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See this image largerFinding it difficult! See I used MyFitnessPal first then decided to join Spark! I am a five times brain survivor for a brain disease. Though I have lost 50 lbs I am finding it difficult to lose the remainder 20 lbs I want to lose! I am limited in my exercise activity because of my shunt so I can't do things like the popular HIT workouts or weights! So I walk and swim! I have come along way I know but still getting frustrated!See this image largerMy first blackberry cobbler made w sweet n low, this way less calories and if you were diabetic you could eat! I haven't tasted it yet waiting until after dinner but I hope its delicious! I know it looks good! 🍴See this image largerMy favorite place to exercise three days a week at a local walking trail! This things gives me such a workout! This morning I was just starting when this 5 year old comes up behind me "Mam, how long will you be? My mom gives me five minutes to use this before we continue walking the trail! Could I use it real fast?" I smiled and hopped off to let her use it and stretched some more! I was never good at saying no to little kids! Love this free way to exercise! Lol!See this image largerTerrible picture but I bought these shorts in May for my goal to wear to the beach this summer! I leave tomorrow morning and They fit! Yay! I still have fat but Hey I am pleased for reaching this goal! I shall wear these shorts walking on the beach proudly! I've come along way!See this image largerIts a terrible picture because I am hot and sweaty but woke up this morning to take my morning walk on the beach! I am determined not to gain during my vacation!See this image largerToday is my last day enjoying my vacation! I miss home! The sun is not really out but still a nice day! I think my body is ready to get back to home though!See this image largerI worried over vacation that I would gain but I not only did not gain but I lost 2 lbs! Woo Hoo! Heading out to run errands for the day and I felt like dressing nice!See this image largerA little humor on a bit of happiness in the end! I got on the scale three times to my scale saying the letter E? I was like what? Well with my sense of humor I was like WooHoo I am on empty weight! Lol! Nah! Yet I was annoyed I got the scale at Christmas so what could be wrong! Finally it shows 190! WooHoo! I will take it! Excuse the curved foot I always stand with that foot out a tad Idk why! Anyway I thought it was Funn-EEEEE!See this image largerI haven't stopped moving enough today to share but I lost another pound and a half while I was in the hospital and home recovering while sick recently! I continued w Spark but was slower! I'm so proud of Me!See this image largerSee this image largerI may have passed my goal while being sick but Hey it counts Right? I'm still proud of myself! Getting the hang of this new condition is difficult but today I reward myself because I reached my weight goal 180 and went 1 lbs less! I weigh less today than I did when I married my husband! Lol!See this image largerI didn't have a full view of my new dress I purchased a size 12 and proudly wore this royal blue dress to church this morning! I felt good because 1. I have not been out much since I got sick. 2. I wore a size 12! I was down to 176.8 this morning! Granted I have had to change my diet since the diagnosis but I was just happy I got out today and felt like going to church!See this image largerGot a wedding tonight! I worked on my level of pain and made myself up, put my new dress on and I am ready to walk out the door! Only my husband called he wouldn't make the wedding! No worries! I will take myself to this wedding!See this image largerI feel so loved! My husband brought home last week a 1998' convertible camaro! I have been sick this summer and suddenly he brings me this gift! Love my gift!See this image largerFound an old picture from my first time losing weight in 2012' I was almost at my goal! So I have made this my new goal picture! Lol!(1 comments)See this image largerWhen you are cleaning the house and you walk into the kitchen to find your dog sitting on the table! I believe he is saying "Um We need to clean this up too!"See this image largerPart of my workout today was pulling out my Halloween decoration for outside! I made a ghost out of a tomato stand and pumpkin head, it will light up with purple lights at night. I have a painted purple pumpkin and near my road I have a skeleton coming out of the ground made out of paper bags! Yes the skeleton is paper bags folks! Lol! Its the Walking Dead at my place! Ah-Hahahaha!See this image largerBecause I have so many health issues I have days I am slower and with less energy so I paint. This is my latest creations! I get my ideas from Pinterest or other sites then give them a twist. It helps me during my bad spells. Then I visit people sick or in need of a visit.See this image largerFor no real reason I just feel like this today! Lol!See this image largerThinking of changing my hair just a little! My hair is way past my shoulders now however with my face shape I can't decide on if this is to short for me. What do you guys think?See this image largerYesterday was my last meal seeing I begin preparing today for my 3 test in the morning. I was excited in my new Lee fit jeans to go out for and show off. I am so ready for answers!See this image largerThis week was my daughters last Shriners appointment ever! We began Shriners at age 2 for neurfrobromotosis, it caused tumors under her skin and other neurological problems. One of her feet is larger than the other because of it. She has had numerous surgeries! She was released being told there wa s nothing else they could do and the foot was doing great! I was teary eyed in this picture ofcourse! I'm so proud of my girl!See this image largerSo yesterday I decided to change my look! I turn 49 next month and I decided I was not wanting to look the number with my 35 lbs weight loss this year! I had been searching for weeks for just the right look with my face shape and my body! I am so in love with my new look! It is so easy to do and I feel so young turning 49 next month! Feeling young and flirty! Lolol!See this image largerSo I started making a Christmas tree out of a tomato planter today. I want to add gold or silver garland but can't decide which one to fill in the holes so asking for people to give me advice on which the think I should do gold or silver to go with the red bow?See this image largerI finished my tomato planter Christmas tree earlier. As you can tell from the first picture I started with green garland and a few lights. Today I added gold and silver garland. My bow is glued to the top so hopefully it won't blow away in December. I will display it on my porch after Thanksgiving.See this image largerDecorated my porch today. I made all the decorations myself from the Holly tree pallet, the tomato Christmas tree stand and hanging on my door is Santa hat with holly inside. I think I am done! Phew! Lololol!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerI am in love with these snack treats! Not only is it something my stomach can handle right now but I normally do not like rice cakes. Lol! Stopping at 7 is not easy when you love caramel! These things are so good!See this image largerI feel like someone needs this today! God bless!See this image largerGod bless!See this image largerI felt like pulling out my Christmas jewelry to go out tonight!See this image largerLol! For those that need a laugh this morning! Have a great weekend!See this image largerI made a Chr3 present for my soon to be adopted granddaughter. Since they have to be careful how the discipline I created a chair and put the bible verse I felt went well with the reason for the chairs circumstances. I plan to give it to her early! I am so in love with this little girl already!See this image largerGoodmorning! Lets get this morning started!See this image largerMy family left me this evening so I called up a friend and decided to go out to dinner with her! Teach them to all leave me at home alone! This lady will find a way to play without them! Ha!See this image largerGood morning! No one at home notices when mom makes a change or can wear something she hasn't worn in some time. I haven't worn this shirt in 2 years! I love this blouse! I felt like wearing red today! Have a good day!See this image largerLets get this week started!See this image largerMy first morning workout and I was riding my bike in the living room. My dog Tate wanted to catch a ride with me! This is not an easy workout! Lol!See this image largerI went from brown to blonde!See this image largerThe first Christmas dessert/treat finished and it hardly took anytime at all! All it is is a pretzel round, square it doesn't matter as long as it can hold a Hersheys kiss I used regular kisses because they are my granddaughter's favorite but you can try white or what you like. Then melt at 250Β° for 4 minutes.then while still warm add a Christmas colored M&M on top. These things are so good!See this image largerI was able to get an hour workout in this morning then started on my Christmas cookies. I made 3 batches and I am proud of myself I only ate one! I mean I had to taste my work! Lolol! Phew! I'm tired!See this image largerMost Sundays I sit in church alone because my whole family is at work or somewhere else. Today my smile is planted because everyone is going to be sitting right on the pew with their mother! That's a Great Christmas gift to this mother!😊See this image largerSo I have a sweet tooth no doubt and I am always looking for ways to settle that craving without ruining my success. I get okay fiber, it's delicious and honestly I can only eat a 1/4 of what it says is 120 calories so I don't get that much. Yummy!See this image largerThis is what I am thankful for this Christmas season, my husband, my 2 beautiful daughters and my precious future granddaughter (excluding Barbie and Ken) lol and my son in law who wouldn't sit still for his mother in law! Merry Christmas! God bless you!See this image largerShe's 49 today! Happy Birthday Me!See this image largerI just had to show my gift! My husband hands me money as he's walking out the door! I was thinking "He's lost his mind!?" And had anπŸ˜€πŸ˜•πŸ˜³πŸ˜± expression on my face. So I take off to decide how to spend my birthday money. See he worked today so I believe it was guilt. I pass a heart necklace that looked like the same necklace he first gave me when we we dating and that was it! Now we will see how long he notices the heart necklace! Tee Hee!See this image largerHave a great last week of 2018!See this image largerGood morning! I hope you have a great day!See this image largerπŸ˜¬πŸ˜€See this image largerGood morning! Happy New Year! Lets Start the new year right!See this image largerThat's the way I feel today! My mind has walked off! Lol! Good morning!See this image largerIt maybe a rest day, maybe a slow workout day, or maybe a Oops I cheated and had something I shouldn't it's just a moment! Every second we can make it work the best for us! Have a Great Saturday!See this image largerWe all may have days we struggle to reach our goals but in the end it will be worth it!See this image largerI worked in my yard yesterday for hours because the weather was so nice then my body hurt last night so this is to all those ladies and gentlemen this morning feeling the same thing I am feeling. We survived, Now let's move forward!❀See this image largerSo earlier today I wanted dinner to try a keto recipe but was in the mood for Enchiladas too. So I found this recipe on Pinterest combining both. Only I had no enchilada sauce so I found a recipe to create my own. Dinner is not for another hour but I walk in the kitchen and it was missing 2 enchiladas. They must be good! Only whose the culprit? 😝See this image largerLol! Have a wonderful weekend!See this image largerI have been busy all day and just had a chance to post but I bought myself a size medium dress though flowy material still a medium instead of XL! Woop Woop! Now that feels good!See this image largerWell I did injure my neck. I feel crazy wearing this thing around my neck but if it helps! I'll wear it with pizzazz!See this image largerI did injure my neck so I will be healing for awhile. Ugh!See this image largerI woke this morning to my kitty of twelve years taking her last breathe on my kitchen floor! I absolutely don't feel much like anything today but mourning the death of my box loving kitty!See this image largerSee this image largerIsn't this the truth! Lol!See this image largerI took my collar off long enough to get myself pampered a little with color and cut! I put the collar back on immediately though but I feel so pretty after the week I've had!See this image largerLol! Have a good week!See this image largerFor those that need encouragement today!See this image largerRemember this week "Yes we can!"See this image largerSee this image largerWent outside in my yard today! My daisies are starting to bloom!See this image largerI couldn't help but laugh! Lol!See this image larger😜See this image largerLol! Enjoy your Sunday!See this image largerFor the mornings you are just too exhausted to get a cup, everyone in the house is gone so Heck you have to wash the pot anyway add your creamer and Drink Away! Yep! This is how I had my coffee this morning!😊See this image largerI saw this this morning and thought it was too funny not to share!See this image largerThose days!See this image largerMovie night but while everyone fills up on candy and popcorn and soda I will eat my cheddar cheese rice snacks!See this image largerI am into DIY recipes so I think today I will try this body scrub using coffee grounds. It is supposed to soften our skin which helps give a glow. My only problem with this I'm wasting coffee I could brew!πŸ˜‚See this image largerSo proud of myself! Therapy is paying off, the nearest road takes 8 minutes when healthy to walk to it! Yes it took me longer but I did it! Holding a walking stick a my daughter with me! Yay!See this image largerEnjoy your day!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerI am thinking of treating myself, Idk what do people think about styling my hair like this?See this image largerSo the girl that trimmed my hair today I asked her "Please Idw my scar to show!" Unfortunately it shows a little from my recent spine surgery. Please tell does it show bad? I live in an area where people talk about people all the time. Does this look bad my scar showing or is it cute? This town is a nuisance really!See this image largerHave any of you seen or tried this walking DVD? It said it was good to help with posture and I will be looking for ways to exercise and to also continue to improve with my posture after my procedure. Thanks.See this image largerTwo things, My Dr will not be happy because I lost 10 lbs during rec! However I didn't think I would see this low again! I was eating to keep my strength up, I just didn't always feel like eating like he wante, all the fats and stuff. They made me nauseous! So I stuck to my plan to eat the way my body could handle it! Still I'm proud!See this image largerA friendly reminder A new day to a new start! Enjoy your Sunday!See this image largerSince my back surgery I was mainly in a neck collar. The doctor has said "Take it off!" I have lost the ten lbs and he wasn't upset like I thought because I am stronger. I am believe I am going uphill from now on!See this image largerDrove myself to the beauty shop for a little more blonde in my hair. Lol! I believe this blonde is in need of more fun since she's recovering so well from her surgery! I feel good tonight! Lolol!See this image largerSo today is my 50th birthday the family has planned me a birthday party to celebrate! Plus to help with my depression lately. I think they did good decorating the yard! Lol!See this image largerThis is a definite this Wednesday! Lol!See this image largerI thought this was funny! Happy Friday everyone!See this image largerEnjoy your day!See this image largerIt's raining here, This is so me today! It's hard to be motivated with this rain. So I have my big pot of coffee, I have alternated water, coffee, water, coffee all morning long. I'll be in the bathroom a whole lot but, Hey if it gets me moving it is the way I must go today. Lol!See this image largerThis was one of my goals these size 12-14 Jean capris I bought at the end of the summer last year. I added the flare to them (lace) myself. I love to create on rainy days so I cut out lace designs and went to work. Now all we need is warmer weather so I can wear my jeans capris. Lol!See this image largerThis is the way I feel lately. All the telemarketers calling or people trying to get me to agree to something. Lol!See this image largerToo funny!See this image largerLol!See this image largerI need a little extra of the good stuff today!See this image largerI lost my older sister this week. She passed of 2 blood clots from a previous heart condition and bronchitis. I'm not doing good this week! I'm mourning the loss of my sister and one of my best friends. Please remember me in prayer.See this image largerThis has been my latest exercise activity during the quarantine! Lol! Since we had a tree fall this winter and no one wanted to help cut the remainder of the tree down I turned the remaining tree trunk into a flower bed! On top has a flower pot arrangement this way I can change out every season. Growing around the tree will be vines with wild flowers. I'm not finished but I just love my masterpiece! Talk about calories burned here! Phew!See this image largerJust a reminder to us all!See this image largerThis is me this morning! Ugh!See this image largerI may have shared this once but I came across this again and couldn't help but laugh at myself because I still feel this way! Lol!See this image largerI got a little excited! It's been a long time since I've noticed a change in my belly! So I bought me a pair of size 12 camo shorts to feel good about seeing my belly reduced! Yay for me!See this image largerMy husband was so proud of my 13 lbs weight loss over the last few weeks he brought home a cute pair of skinny capris! I was surprised when they fit just right! Loving this!See this image largerI just couldn't shrink my belly but suddenly finding out I am making an improvement with my abs! Woo Hoo! I'm not there yet but I am seeing a difference, Finally!See this image largerI got a new look yesterday and I am loving the new look! My age says I'm fifty but this gal doesn't feel like it after my pampering! Ah!See this image largerLol! I admit I drank a little more coffee than usual to get my day started! Still working on it!πŸ˜€πŸ˜See this image largerGuys you too but a little cheerleader in me needed this myself on this yet another rainy day so I am sharing it with others!See this image largerWe are going to put our house on the market, I have been painting. I finished my bedroom walls, the bathroom too. I have four rooms left! Phew! Talk about burning calories though.See this image largerThis will be me today!πŸ˜‚ I just need to move next to the coffee shop.☺See this image largerI love to be creative and the last week I turned a spool into a porch table for my daughter! I hope she will like it! I got some good πŸ’ͺ sanding by hand! Whew! What a workout everyday!πŸ™„See this image largerUnfortunately I may need three pots not shots of coffee! Just add my creamer to the pot and go!😏See this image largerThe first picture was me four years ago on the beach. The second was taken a year and a half ago in my front yard and the third in the same place (my front yard) I am 50 years old now but I believe I look younger and my husband just told me I'm a Hottie at fifty so "Hey I'm loving that!" Lol!See this image largerI had my granddaughter today. This is one way I entertain, the slip and slide with bubbles! πŸ˜‚ She thinks Mimi Rocksβ€πŸ˜ƒSee this image largerI will need a lot of coffee I have my energetic granddaughter again today and it has been along time since I have had to chase after her! Three pots should do it this morning, I'm not counting the afternoon just yet!πŸ˜‚See this image largerToday!See this image largerNot the way I wanted to start my week but I need a jumpstart with the whole pot!☺See this image largerOne of those days!

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