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See this image largerIt's my 3rd day!sure am enjoying my salad,1st time I've ever measured amt salad drsg!(1 comments)See this image largerNew day,new start!See this image largerOk, I've messed up, but now on track, I'm going to get 'er done!See this image larger2nd day! I am making this a good habit!See this image largerSee this image largerConsistency is going to be a main factor with me. Intermittent calorie counting does not work. I must be consistent! Good day,sun is shining and I finally got it,consistency! And I will persevere!See this image largerSee this image largerWonderful Christmas! Have good support at home, but did go over about 300 cal. So exercised times 2 today!See this image largerOops,here is the new photo!See this image largerReading labels getting easier. I am on 1500 mg salt restriction and it adds up quick!See this image largerThe exercises are working! More stable on feet and easier to loose weightSee this image larger72 oz h2o down !See this image largerI feel so much healthier !See this image largerI feel so much healthier !See this image largerRain again ! Didn't stop me from walking at the mall !See this image largerGot me a little inside bike while watching tv. I like the variety !See this image largerDoing 2 wks laundry, which is workout in itself!See this image largerDoing 2 wks laundry, which is workout in itself!See this image largerDoing 2 wks laundry, which is workout in itself!See this image largerIt is so surreal how much better i feel !See this image largerDoing good !See this image largerI read on Spark that motivation is a mental muscle. I believe it. It is getting easier !See this image largerOh dear , overindulge at party. Salty foods. Gained. Will better prepare myself from now on !See this image largerThe motivation is returning !See this image largerI am starting to reap the benefits of exercise you gotta love the endorphins !!!See this image largerDay 2 of lifestyle alterations, I'm feeling better already!See this image largerDay 3 ! I need to do this every day to keep my motivation up ! This is the year. I am studying everything i can ! I have learned from past mistakes and going forward !See this image largerDay 4 , still going strong !See this image largerDay #5 ! I am so excited,it finally clicked with me and I'm running with it !See this image largerDay #7 ! A whole week! I've started my new year before the new year. This time next year i will be 1oo lbs lower, I've already lost 8.8 lbs! Yea !See this image largerDay 8 ! Each day is a journey !See this image largerDay 9 ! I can do this !See this image largerDay 11 ! Increased chair exercises from 45 min to 1 hr with no problem !See this image largerDay 15 and down 10 pounds !See this image largerDay18 ! Some one reminded me to measure.will get That done in am !See this image largerTime marches on ,day19 ! Lost 0.4 pounds in last 2 days !See this image largerDay 20. Snow day. Want to eat !! But turnrd to extra exercise. Has helped !See this image largerDay 22 and down another pound !See this image largerDay 23 of changing my lifestyle !See this image largerDay 24 !See this image largerDay 27 ! So cold today, i think I shivered off 1/2 pound !See this image largerDay 28 ! Time flies ! Feeling good !See this image largerStarting 3rd month. 25 pounds gone and they are not coming back!See this image largerAwesome day ! Cold but sunny !!!!got my steps in !See this image largerHave a stupid cold ! I want to eat every thing in sight !See this image largerFeeling better ! Drinking extra water and vitamin c drops #See this image largerBetter day ! Exercised for 30 min!See this image largerExercised for full hour ! I feel good !See this image larger3 months of healthier habits ! It is paying off,good reason to keep going !!!See this image largerHad taco bell nachos ! Worked the calories in and enjoyed ! But i know i can't do very often, o/w would be habit forming !(1 comments)See this image largerBeautiful day ! Sun shining ! Helps me be motivated and happy!See this image largerCan feel a little tiny muscle in my arms!See this image largerYou know ? Water really does grow on you!See this image larger2 wks of non stop activity eating on the go. Have only lost 1 lb but it's better than gaining !See this image largerBack on track !!!See this image largerCoolet today. Able to walk outside !See this image largerI have not had any soda for 4 days.! It's hard but worth it, i can tell a difference !See this image largerOver a wk now in self isolation.am almost 69 yrs old. Usually catch colds so... I want to stay away from covid 19. Have plenty food Have gained few pounds have not been tracking food will star again !See this image largerStarting 4th wk of isolation. News said it will last till Apr30th. I keep trying. Am adding chair exercises. I keep trying !See this image largerIve put on 20 pounds with this isolation ! I feel bad. Don't feel good. So i am on Spark again for life !See this image largerDay by day !See this image largerDay by day ! I keep on going!See this image largerDay by day!See this image largerDay by day !!!!!!See this image largerDay by day !!See this image largerI'm back! The covid virus has motivated me. Now better and restarting Spark. I'm trying harder to be more healthy. Covid kicked. my butt for over a week , and i didn't like it.

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