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See this image largerRiding quads at Coal creek near Oakridge 2014See this image largerBraized Oxtails; a meal my dad taught me to make 60 years ago. Many smiles and overstuffed familySee this image largerSilver Creek 2014See this image larger2014 PCT going past Mt WashingtonSee this image larger2014 tough walkingSee this image larger2014 Awesome daughter on PCTSee this image larger2014 Nice sky!!See this image larger2014 Coast trip with kids and grandkidsSee this image larger2014 I am stuck on flowers!!See this image larger2014 Krys and I at Kentcky fallsSee this image larger2014 Hike to Tire Mt. LOTS of flowersSee this image larger2015 Mckenzie river trail near Belnap SpringsSee this image larger2015 Hiking a forgotten trail near Fisher CrSee this image larger2015 Shellburg Falls east of Salem. Nice six mile loopSee this image larger2015 View of the ocean as we hike back to Cape PerpetuaSee this image larger2015 Late Feb. gardenSee this image larger2013 Opal LakeSee this image larger2013 Krys and I on Middle Fork river trailSee this image largerJuly 2013 Two day hike passing Waldo LakeSee this image larger2013 Memorial Day Hike with fam and friend to Three Mile LakeSee this image larger2013 Mckenzie River Trail with some of my favsSee this image larger2013 Opal creek trailSee this image larger2013 Tire Mt wildflowersSee this image larger2012 Cathederal Rock AZSee this image larger2012 Top of Mt St. Helens(1 comments)See this image largerWaldo Burn going to Rigdon Lakes 2012(1 comments)See this image largerPart of what keeps me eating healthySee this image larger2012 Mt. St. Helens -- Is this the way down??See this image larger2012 Iron Mountain; wildflower hikeSee this image largerCruising at Hendrixs Park 2012See this image largerSilver Creek Falls hike; Spring of 2012See this image largerHike to Kentuky Falls 2012See this image largerGood day fishing at the coast 2012See this image largerWaldo Wilderness with Andy 2011See this image largerIndigo Lake 2012See this image largerWinchester Bay riding quads with wife and sonSee this image larger2012 7 mi Pack in to Smith and McFarlland Lakes with my daughterSee this image larger2012 in Strawberry Mt Wilderness - Little Strawberry LakeSee this image largerHidden Water Fall in Grand TetonsSee this image larger2013 Wife, Son and I at Delicate ArchSee this image largerUtah 2013See this image largerMesa Verde fall of 2012See this image larger2012 Flower walk on Iron Mt.

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