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See this image larger#BeforeAndAfterSee this image largerSee this image largerI fixed the date, wanted to have a correct one 🤗 #BeforeAndAfterSee this image larger#BeforeAndAfterSee this image largerYes that is my ironing board 😂See this image largerRoasted up kale today. I burnt it a little but it's still good. 👍See this image largerChickpeas!! Burnt and loving them!See this image largerI feel like sister was holding out on me when I first learned about this. Does everyone else use it?? It is life changing.See this image largerI was motivated to do some cooking. Made chili and spaghetti squash is in the oven!See this image largerI made the sandwich yesterday, avocado, portobello mushrooms, lettuce, yellow and red bell peppers on a whole wheat wrap. It's pretty good!See this image largerWhole wheat wrap, bell peppers, mushrooms, green onions, lettus and some hummus. 👍See this image largerAnd got a new Samsung gear 3, I worked today and did 5k steps with no effort. I'll try to aim for more 👍See this image largerYou guys have any tips on cooking fries in an air fryer?See this image largerI'm down 53lbs and only a pound away from under 200! #beforeandafterSee this image largerOmg!!!! Under 200, first time since high school!!!!😲See this image largerMaking overnight oats 🍴See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image larger11.5k steps. Yay 🎉See this image largerMmm chickpeas!See this image largerIt took me all day but I finally got my eyebrow situation under control 😂See this image largerI was feeling the need for pizza, mmmSee this image largerI'm really thankful for all the support here at SparkPeople. I really was struggling with motivation to exercise but because if you guys I've truly turned it around. 45 mins on treadmill and 35 mins on upper body this morning. 👍See this image largerAnybody else do this or just me? Can of tuna, put in lettuce to make wraps and a touch of Greek yogurt??See this image largerMaking chili!See this image larger👍See this image largerMy dogs are finally home after a very long two and a half days. They are resting now and I'm so glad they are home 🤗🤗🤗🤗See this image largerI love this JEFIT app, it is so easy and makes me feel like a real pro.See this image larger😂😂😂See this image largerI'm making a healthier version of really unhealthy cookies called Santa cookies? You all know em? I had one of Thanksgiving and loved it. Going to take them to work and the veterinarian's office for helping my dogs last week. 👍See this image largerFinal product, can't say the healthier version of Santa's cookies are as good, oddly they are sweeter and the texture is off a bit. So I'm buying cookies for coworkers and veterinarian's office. 😂See this image largerThis is how bored I am ❄️❄️See this image largerI went shopping yesterday, for bras and underwear but they had sales on jeans and other stuff. So I went ahead and treated myself. I WAS ABLE TO FIT INTO SIZE 14 CLASSIC CUT, WITH NO STRETCH! So I got a couple tops and one pair of jeans to hold me over. Merry Christmas to me. What did you do for yourself today?? 🤗🤗 *Hugs*See this image largerOk last year my new years resolution was to eat healthier and be fitter. I've gained that. It's easier to say this year I will continue to eat healthier and be even fitter but that's not fun. So two things I want to do this year is a cruise and horseback riding. Anyone have any new years resolutions??See this image largerToday compared to over a year ago. #beforeandafterSee this image largerSigh. I never ever had cholesterol problems even over 250lbs. Any suggestions that aren't diet and exercise? The bottom number is the LDL which is high at 141. I eat beans, fish, fish oil, chia seeds and cut saturated fat nearly out of my intake completely. Trans fats are very low.See this image largerI went out in the snow and made it to the gym. Glad I did!See this image largerI got my exercise walking to and from my car with a huge bang of gravel. Thank god my neighbor pulled me out and I backed up all the way home in shame. 😂😂❄️❄️❄️See this image largerI've lost over 70lbs, it is really surprising even to me. #beforeandafterSee this image largerVery low impact for the hip 👍See this image largerI haven't used my treadmill in a few weeks because of joining the gym but I'm in a competition with friends from HS and college for steps and I am so going to beat them!!!😂😂😂See this image larger#BeforeAndAfter the last couple of weeks I've been really going back and forth to 189-191-192-189-192, over and over as we all know and get annoyed by but I didn't let it get me down and when I got on the scale this morning which Thursday is my normal weigh in day even though I get on most mornings, it was 185lbs!!! I about fell over. 😂 Thank you guys for the support and love that you all make me feel every day, also for allowing me to be apart of your journey as well.See this image largerMmmmmmm butternut squashSee this image largerI have an event to go to this weekend. These blue pants were the last thing I owned that I didn't fit, so I will officially have to get a new wardrobe by summer. It's nice to get rid of old clothes but it's also kind of sad. #BeforeAndAfterSee this image largerI've lost 8 inches from my hips and 9 from my waist!! 4 inches from each of my thighs. Lol wow that was surprising information. Wow! #BeforeAndAfterSee this image largerYay!! Breaking into the 70s. Groovy!See this image largerPosted a photo(1 comments)See this image largerHoly TSH. Very elevated TSH but normal T4. 😑 I think we have found, why I am not sleeping!See this image largerRight now I'm restarting. Counting every calorie and remembering why I wanted to start eating healthier. I've come to far to slip back. #BeforeAndAfterSee this image largerMmm. One of my favorite things!See this image larger510 day streak, that's a lot!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image larger#BeforeAndAfter Thank you for your support. 🤗 Have a good Friday.See this image largerI just cost my mom $600! 🤗🐕🤗See this image largerI was in the mood to cook today, had a recipe I've been carrying around for weeks for shrimp tacos. I modified it when I was the amazing salmon at Medings today. Yumm! I don't know why I don't cook more!See this image larger🤗See this image larger18k steps today 🎉🎉See this image largerI'm going to try to get 10k steps a day this week!See this image largerI made my goal of 10k steps every day this week and you know what I realized, I'm a happy person and I like my life. 🤗See this image largerIncreasing steps, should I go up 1k a week or just explode and try for 15k from 10k? Have a great weekend!! 🤗🤗(1 comments)See this image largerTrying to get the last bit of leaves out of the fenced in area this weekend.See this image largerI'd like to say, I destroyed my scale in a NSV challenge but nope, it fell and now it's broken. 😂 Time for a new one!See this image largerThis looks so gross but it is so good, brown rice, onions and chicken, with nutritional yeast! MmmmmmSee this image largerC'mon mom! C'mon mom! Hope everyone had a great weekend. This week I'm going to aim for 11k steps and stay within my calorie range! I want to lose 2lbs this week. Let's go!See this image largerMistakes happen, ice cream and bread happens but I keep going!! 🎉🎉🎉 I'm prepping some healthy food for the week.See this image largerMeatless taco 👍See this image largerI made these dark chocolate covered bananas last night. 👍👍👍See this image largerI've been carrying around this recipe since last month. It was worth the wait!See this image largerFar out! Outta sight, moving into the 60s!See this image largerI remember going for a walk around my yard and feeling tired. I wouldn't ever go outside my yard. I feel like I've changed so much in such a short time from. I'm so grateful for SparkPeople, for my health, family, friends and everything else I can't think of. 🤗🤗See this image largerSee this image largerGoing to do a water challenge starting today, ending next Sunday. Whose in? And how much do you drink? I'm going to aim for 96 ounces. I have two 32oz containers so 3 of them. 👍 I downloaded that plant app to use too.See this image largerHorrible headache today but I got more than 96oz of water and it is only 530pm. Did a yoga class where we did a crow position, all your weight in your hands. It was fun. 💪See this image largerMy plant is growing! I drank overe 100ozs of water today. My Fitbit this week so far has my resting heart rate down by 6bpm! That's odd, water would do that!??See this image largerCauliflower ♥️See this image largerMy water challenge went great this week! I drank over 96 ounces every day. My resting bpm went from 70-75 to 60-63. NSV! My cardio health per fit bit has moved nearly into the "good" category instead of "average." 😁See this image largerVisiting my sister in Texas and my neices. So adorable 😁See this image largerDallas Zoo and 8k steps! 💪See this image largerGen Korean BBQ this place was amazing. Went over on calories but did pretty well 👍See this image largerDealey plaza, Grassy knoll in Dallas Texas, did the sixth floor museum tour. Almost 10k steps today 💪💪💪See this image largerSuch a nice Memorial Day. Thank you for all the men and women who have fought for our freedom and to remember all those who gave their lives.See this image largerWent on vacation, came back 5lbs heavier. Good news my Ninja arrived so I can't wait to make smoothies and other stuff with it!See this image larger#BeforeAndAfter I really wanted to make some smoothies and this recipe that came with the Ninja. "Lean Green Ninja" is so good. I add 1/4 of a lemon.See this image largerI did it! 🎉 I lost 100lbs. 267 to 167. Apparently the average king size mattress and also a ceramic toilet is about 100lbs. I can't imagine carrying either of those items around with me. Thank you SP for your support and sharing because it helps me every day! 🤗See this image largerI love you guys! 🤗See this image largerToday starting to calculate everything going in my mouth until I get the sweets and salt under control!See this image larger☀️☀️☀️☀️ have a great Father's day and enjoy the rest of the weekend!See this image largerSuch the dog's life!See this image largerToday has been one month that I've purposefully been trying to maintain 167-170lbs. Starting today I'm kicking it up and going for my goal of 135lbs! @TMP0418 You have been in my thoughts and prayers, please reach out to me, for anything!See this image largerHow do you view chores, painting and renovations to a house? If they are exercise, should I also try to carve out additional gym time?See this image largerI really struggled today because I've been sleeping poorly but I'm going to bed early and going to sleep in tomorrow. Drinking more water to help!See this image largerContacts finally after 2 years!!! Yes!!!!!See this image largerDecorating the new office this week!See this image largerI really struggled this summer but I'm back on. How is everyone doing?See this image largerI've come so far! I'm excited to be a healthier version of myself, I'm learning to love myself for who I am.See this image largerArugula, my new favorite!See this image largerI've become a cook!

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