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See this image largerI seem camouflaged by the mural! Cuzco Feb 2007(1 comments)See this image largersummer 08 in BretaƱa(1 comments)See this image largera docent educates the public about snakes with his live boa constrictor, in ChepenSee this image largerSabina and I minister in TucumeSee this image largerLovely view from the rooftop of our hosts in Quito, Ecuador(1 comments)See this image largerJose, Rut, Vicky, Tito...almost constant companions, FAMILY, in Lima.(1 comments)See this image largerabout the most recent pic of me at HS reunion in Oct 2011 - 40 years since graduating!(2 comments)See this image larger"Teeny Tiny T'ings" with a penny to show scale - I make many kinds of animals this small!(6 comments)See this image largerIt takes a long time to paint all the detail on the peacock's tail!(7 comments)See this image largerTwo of the 12 subspecies of giraffes - Rothschild and Masai(3 comments)See this image largerLeopard - NOT jaguar, NOT cheetah. (4 comments)See this image largerwith my goddaughter Lisbet at the family's restaurant 2012See this image largermy other goddaughter Ester at her mom's tailor shop 2012See this image largerPa and Ma check out the fresh fish. I may not marry their son, but I still love them dearly!See this image largerMaking sandwiches to serve for breakfast in an outreach to the neighborhood chldrenSee this image largerI'm on the left, about 7 years old, with my first friend since we were 3 years old See this image largerSnowstorm Feb 8 '13, from back porch. Fawn boxer is Jazz, brindle is Cash(1 comments)See this image largerPapito Eladio and my honey Levi in front of the house/bodega in Pucallpa. HOT. 2012See this image largerLevi, son Josue, Papi Eladio, Mami Marleni at a Chinese restaurant 2012See this image largerMy "sons" treat me at a polleria in Lima, 2012 - Cesar (the serious), Moises, Jhon, & tall ElvisSee this image largermy sendoff at the airport in Lima, with our traditional Papa John's pizza - Aug 2012See this image largera couple days after my birthday, 2012See this image largerat the bus station as I leave for Lima , July 2012See this image largerspring 2008, before regaining weight (and cutting and coloring hair!)See this image largerwith my son Ben after his divorce, during a visit fall 2012See this image largermy grands via son Ben, in Ohio, winter 2012See this image largerLevi and I, preparing for an outreach, Aug 2012See this image largerLevi takes names of children for future reference - Aug 2012See this image largerI wash up after outreach Aug 2012See this image largerThat's me with the LONG hair, and my 3 sisters. Late 70's?See this image largermy younger DD Cass - now in IrelandSee this image largerMay 2013, posing in art gallery loungeSee this image largerPapito Eladio Utia, my dear Father-in-Law, and a true spiritual fatherSee this image largerSee this image largerSilly turtles getting painted...2 coats of 4 colors each, besides the green bodies!See this image largerThe zig-zag blanket I crocheted for Ps. Gregorio's first grandchild 2011See this image largerDec 2013(3 comments)See this image largerMe n Diana, my Spark Buddy!(1 comments)See this image largerYounger DD Cassia and my year-old grandson Rory and me during my April 2014 trip to IrelandSee this image larger4 generations - baby Rory, my DD Cassia, Me, and Rory's great-grandma, "Nana" in Cong, IrelandSee this image largerme with statue of John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara in Cong, Ireland where they filmed The Quiet ManSee this image largerDSIL Paddy, DGS Rory, and DD Cassia at our hotel in Dublin prior to my departureSee this image largerApril 2014 at the "fishing house" in Cong, IrelandSee this image largerPs. Jorge in back, sisters Teresa and Carmen, seeing me off to Chiclayo at bus depot 7-15-2014See this image largerfirst sermon of 10th mission trip - Pucallpa, Peru 7-2014(1 comments)See this image largerwith spiritual Papito Maximo, Chiclayo 2014See this image largerAfrican elephant, approx. 3 " tall by 4 " longSee this image largerAsian elephant, approx. 2 1/2 " tall by 4 " longSee this image largersample of funny frogs - I make 'em in many poses. approx 1 1/2 " tall, 2-3 " long (depends on pose)See this image largerMy latest look - blonde - fall 2016See this image largermy sis-in-law Sonia with my Levi 8-3-2016See this image largermy bro-in-law Victor walks me down the aisle 8-3-2016See this image largerLevi and I exchanging vows at Iglesia Evangelica Manantiales de Vida in Pucallpa, PeruSee this image largerLevi and me with our "Padrinos", and Ps. Desimo Flores on the leftSee this image largerLevi and me with our "Padrinos", and Ps. Desimo Flores on the leftSee this image largercake made by niece Carmencita; pic with niece JuanitaSee this image largerMan and Wife - civil ceremony 8-3-16See this image largersigning and fingerprinting docs for civil weddingSee this image larger"Brinda" - a wedding toastSee this image largerMami, Aunt Michi, Aunt Peti, Me, Levi, Uncle Maxi, Papi, VictorSee this image largerwith my "suegros", how I love them!See this image largercourtyard where we had civil ceremonySee this image largerMami, DSIL Sonia, Tia Michi work on wedding cakeSee this image largerniece Carmen,Mami, son Josue making snacks for receptionSee this image largerniece Carmen,Mami, son Josue making snacks for receptionSee this image largerSis-in-law Marita,Mami, niece Carmen, Josue's fiancee Nora See this image largerme n Levi at Victor's for Sonia's "praillada" - barbecueSee this image largeris glad it's Friday!See this image largeris disappointed that we didn't get a Snow Day.See this image largeris eager to eat turkey(1 comments)See this image largerhad caffeine this morning!(1 comments)See this image largeris glad it's Friday.See this image largeris changing up her exercise.See this image largerdid second day of Richard Simmons!See this image largeris still determined.See this image largerhad full caffeine today!See this image largergot 100 points on the bonus spiin!See this image largeris takig the weekend off from exerciseSee this image largeris experiencing a few days of chaos.See this image largeris at work despite the snow.See this image largerhas to buy boots and a shovel.See this image largercleared the driveway and front walk!(1 comments)See this image largeris sparing the joints.See this image largeris going to get her other hip replaced! in February!See this image largeris feeling sad.See this image largeris feeling better after talking to my husband last night.See this image largerhas a check up today.(1 comments)See this image largeris starting anew slow but sure.See this image largeris doing pre-surgery exercisesSee this image largerwants a cup of real coffee!(1 comments)See this image largerwants a cup of real coffee!See this image largeris ready for the weekend!See this image largeris getting ready for Monday.See this image largeris getting a new morning assignment in the art room.See this image largeris learning a new art form!See this image largeris going to paint faces tonight!See this image largeris going to enjoy a long weekend.See this image largeris going to CHURCH!See this image largeris learning to add fasting to prayer.See this image largerexceeded calories expended goal this week! See this image largeris planning on watching Groundhog Day tonight!See this image largeris so ready for the weekend!See this image largeris taking things slowSee this image largeris having PT today.See this image largeris cleared from Occupational TherapySee this image largerhas some catching up to do on Spark!See this image largerenjoyed fellowshipSee this image largerhas begun to receive half-pay disability.(1 comments)See this image largergot 100 points on the Spark Wheel!See this image largeris back to work!See this image largerhas a fresh haircut-and-dye!(1 comments)See this image largerhas a fresh haircut-and-dye!See this image largeris looking forward to a long weekend!See this image largeris puttering around the house.See this image largerdid a llittle MORE packing See this image largeris below 210!See this image largeris doing yard work.See this image largeris selling critters.See this image largeris doing some foreign correspondence during Christmas vacation.See this image largerfinally got a pedicure!See this image largeris ready to face another year of challenges.See this image largeris maintaining.See this image largeris making "critters"See this image largeris home alone. But not entirely.See this image largeris making headway.See this image largeris enjoying the empty nest!See this image largeris ready for Monday and GARBAGE DAY!See this image largeris on vacation!See this image largeris back to regular exercise.See this image largeris glad it's Friday!See this image largergot 100 points on the bonus spin!See this image largeris packed and ready to go!See this image largeris enjoying time with her honey!See this image largeris celebrating 2 years with Levi - and a new haircut!See this image largeris enjoying her last few days in PeruSee this image largeris ministering in a couple of churches in Lima this week.(1 comments)See this image largeris back at work in the USA.See this image largeris in ONEderland!See this image largeris "arting."See this image largerkeeps busy on weekends...See this image largeris looking forward to a long weekend!See this image largeris keeping busySee this image largermade chiliSee this image largeris staying creative!See this image largeris gratefulSee this image largerhas her list of projects!See this image largeris going to have a "Clay Date."See this image largeris preparing for ChristmasSee this image largeris ready to face the New YearSee this image largeris learning about yogaSee this image largeris trying to shovel out.See this image largeris going to create...after lunch.See this image largeris on vacation for a week!See this image largeris going back to work after a week offSee this image largeris facing changes.See this image largeris off from work for a week!See this image largeris getting ready for her 14th trip to Peru!See this image largeris back to work, and hopefully back to Sparking.See this image largeris enjoying a long weekendSee this image largeris getting into a good exercise routine.See this image largeris "practicing for retirement."See this image largeris grateful for friendshipSee this image largerHandling a boa at the park Quistococha near Iquitos, Peru - sumer 07(3 comments)

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