday 21 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 6/25/2018See this image largerday 25 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 6/29/2018See this image largerweek 8 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 90 minutes per week" earned 6/29/2018See this image largerEnjoying Las Vegas Vegas and walking, while enjoying family, fun, and fireworks. Managing the eats!See this image largerweek 9 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 90 minutes per week" earned 7/9/2018See this image largera good weekSee this image largerdidn't have to use my AK ... See this image largerI'm keepin' at it ...See this image largerGetting some time in before it gets hotter. Grateful to be out of the 100s.See this image largerBetween a community walk and my youngest grandson's birthday, Na`named had a good day!See this image largera friend said they were optimistic this morning, I recalled just before I spinned ... :) something good even though earlier my car battery didn't turn over. I still made it to my vanpool and got to work. It's what you make of things ...See this image larger Look at my tan marks! You know how much you love your #fitbit when, running late to catch the vanpool, you forget it at home and lug your cell everywhere to track activity :'(. #commuterlife See this image largerThere were 4 left, originally 2 boxes. Me? I "walked on by"! Empowered!See this image largerForgot my #Fitbit on the charger this morning! OMG! Thank God for my phone and a pant's pocket! See this image largerKrazy KaratkatureSee this image largerRewarded for wellness at work. #FiTLab t-shirt. Earning points. #sonicboom. Wildly #motivatedSee this image largerI LOVE the Habit and their tri tip sandwich. They also have lots of good salads even supergreens. So today I went .. Me: does your tri tip come with any salads? Habit: sure. Which one? I was in heaven. No bun. No fries. and only 50 cent additional to the salad choice. Voila!See this image largerday 5 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 11/15/2018See this image largerIt has been a blessed Christmas. Not because of things received. But I have family His peace His joy His love and His Hope even for a better me maybe lighter another 20 some lbs. His promise is here!See this image larger#BeforeAndAfter somewhere in here I lost 23. Don't see it. But doesn't matter. I just want to see the next 23. Here's to 2019!See this image largerPicked up some groceries today. Yesterday I got some quick salads, spinach lettuce, bananas, cranberries, lentils, beans, and rice. #hearthealth #instantpotSee this image largerYay me. On the down slope again. Leaving those TWOs in the dust.See this image largera light dinner. salmon a la air fryer and roasted veggies. very tasty. See this image largerCOLD morning. Oatmeal and blueberries with my coffee.See this image largerpuppies! 7 little day brighteners along with mama. See this image largerrehoming puppies #puppylove See this image largerWater aerobics 1 hr check!See this image largerWork morning walk friend. #perksSee this image larger2 mile walk and 33 swim laps by 9 am. husband needed something from rite aid .5 miles away. another mile conquered before noon. See this image largerEver been to the True Food Kitchen Restaurant? It was a dining experience! Good clean healthy food. Went there for work lunch yesterday. When I later went to track what I ate - the items were in the database. My selection was somewhat high on sodium, but tasty. See this image largerA take on @JASMINE2019 's delicious breakfast. I'll call this brunch as it's late in the day now. Dining out for dinner with grandbaby and parents this evening. Don't want to bed starving. Eggs, spinach, onions (didn't have any cheese) and slicers of ham with a few drops of teriyaki green onion sauce along with some blueberries and mango. This is after 2.87 walk this morning I'll lieu of closed aqua aerobics. Hopefully I can stay on calorie target this evening.See this image largerThings to do while waiting for road service car battery charge ... #roughgetmovin'See this image largerBrunch; it was noon. .5 Italian sausage link, 2 eggs scrambled with cabbage and squash with dribble of green teriyaki sauce, and on the side kiwi and blueberries. It was delicious. 415 calories After aqua aerobics, errands, and cleaning the dog pen, well deserved.

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