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See this image largerDinner tonight: Romanesco broccoli with veal chipolata and mushrooms fried in garlic. Simple, tasty & #keto. very #lowcarb: only 6 per serving (415 calories)See this image largerSee this image largerIt's BBQ time = hubby's turn to cook... (well I made all the side dishes) #keto for me and higher-carb for my omnivores... life is good!See this image largerSee this image largerHaving 2 friends of my son staying with us today, so only time for a quick lunch: Veal carpaccio on top of leaf lettuce with balsamico dressing served with parmesan crisps, pine nuts... simple, tasty & #keto with a cup of bullet proof coffeeSee this image largerWater is never boring, didn't had soda's for many years (15 or 20 years)See this image largerNothing can replace homemade Hamburger... I was craving hamburgers, ever since I got my new mold this week... so I made this one for dinner, #keto version for me with some baked mushrooms and more, and with crispy patatas bravas for the guys...See this image largerToday I turned ** years young! Birthday or not I've started my day @ the gym this morning... Upon return home my dear husband surprised me with these beautiful flowers one from himself another one on behalf of our kids.. Going out for dinner later and I intend to keep it strictly #keto & without wine... #feelsoblessedSee this image largerToday for my birthday celebrations we went out for dinner... I'm very proud and happy to tell I succeeded to keep it strictly #keto for both food and drinks (seafood, fish, seaweed salad & cheese platter dessert) + infused water and it was all INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS!!! HAVE A BLESSED WEEKEND!!See this image largerThank you everyone who took the time to write the these sweet birthday wishes I received here yesterday. I feel blessed to be part of such an awesome motivating community. Your motivation & support, my #keto WOL and my birthday present I received from my loving family will help me to achieve all my goals... #newtoySee this image largerRussian salad for the party... Needless to say it's made with cauliflower mash instead of patato's and is strictly #keto (and as I don't like mustard it is made with HM mayonnaise WITHOUT mustard) See this image largerAnno 1998 VS 2018 Which type of beauty do you prefer???See this image largerSee this image largerLunch: A yummy mixed #keto salad with rasberry % mint infused waterSee this image largerDinner: Grilled salmon with asparagus and an egg & with some parsley in melted walnut butter #keto #lowcarbSee this image larger3 days ago it was my birthday. So tomorrow I'm going to celebrate it at work (custom in Holland). To treat my colleagues in responsible manner I made those healthy #keto treats: Little Rhubarb, Strawberry and Meringue cakesSee this image largerDinner: Lamb shawarma with lots of veggies and homemede garlic dip with strawberries infused water from a wine glas #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerFeels so good! Happy Wednesday Sparkpeople!See this image largerSee this image largerLET THE SUMMER BEGIN!!! Just made these creamy #keto ice-cream popsicles (caramel flavor). 1,3 carb for the smaller & 2,8 carbs for the large ones. (the round silicon mold is a smiley face emotion) See this image largerLunch: #lowcarb salad with #keto psyllium fiber bun had it with cup of infused tea (ginger/lemon flavor)See this image largerSee this image largerTonight was a pizza night in our house. As for me: fathead pizza! #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerAfter a lengthly workout session & to setisfy my sweet tooth, i decided to pamper myself a little with lunch: #keto pancakes with strawberries / blackberries and coconut grater. Comfort food in responsible manner! With rosehip infused tea Yummy & #lowcarb Love days off like this!See this image largerTurkey sausage covered in bacon with green beans in "a la Provençal" manner and buttered garlic mushrooms only 5 carbs 320 calories #keto #lowcarb See this image largerThis weekend was my yearly MOTHER/DAUTHER event... I went with my grown-up daughter & her awesome group of friends to an open air music festival (one of the popular & largest of it's kind in Holland) OMG now checking the amount of moves, exercise (mostly dancing) standing & steps a person make during such an event.... Drinked more than enough water, but couldn't get myself to eat much #keto food.... CAN I SAY I'M VERY PROUD OF US???See this image largerOur dinner turned out to be a real feast: BBQ (lamb chops & sirloin steak) with lots of vegetables & homemade happy frozen yogurt (caramel) #keto #lowcarb #sugarfreeSee this image largerSuch an incredibly happy day!!! Officially had an woosh effect resulting in a big weight & fat percentage loss in a short time!!! My #keto lifestyle & hard work at the gym pays off real well!! Also been #sugarfree & #alcoholfree since February!! Can I say I’m little proud of me???See this image largerA festive day deserves a festive #keto dinner: Chicken brochette with a portobello filled with mozzarella, spinach and tomato. With a glas of mint infused water from a wine glas!! #lowcarb #sugarfreeSee this image largerSee this image largerMoved to a bigger office today, so we celebrated LIFE with some beautiful foods... Rare-medium chateaubriand with a tower of grilled vegetables (tomato, eggplant, zucchini), buttered mushrooms, cress & parsley with homemade bearnaise sauce. #keto #lowcarb #sugarfreeSee this image largerIt is very shocking and even slightly horrific to go through some "old" photo's from recent holidays, and yet proud of being on the right track again -22 lbs (10kg) since my #keto & #sugarfree WOL #BeforeAndAfter See this image largerSee this image largerHaving friends over tonight... I will spare them from eating unnecessarily added sugars and added additives #keto #lowcarb #sugarfree #cleanfuelSee this image largerMarinated turkey cubes from the grill with green beans, red bell peppers and mushrooms in a sauce of coconut milk and my favorite spices #keto #lowcarb #sugarfreeSee this image largerGratinated asparagus with ham and gouda cheese was just what I needed! #keto #lowcarb #sugarfreeSee this image largerAfter my workout today I could only handle a very light lunch eating it in the garden: Home made flaxseed crackers with camembert, radish, green asparagus and walnuts, with raspberry & mint infused water #keto #lowcarb #sugarfreeSee this image largerMy dessert is very yummy, very seasonal and it was easy to make. Coupe Greek yogurt with with homemade rhubarb compote and raspberry. #keto #lowcarb #sugarfreeSee this image largerI'm only half way on my weight loss journey, but I'm feeling already very happy & confident especially when around my 2 earthly treasures my daughter Demi & my son Tommy(1 comments)See this image largerSee this image larger#BeforeAndAfter Still fun to see .... 2017 now! -25 lbs A good visual motivation to keep up my daily hard work exercise & #keto & #sugarfree eating, another 20 lbs to go to my Grand goal(1 comments)See this image largerMussels with lots of vegetables & turnip french fries (airfryer) and it was AMAZING! #keto #lowcarb #sugarfreeSee this image largerThe healthy choice #vegan dress. Like if you'd wear one (or have your lady) wear one of those. Your healthy afternoon snack is always with you....See this image largerMocha 1-serving cheese cake with a chocolate base, very #lowcarb, only 0.5 carb per serving #keto #sugarfree THE RECIPE: - 200 gr cream cheese - 50 gr butter - Sweetener - 1 tablespoon of vanilla flavor - 2x full teaspoon of instant coffee (dissolve in boiling water) Mix everything together Fill the mold (not to the edge) Melt pure chocolate with coconut oil and add some sweetener Form this when filling Let it freeze voor minimum of 3 hoursSee this image largerDo yourself a favor and don't focus to much on what the scale shows... I have't been loosing lot's weight lately as much as I have been loosing cm (inches) & body fat (-20 cm & -8%body fat) with #keto and lots of #exercise #BeforeAndAfter See this image largerA new favorite healthy dessert / breakfast : #keto #lowcarb #sugarfree Homemade vanilla waffles with chocolate filling and chocolate topping... Only 5 carb per serving and tastes like heaven!See this image largerBack in Holland after 1 week vacationing in fairytail-like Israel... I'm glad & proud I succeeded to keep it #lowcarb and to resist incredible amount of temptations... and maintain my weigh very well... Here I am @ Mahane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem surrounded by infused tea paradise wich is an excellent treat when eating #keto or #sugarfree See this image largerIntense workout session this morning followed by some creativity in the kitchen: My Friyay couldn't start any better!! SERVING: Veal chipolata with cauliflower / broccoli and a creamy cheese sauce garnished with some of my favorite herbs: parsley, chives and cresson HAPPY FRIDAY SPARK FRIENDS!! #keto #lowcarb #sugarfreeSee this image largerStill "work in progress", BUT happy about and proud to share my progress so far.... Omnivor VS ketogenic eater BMI 32.5 VS BMI 26.5 Fat percentage 42 VS Fat percentage 34 #BeforeAndAfter (1 comments)See this image largerFathers day lunch: a healthy rich salad #keto #lowcarb #sugarfree HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL THE GREAT FATHERS OUT THERE AND FATHERS IN HEAVEN See this image largerMy dinner included celeriac / chive mash with green beans a la provençal and a turkey chipolata sausage (flowers are from my garden) HAPPY MONDAY!! #keto #lowcarb #sugarfreeSee this image largerSee this image largerOne step at a timeSee this image largerAfter a nice cycling trip back home to a yummy lunch I baked last night: Fathead croissants with ham & cheese! with a bullet proof coffee to restore some energy! Only 3 carb per serving!!! #keto #lowcarb #sugarfreeSee this image largerSome pictures of a gorgeous nature (all designated bike lanes) near my hometown (Utrecht, The Netherlands) where I enjoyed a bike ride this morning.See this image largerSharing my half year progress for the sake of accountability... I'm not giving myself any deadlines, but just enjoying the journey & Sparkpeople kindness & support... Day by day... step by step... And if this progress motivated even 1 person, my today's goal is reached!!! December 2017 VS June 2018 BMI 30,3 to BMI 26,1 Body Fat 42,5% to Body Fat 34,2% From sugar addiction to totally #sugarfree #alcoholfree #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerHappy!!! Rewards should never be food or beverages, but goodies to help you on your journey!!! See this image largerA healthy and easy to prepare dinner after more than 2 hours at the gym: Veal entrecôte with guacamole and cherry tomato's #keto #lowcarb #sugarfreeSee this image largerDoing some grocery shopping this morning I spotted this “remarkable" sign in a local supermarket It literally translates as: van gilse horny sugar .... OMG!!! So glad my #keto eating is totally #sugarfree ONLY IN THE NETHERLANDS 🇳🇱 🤪See this image largerHappy Saturday Sparkpeople!!See this image largerAmazing sunset spotted after our bike ride at the countryside close to our hometown (Utrecht, The Netherlands)See this image largerHave a blessed, productive & pleasant Sunday everyone, anyway you choose!(2 comments)See this image largerLunch in the shadow in our garden: Homemade flaxseed crackers with cream cheese, cucumber and smoked salmon. With red fruits unfused tea... Easy to make, but tasty, healthy and satisfying #keto #lowcarb #sugarfreeSee this image larger#BeforeAndAfter Going to re-visit this amazing place (Ha Long Bay) in a few weeks... last time I was there I totally embarrassed by the way I looked and did all I could to avoid camera, not only I lost weight, I regain back my self confidence & self appreciation... I'm 3 years older now, but feel at least 10-15 years more vital and strong.See this image largerPizza night in our house & my dinner was amazing! Homemade tuna crust pizza with ALL my favorite toppings and only 4 carbs for the whole pizza!!! #keto #lowcarb #sugarfreeSee this image largerJust believe in yourself and everything will turn out great!! Happy Wednesday lovely Sparkers!See this image largerthis is our local park (See this image largerWe just love our local Queen Maxima park (Utrecht, The Netherlands) It has about 160 km of designated walking, joging, skating, biking lanes passing through most incredible landscapes.... sharing with you small bit of this beauty of nature...(1 comments)See this image largerInspired by the sunshine today: decided on a "yellow dinner": Grilled cauliflower slices with chicken breast and cold Alfredo with mushrooms sauce #keto #lowcarb #sugarfreeSee this image largerHappy Thursday!!See this image largerMy day has started good so far.... See this image largerWas craving a fish the all day today, so I went to a local fish farmer for some fresh catch: Skrei cod fillet on a bed of leeks, mushrooms, gray shrimps and cresson (anything I could dig out of my fridge today) Only resulting in 3 carb dinner (flower on my plate picked by my son) #keto #lowcarb #sugarfreeSee this image largerFUN fact: Today is exactly -25 lbs, thanks for all the support so far!!! #BeforeAndAfter #progress #blessedSee this image largerHad some very cute and even cuter visitors just off thejetty @ our back yard, I couldn't resist spoiling them a little... now need to go get new bread for my hubby and son.See this image largerRich salade with grilled rooster 🐓 #keto #lowcarb #sugarfree % Easy to prepare, healthy & very tasty...See this image largerTo fill in today's macro's (had shortage on fat) I decided to make a healthy but very easy to make #keto snack as an alternative to tortilla chips (made of gouda cheese) with homemade tzatziki dipping sauce... very #lowcarb & #sugarfree 0 carbs for chips and 0.5 for sause... TGIFSee this image largerI really dislike wasps, always had, but right now in particular... Hope you all have more luck in starting your weekend than I had... Happy Saturday 💞See this image largerI really dislike wasps, always had, but right now in particular... Hope you all have more luck in starting your weekend than I had... Happy Saturday 💞See this image largerCoconut flour waffels as accountable comfort food for lunch... only 3 carb per serving #keto #lowcarb #sugarfreeSee this image largerIt's warm today so the dinner is accordingly very light: Meal replacement salad with pieces of smoked chicken breast, asparagus & hard boiled eggs... Drinking elder blossoms infused water from a champagne glas...🥗🌼🥗🌼🥗 #keto #lowcarb #sugarfree Bon appétit!See this image largerIt has been an excellent month as far as fitness is concerned... (despite a week holiday pause in beginning of June) Cheers to many more to come for me & all of us!! #fitness #AppleWatch #achiever See this image largerSee this image largerAnother beautiful swan family came by to visit us .... What a wonderful way to start a stress free weekend day HAPPY SUNDAY SPARK FRIENDS!!See this image larger#BeforeAndAfter There is only 1 year between these 2 pictures... Sedentary sugar lover in July 2017 Gym VERY frequent visitor on #keto & #sugarfree in July 2018See this image largerExtremely busy day today and no time at all to cook dinner, so hubby prepared me a plate of my favorite #keto snacks... #sugarfree offcourseSee this image largerMissing some carbs tonight for balanced macro's, so made me some much needed dessert (healthy carbs) Strawberry and blueberry brochette with a touch of fresh mint.. #keto #lowcarb #sugarfree(1 comments)See this image larger To all my Spark friends across the water God bless your country! ♥🇺🇸♥🇺🇸♥🇺🇸♥🇺
See this image largerJUNE 2017 VS JULY 2018 Today I meet some friend, who I didn't see for about an year and she didn't recognized me... What a difference healthy eating & daily exercise can make... #keto fueled #sugarfree #BeforeAndAfter See this image largerI did all my chores (including hairdresser, shopping and grocery shopping) by bike today, so my average speed was a little lower due to traffic lights on the bike lanes... This picture is in a Japanese section of our beautiful local park (Queen Maxima Park, Utrecht The Netherlands) See this image largerCuteness spotted on my way home: this adorable bunny... He/she wasn't afraid of me at all, and let me approach real close and take his/her pictures...See this image largerIn the meanwhile in The Netherlands... Took the scenic route and enjoyed my post dinner ride with incredible weather, gorgeous scenery and lots of friendly sporting people along the way.... TGIFSee this image largerYou either love it or you hate it, But it's health benefits are more than obvious!! Steak tartar for warm to eat anything warm... #keto #lowcarb #sugarfree only 325 cal & 3 cabs See this image largertime for #sugarfree dessert #keto #lowcarb, Only 4 carbs per serving!(1 comments)See this image largerSalad with scampi and smoked salmon with amazing homemade vinaigrette dressing! I enjoyed it so much I even considered to make me a second portion!! #keto #lowcarb #sugarfreeSee this image largerBack on track since March 1st, after falling of the wagon for the last 7 months, due to some rough period in my life... Need all the support I can get, but I have tons of willpower and I know I'm in a right place... #keto #lowcarb #thereisalwaystomorrowSee this image largerMarch 1, 2019 Back on track after 7 month off the wagon... March 11 2019 New start @ Sparkpeople... Luckily is the damage is not to bad, but there is plenty of work to be done to be where I want to be... New start = New profile picture, it's not my before picture , not my after picture... just in between! #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerAs a 18 year old bride & a 23 year groom my dear mom & dad got married on 12-03-1966 exactly 53 years ago today. Feel very lucky and blessed to still have them both...See this image larger#Keto Coconut-stracciatella cheesecake... 0 sugar / very very #lowcarb Made with love to celebrate my parents 53 year wedding anniversary!! See this image largerYesterday we celebrated my parents' 53 year wedding anniversary & I would like to share the photo of the #keto part of the buffet we made for the guests who came by to congratulate them... everything is #lowcarb & #sugarfreeSee this image largerAn early start in @ my gym this morning came with a nice bonus... I had a private gym for almost an hour and could do my workout routine in a very efficient way! Also the sauna's were all to my service...See this image largerInspired by the spring theme, I bought this cookies mold today, came home and made me some mini #keto cakes using it. #sugarfree & very #lowcarb, only 0.5 carb per serving.See this image largerDiner is served: Grilled seabars with HM botter-garlic saus & grilled veggies.... Was really easy to make and tasty & our guests loved it too... #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerToday's dinner included... Salmon tartar (with added beetroot and egg) on a bed of lettuce. #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerAmen to that!See this image largerToday's dinner: Stuffed eggplant with lean ground beef / vegetables and au gratin with mozzarella... #keto #lowcarb, yummy and very easy to makeSee this image largerLet's have a great week, ya'll!See this image largerThis is really creepy & scary!!!! Happend just about a 1-1,5 mile distance from my location and location of the school of my kids.... Helicopters are everywhere...See this image largerStressfull day today (there was a terror act with several victims, very close to our location) so I really needed some comfort food what is fast and easy to make: RESULT: My #keto poke bowl with lot's of #lowcarb goodies served on cauliflower riceSee this image largerTonight dinner was a healthy #keto delight: filet mignon tagliata with green asparagus and mushrooms. As a dessert a small bowl of griek yoghurt with a HM rasberry jam #lowcarb & #sugarfree See this image largerHappy 13 months Gym-niversiry to me today!!! March has been a very very good month exercisewise for me so far... And yes, once you see the results, it becomes an addiction!!See this image largerHappy 13 months Gym-niversiry to me today!!! March has been a very very good month exercisewise for me so far... And yes, once you see the results, it becomes an addiction!!See this image largerI'm in #keto heaven.... Advocado fudge bites!! OMG, they are so good! And good for my macro's when I'm missing some healthy fats... #lowcarb #sugarfreeSee this image largerMixed vegetable salad with grilled chicken, hard boiled egg and HM Aioli... #keto, #lowcarb, #sugarfree and very satisfyingSee this image largerGreetings from beautiful & picturesque Holland. The famous Keukenhof flower exhibition 2019 started last this week (through May 19)See this image largerThe white asparagus season is finally started... For today's dinner we had it with HM crème fraîche sauce and a piece of fresh salmon finished with hard boiled egg, parsley and arugula. #keto #lowcarb #sugarfreeSee this image largerWoohoo!! Just hit 20000 points on Sparkpeople... Here is to the next 20000 (many many times)... & it's a very good moment to say: Thanks to support ya'll(1 comments)See this image largerRewarding bike ride between the bloemig fields & sunny weather (near Utrecht The Netherlands)See this image largerOur #lowcarb dinner tonight: Egg stuffed meatloaf balls (quail egg) with HM salsa and turnip fries... We really love #keto & #sugafree lifestyleSee this image largerEarly dinner today: Grafitti eggplant with tomato and mozzarella from de oven met bolognaise saus 🍆🍅🍝 #keto #lowcarb #sugarfreeSee this image largerCelebrating me getting back on track & first pounds gone, by having a fun day of wellness with my bestie (my grownup daughter Demi) who is my biggest inspiration and pride ! Needless to say I stayed strickly within my #keto rules... See this image largerI'm in #keto heaven!!! Made those cinnabons and they are absolutely to die for!!! Very #lowcarb (1,5 carb per serving) #sugarfree and with only 57 calories... it's a Liable enjoyment tooSee this image largerAnother day with perfect #keto macro'sSee this image largerAnother day with perfect #keto macro'sSee this image largerThis amazingly beautiful couple has become our almost daily guests to swim by our back yard in the last few weeks... I even bought them a water bird mix of seeds in a local pet store... Yesterday I didn't see them and today 2 have become 7... they proudly came by to present the new addition to their family and get feeded.See this image largerEggplant with tapenade of homemade sun-dried tomatoes and mozzarella from the oven with chicken skewer #keto #lowcarb #sugarfreeSee this image largerFeels so good to do the right thing! #CreatingNewMeSee this image largerIt took me and my daughter about 3,5 hours to make this Easter decoration, but we're more than thrilled with the result...See this image largerCraving in some chocolate, but going to make my own #keto #lowcarb #sugarfree bars today as soon as we're back from the field hockey match of our son. Have a awesome saturday with plenty of water, exersice & healthy choices ya'll..See this image largerUrban bike ride today in my city (Utrecht) turned out to be very rewarding... I can definitely appreciatie what this Grafitti Artist turned this boring brick wall of this townhouse into... #seeingisbelieving See this image largerSee this image largerFeeling very lucky!!! Spring started early this year and is very inviting to get outside for exercise & very long bike rides. See this image largerPlease keep that in mind next time you craving junk food or excesive sugars... Let's have an awesome & healthy week a'll... ❤️❤️❤️ (1 comments)See this image largerWhen eating #keto, some days it's a real math challenge to get your calorie deficit (and not to much) but also all your macro's in perfect balance... When missing some (healthy) fats I'm gladly feeling it with a homemade #sugarfree chocolate bonbons with almonds or walnuts (a.k.a. fatbomb) to go with my coffee VERY #LOWCARB: only 61 calorie, 0.25 carbs, 1 protein, 7 fat per serving....See this image largerHealthy foodprep for a busy week ahead... #keto #lowcarb #sugarfreeSee this image largerI just love the color of April sky. Went to work by bike and glad I did...See this image larger ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #motivatingothersmotivatesmeSee this image largerMy first mini goal reached sinds I got back on track 5 weeks ago... Time to update my profile picture since the appearance changes all the time! Thanks for the support amazing community! #TBT See this image larger💖💖💖See this image largerI think these ladybugs decided to have a play date on one of our trees... One way or another with their striking red color and black dots, they are a cheerful announcement of the summer.... Have a great weekend ya'llSee this image largerWOO-HOO!!!!! Today is my QIUIT-a-versary!!! Celebrating 6 years of clean lungs today!! #ProudQuitter and as of 2018 (a year ago) I also successfully quit another addiction (sugar) ... & soon to be a #ProudLooserSee this image largerSparkpeople, please meet Boomer /full name Boomerang (a.k.a. no-face 3 pound pup) Boomer will be our house guest for the next 10 day because his human mom & dad are travelling abroad.... He also will be my walking companion, alarm bell & shadow... He prefers to sit on our countert when I do stuff in the kitchen... He has amazing dog personality & is the cutest 😍 😍 😍See this image largerI've reached a mini goal last week and to celebrate that 3 of my sweetest colleages surprised me today with this gorgeous pink tulips bouquet.... #NSV (1 comments)See this image largerThis is the card I received with my flowers from my sweet friends from work. Even though not all those fruits and vergis are #keto friendly, I think this card is right on spot and pretty much representing of what SPARKPEOPLE are standing for!See this image largerEven when eating #keto it's still possible to #eattherainbow Smoked trout fillet and mixed fresh veggies salad today. Very #lowcarb & naturally #sugarfreeSee this image larger😉See this image largerMy youngest baby is 15... and he've got his FIRST ever side job!!! Obviosly he's very excited & he's lovin' it I'm not planning to be one of the regular customers there any time soon..😛😛😛See this image largerPork tenderloin with HM mushroom sauce accompanied by romanesco and halloumi grillen cheese. #keto #lowcarb #sugarfree 245 calories of goodnessSee this image largerNeeded a fast but nutritious meal due to a participation in an field hockey tournament. The result: scampi salad with mixed veggies and HM dressing #keto #lowcarb #sugarfree and very tastySee this image largerSpring meets Winter.... After few weeks of gorgeous warm weather a setback tonight (tempreatures below freezing point) with icicles on blossoming cherry trees. An rare sight and mixed feelings... (picture taken in Utrecht, The Netherlands during my early morning warming up before the tournament)See this image largerSpring meets Winter.... After few weeks of gorgeous warm weather a setback tonight (tempreatures below freezing point) with icicles on blossoming cherry trees. An rare sight and mixed feelings... (picture taken in Utrecht, The Netherlands during my early morning warming up before the tournament)See this image largerInsane!(1 comments)See this image largerI participated in flower arranging workshop with a theme EASTER and this is the result... I'm very pleased if I may say so. 😍🐣🌼See this image largerLast week has been nearly perfect in terms of staying within my calorie range and within my #keto macro's. Also excercise wise it was a week above the average! Weightloss reflected all that as well (-1,2 kg same as -2,7 lbs) ... Time for my HAPPY DANCE Cheers to this week & many more weeks like this. See this image largerMy 3 year old niece reaction on a dramatic tragedy taking place in Paris right now: "I HOPE QUASIMODO IS SAFE" :-( #Pray4Paris See this image largerSalmon caprese from the oven with grilled vegetables and HM tzatziki sauce. #keto #lowcarb #sugarfree Managed to stay under the 300 calorie voor de entire meal & it included the dessert ...See this image largerSee this image largerI just love living on a natural waterway... PLEASE MEET MY NEWEST NEIGHBOURS: CUTEST DUCKLINGS, and there is not a single ugly one! And offcourse they couldn't reisist some yummy treats I gave them: a special waterbird mix of seeds I bought in a local pet store to feed my other regular visitors, the family of swans...See this image largerThis is the best #NSV for me so far... I was cleaning my closets to get rid off and donate anything I wasn't going to wear anymore. And I came across this pair of jeans dated from my heaviest times (estimating 2015/2016). Sinds March 2018 I addapted #keto lifestyle an have been #sugarfree & #alcoholfree (never wasn't a big drinker anyway) and never liked soda'sSee this image largerI made this #lowcarb chocolate cheesecake with pecan crunch for a brunch with our friends on Good Friday we were invited to ... It's perfect for people eating #keto or just falks preffer to have a #sugarfree dessert. I sliced it in 12 servings and stored it in the freezer untill then. Only 180 calories, 4 carbs, 8 protein, 14 fat per servingSee this image largerThank you @-POOKIE- for inspring me earlier today with your colorful creation... I came home from work and was craving something similar for a late lunch... So with the ingredients I already had home this is what it turned out to be... With a little addition of surf & turf and HM aioli) #keto #lowcarb #sugarfree See this image largerDinner was delish and absolutely worthy of sharing... Stuffed avocado with hard boiled eggs, chives, redish & home smoked salmon #keto #lowcarb #sugarfreeSee this image largerFinished another domestic project! and I like to share the result!See this image largerFish stew with white fish and shrimps with broccoli puree 255 calories of delish... #keto #lowcarb #sugarfree See this image largerReached my second mini goal.. ~happy dance time~ #seeingisbelieving #BeforeAndAfter #mylossismygain #keto rocks!See this image largerGood Friday party with our friends today was yumm yumm ymmie!!! DEFINITELY worth sharing here with you! This section is #keto & #lowcarb friendly and was created in coöperation with the host lady and me. See this image largerToday was finally warm enough and with that the first opportunity to dine outside this year. Bbq with 7 different homemade salads #keto #lowcarb #BBQ See this image largerEaster brunch with my family Everyone enjoyed #lowcarb ALL homemade goodies including #sugarfree Nutella, #sugarfree 6-berry jam, #keto cinnamon swirls & many creative cooking eggs to make it feel the like real deal... HAPPY & BLESSED EASTER SPARK FRIENDS!!See this image largerNeeded to fill in some missing carbs and protein for perfect calorie & macro budget... Made this blueberry - griek yoghurt - whey protein smoothy ... 1 for him and 1 for her.... yumm yupmm yumm so good and refreshing and pefectly fitting perfectly in #keto #lowcarb #sugarfree eating #healthyeats! See this image largerWas my measuring day today, I lost over 25 cm (about 10 inch) overall in the last month... Very proud and happy my #keto #lowcarb #sugarfree habits are working so well for me.... Cheers to the future #NSV 's #BeforeAndAfter #mylossismygainSee this image largerAn unexpected #NSV today... Marketing manager at my gym asked my permission to use my pictures for the advertisment folder of an yoga class for fit moms program. So had to remind myself how far daily exercising have brought me with this side by side #TransformationTueday photo.. Off course in combination with eating healthy #keto #lowcarb #sugarfree body fat BEFORE 42% body fat AFTER 32% #BeforeAndAfter See this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerThe weather is gorgeous and I'm having a lunch at my sweet friend's backyard who made lots of effort to accommodate my #keto #lowcarb #sugarfree "whims". And it seems we're not the only ones who's loving it...See this image largerBBQ time with homemade sauces... Delishness under 350 calories, and 5 net carbs I wish I could share... #keto #lowcarb #sugarfreeSee this image largerShimp stuffed tomato #keto #lowcarb #sugarfree 270 calories / 6 net carbs of pure delightSee this image largerRight nutritional choices and daily exercise do bring the desired results and many more health benefits!! I am thrilled #keto #lowcarb #sugarfree are working so well. #BeforeAndAfter #mylossismygainSee this image largerDuring our bike ride today we found a perfect picknick spot to have a lunch with some #keto #lowcarb #sugarfree homemade gooiden we brought with us from home.See this image largerTime to update my profile picture again since the appearance changes all the time with weight loss! Thanks for the support Spark People, you making my journey to the healthiest & happiest me so much easier and fun!See this image largerExcercise AND transportation ALL-in 1!!! Went to work by bike and I didnt regreat!! Love the spring and feel blessed to live so close to all that natural beauty!!See this image largerOh my, to my...that was really yumm... #keto #lowcarb #sugarfree eggplant lasagna See this image largerThe kids are not at home tonight, so it was dinner for two. (since a very very long time) So I made: veal sausage with colorful celeriac puree and fresh organic baby spinach #keto #lowcarb #sugarfree and very rich in flavour.See this image largerDinner for two isn't complete without a dessert for two... & tasty doesn't need to be unhealthy ~Ricotta-walnuts-rasberry~ Needless to mention its #keto friendly... Very #lowcarb (less than 4 carbs), #sugarfree and easily fits within my calorie budget (less than 200 cal) ❤❤❤❤❤ See this image largerWooHoo!!! April was a 100% PERFECT month from exercise and fitness point of view... ALL days I succeded to fill in ALL the targets - A minimum of 45 daily exercise minutes - Burning at least 600 active calories daily - Standing 12 out of 24 hours daily Cheers to same success in May too!!! See this image largerSee this image largerI think it may be wise to skip my daily workout next time I donate blood. I stayed very hydraten but still feelling a little light headed. With all this said I'm very honored and priveleged this donation might save up to 3 lives... #TeamA+ See this image largerThis was my side dish to go with my homemade Wienerschnitzel. (I used almond flower as it had to be #keto friendly, #lowcarb & #sugarfree version) my other side was homemade zucchini crisps. (both schnitzel and crisps aren't on this picture) See this image largerLove my cucumber - lemon - mint water... It's a real treat. Since I started #keto #lowcarb about 15 month ago Ive been #sugarfree & #alcoholfree. This glas of infused water in a pretty glass replaces a glass of wine I used to have on a weekend nights until last yearSee this image largerEvery MONDAY is a chance to start a NEW FABULOUS WEEK embrace it! HAPPY MONDAY.. HAPPY NEW WEEK!!!See this image largerWARNING: This picture is taken BEFORE the workout, As right after the workout I looked like total mess and didnt even remember how to operatie the camera on my iPhone...See this image largerJust love the asparagus season.... Grilled ham / asparagus rolls with crushed egg and home made aioli on a bed of arugula and fresh parsley. #keto #lowcarb #sugarfree #eattherainbowSee this image largerHoly guacamoly!!! I had a great evening cardio session... now off to bed...See this image largerSee this image largerMy pet's name would be cucumber... 🤪See this image largerPreparations are in full swing... tomorrow is my birthday and so far I made 2 cheesecakes: -The bigger one is Lemon flavoured cheesecake or my friends and family. - The small one is 6-berry flavoured cheesecake is #keto friendly for me Both cakes are #lowcarb and #sugarfree Not falling off the wagon even on special occasions See this image largerSee this image largerSuccess Is The Sum Of Small Efforts, Repeated Day In And Day Out Please remember ALWAYS be the best version of yourself! #BeforeAndAfter #BeforeAndAfter See this image largerHAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME and a huge thank you to my dear friend Bianca for her help in preparing these #keto snacks yesterday!!!! Not falling of the wagon even on special occasions See this image larger💖💖💖See this image largerSee this image largerFORGET ME NOT SALAD... After 2 festive days in a raw (With my birthday on Saturday and Mother's Day on Sunday) I obviously was craving for a very light #keto #lowcarb lunch... Besides.... Forget me not flower has a special meaning for me today... #eattherainbow See this image largerMy #NSV today is the new bikini I bought and it's a perfect fit!!! I bought pants size 36-38 same as US size 7, and the top size 38-40 same as US size 9. I haven't been confident enough wearing bikini's in the last 5 years, so this is HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT for me!!! (Happy tears here!)See this image largerMy version of caesar salad with grilled chicken. #keto friendly with HM #lowcarb dressing #sugarfreeSee this image largerit was a very busy day... obviosly... 1018 actieve calorie burned 95 exercise minutes 15 (but actually more) hours standing up. See this image largerStuffed orange pointed pepper with minced lamb served with grilled vegetables and home-made garlic sauce 🥒🌶 #keto #lowcarb #sugarfreeSee this image largerHave a fun Friday!See this image largerGot back from the training. If someone told me a year and a half ago that I would do strength training 3 times a week, and cardio another 4 times a week and enjoying it... I would really have laughed at them #BeforeAndAfter (1 comments)See this image largerBusy Busy Busy Busy day today.... But not giving up on a healthy (but fast and easy to prepare) homemade meal: Smoked salmon with white asparagus accompanied by organic lettuce and homemade aioli 🐟🐟 #keto #lowcarb #sugarfreeSee this image largerIt was a nice bench to take a rest.... Please note: the blogs aren't mine... Photo was taken by me @ Kinderdijk The Netherlands #metime See this image largerSee this image largerCold Norwegian style fish seafood salad 🥗🐟 was amazing!!! #keto #lowcarb #sugarfree lifestyle is one big ongoing flavour celebration for foodies See this image largerTime for some #keto candy (in moderation off course) Love the berry seasonSee this image largerMixed veggie-ham salad for dinner. with homemade yogurt-garlic dressing Enjoyed eating it al fresco... life is good! #keto #lowcarb #sugarfree #eattherainbow(1 comments)See this image largerMy today's dinner came out real nice, I really wish I could share it with you guys: Rope culture mussels with extra vegetables (garlic, leek, celery, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, yellow and red bell peppers & mushrooms) finished with fresh cilantro, parsley and homemade mussel sauce 🥦🍄🌶 #keto #lowcarb #sugarfree #healthyeatsSee this image largerThis is what I'm looking at right now. (SPOOKY SKY) There is a warning issued by meteorological agency (CODE RED) saying to get indoors a.s.a.p. and stay there. Glad I just managed to finish my work out on time before the hell broke loose hereSee this image larger#BeforeAndAfter There is less than 2 years between these 2 pictures... Sedentary carboholic in 2017 VS Daily exercirse #keto & #sugarfree in 2019See this image largerLunch @ my daughters today. #keto #lowcarb #sugarfree Healthy & delish. #eattherainbowSee this image largerTonight we've got very unexpected visitors, so I had to improvise and get some healthy and fast snacks with the products I had at home: Of course I wanted it to be #keto #lowcard #sugarfree. The result: fresh cucumber snacks with creamy goat cheese, walnuts and sun-dried tomatoes. Mission accomplished: they said they loved every bite!!! See this image largerCourgetti-spaghetti (a.k.a. zoodles) bolognese with minced veal 🍝 for dinner #keto #lowcarb #sugarfree See this image largerSeafood salad with homemade dressing for dinner! #keto #lowcarb #sugarfreeSee this image largerToday was a fun ladies night with 5 of my friends, One of the ladies leaving for 1 yeat sabbatical to travel the world... Me and my friend Sheila prepared this #keto #lowcarb #sugarfree cold dish. We replace the potatoes with cauliflower. I can confirm that you do not taste the cauliflower at all and everyone loved it... NOTHING LEFT = BIG COMPLIMENT FOR OUR EFFORTS!!!See this image largerToday was a fun ladies night with 5 of my friends, One of the ladies leaving for 1 yeat sabbatical to travel the world... Me and my friend Sheila prepared this #keto #lowcarb #sugarfree cold dish. We replace the potatoes with cauliflower. I can confirm that you do not taste the cauliflower at all and everyone loved it... NOTHING LEFT = BIG COMPLIMENT FOR OUR EFFORTS!!!See this image largerSummer salad with watercress, coeur de boeuf tomato, cucumber, egg, bean sprouts with a homemade curry dressing and pieces of cold chicken fillet finished with fresh parsley. #keto #lowcarb #sugarfreeSee this image largerHappy Monday, Happy new week!See this image largerTry something new today.. Veggie dish for dinner ... Bell peppers filled with eggplant cubes, garlic, mushrooms tomatoes and feta cheese. #keto #lowcarb #sugarfree The family loved it too, so it's a keeper.See this image largerArtistic experiment with my dinner / playing with food... Halved cucumber filled with homemade curried egg salad, snack tomatoes and fresh herbs 🥒🥚🍅 #keto #lowcarb #sugarfreeSee this image largerFor the last 3 days I participated in a spinning marathon to raise money for AMC (Amsterdams Medical Center) Children Oncology Department. We collected over €5000 for hard needed research!!! Needless to say although exrremel;y exhausted I bursting with pride!See this image largerFor the last 3 days I participated in a spinning marathon to raise money for AMC (Amsterdams Medical Center) Children Oncology Department. We collected over €5000 for hard needed research!!! Needless to say although exrremel;y exhausted I bursting with pride!See this image largerFor the last 3 days I participated in a spinning marathon to raise money for AMC (Amsterdams Medical Center) Children Oncology Department. We collected over €5000 for hard needed research!!! Needless to say although exrremel;y exhausted I bursting with pride!(1 comments)See this image largerLast Sunday we took our friends, who live abroad and visiting us this week to a fun day trip on bikes. The sunset we wintnessed there was incredible and totally worth sharing. Picture taken 07-07-2019 @ Kinderdijk, The Netherlands.See this image largerJuly 12 1990 I married my BF, today 29 years, 2 awesome kids and a "little" over 10 kg's later I'm very happy and proud to look back. #BeforeAndAfter See this image larger😂See this image larger😂See this image largerSpring is finally here, half way to my mini goalSee this image largerWent to my hair stylist today & he still had "old" photo of me taken last February. Accept weight change I'm see other benefits of #keto & sugar free life 160 lbs --> 142 lbs #BeforeAndAfter See this image larger After a long time of doubt, I decided to share my pictures, -7,6kg (-17lbs) today and is exactly the half way to my first goal, officialy started #keto 2 months ago. This lifestyle has been very good to me so far. #beforeandafterSee this image largercame back after 2,5 hours of sport and still plenty of energy left!!! #moveitSee this image larger6 kg (13,lbs) & 2 clothes sizes down, I think it starting to show a little on my face (another 7kg to go to my midterm goal)See this image larger #fitnessfeats WOOOHOO!!! A new record today!! Weekly fitness minutes all done in 1 day! 3,5 hours strength workout and I still feel great!! Happy Sunday Spark friends!!See this image largerAfter a long cold winter here in Holland, spring is finally in the air... soon 10000 steps a day will be possible again... And as of today lost 5,7kg (12.5 lbs) in 2018... and it's not an April 1st joke! #FeelingPositieveEnergySee this image largerAugust 2016, after I lost 8 KG(2 comments)See this image larger2007See this image larger#healthyeats Courgetti bolognaise with some cress on top!! Perfect #keto dinner and only 300 cal, 5 carbsSee this image larger#healthyeats #keto Today it was first time for me to make HM flaxseed crackers. I had 1 with hard boiled egg with fresh herbs & second with mascarpone & fresh blubberies, with a nice cup decaf cherry tea. I'd say it's a keeper!! 325 calories / 6 carbsSee this image larger#healthyeats Rumsteak with #keto "french fries" they are made of parsley root and and pairs nicely with arugula salad and HM sundried tomatoes side salad Very #lowcarb (9 carbs, 420 calories together with mushroom creme sauce I added after I took a picture) has a very rich taste wise and nicely filling...See this image larger#healthyeats 405 calories (8 carbs) #keto dinner: Chicken breast capresse with tomato-mozzarella as main dish & courgette-mozzarella-cauliflower with cheddar cheese sauce as a side dish.See this image largerSee this image largerJust finished baking those Homemade #keto #lowcarb shortbread biscuits, and they are THE REAL DEAL! They taste out of this world and have very favorable macro's: PER SERVING (12,5 gr): Calories: 72 Carbs: 0,4 Fat: 6,5 Protein: 1 Fiber:1 See this image largerBusy day=late dinner!! Red bell peppers filled with minced meat, shallot and cheddar cheese baked in the oven. Fast, simple, healthy & #ketoSee this image largerToday we celebrate Kings day in Holland, it's a national holiday and to honor his majesty King Willem Alexander van Oranje-Nassau (means Orange) on his birthday most citizens in our kingdom wear orange clothes and eat orange food. My family's and mine #keto lunch is orange pumpking soup with cucumber toast with orange smoked salmon... Tonight we eat at our friends, so I curious what it would be...See this image largerToday's dessert: #keto chocolate mousse I'm not and never been much of a sweets and dessert person, but this one is heavenly and extremely easy to make!See this image largerMy quick #keto lunch after workSee this image largerEating alone today at lunch, so eating very slowly and enjoying some quality "me time" and ordering my thoughts.... Red cabbage salad with bologna sausage and HM salted pickle #keto #low-carb #me-timeSee this image largerHad some exotic cravings for dinner tonight: So decided to make banh xeo (vietnamese coconut flour crepes stuffed with shrimps, pork & herbs) 380 calories and only 6 carbs for the meal #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerEnjoyed my seafood #keto dinner today: Scallops with king prawns & grilled cheese (halloumi) served on arugula and chives... life is good!See this image largerAfter snacking to many HM gouda cheese crackers during the afternoon, could only have a light dinner: Tartar of cucumber, tomato & feta cheese. #keto #lowcarbSee this image larger#Keto gouda cheese crackers!!! Just made those for a snack this afternoon... And OMG... these are soooo gooooood and they are 0 carbs !!!! And hubby and son are a fan too. See this image largerSee this image largerToday's dinner: #lowcarb steak tartar with asparagus some extra's veggies and poached egg only 7 carbs and 395 calories #keto See this image largerSummer weather here in Holland = so tonight 's dinner is a fish platter with salmon, prawns, marinated mushrooms, samphire, bean sprouts, asparagus and zero shirataki noodles #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerThat was so gooooood!!!!! Tried a new recipe for today's lunch: #keto coconut porridge with blueberries.... It's definitely a keeper.... Per serving: calories: 320, carbs: 7See this image larger #keto Coconut porridge (5.88khd without the fruit) THIS TIME WITH THE RECIPE::: (it's very-very easy) ~INGREDIENTS~ - 150 ml coconut milk 2.55 carbs - 30 gr Grated Cocos 2.22 carbs - 1 tsp (liquid) Vanilla flavor - 2 tbsp Almond flour 1.11carbs - 1 tbsp flaxseed - Small squeeze of liquid sweetener ~PREPARATION~ Mix and stir everything in a sausepan and allow to thicken on slow heat to the desired thickness. Add berries of your choice! Enjoy!!See this image largerDinner is ready, (chicken thigh fillet a la caprese) goes to the oven for half an hour, #keto #lowcarb ... Calories: 287 / carb 3 / fat: 17 / protein: 31 See this image largerEnjoyed a very high-fat #low-carb dinner tonight (grilled salmon fillet, fried halloumi, fried aubergine & 1/4 avocado) ... Calories: 582 / carb: 8 / fat: 45 / protein: 37 #keto at its best!See this image largerOMG, this lunch was such a treat!!! Homemade psyllium fiber bun with Scotish smoked salmon one half and Russian red caviar with grass-butter on the other half.. with a big cup of fresh mint tea... only 250 calories & 2 carbs #ketogenic #lowcarb See this image largerEnjoyed my international #ketogenic lunch: homemade psyllium bun, scrambled egg with Dutch rasped gouda cheese, 2 slices of Spanish chorizo, mixed salad with Greek feta cheese and cup of Russian earl grey tea... only 4 carbs (total of 280 calories!) #lowcarb life rocks!See this image largerHeavenly!! That's the best way to describe these homemade #ketogenic gouda cheese pastry's I just made... Only 2.2 carbs per serving and a great solution for my lunch "on the go" tomorrow, when having a busy day supporting my son's hockey team....See this image largerSaturday = baking day! A new week supply of my yummy #keto psyllium fiber buns. This time in a different shape, but still only 0.6 carb per bun! *Recipe in a previous post!See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image larger#ketogenic sushi with cauliflower rice Macro's per serving: 353 Calories, 25.7g Fats, 5.7g Net Carbs, and 18.3g ProteinSee this image largerA pampering myself moment after a busy day.... and still losing weight with this 1 carb only #ketogenic warm cacao drink & 2 carbs only for very #lowcarb homemade cinnamon-walnut cake... Love the #keto lifestyle. See this image largerToday dinner for 2 (BBQ) without the kids (a big exception) and with perfect weather 24*C... #keto lifestyle is sure is a delight this way!!!See this image largerYAY!!! My first trial making psyllium fiber buns is a success! These buns fit perfectly in a #ketogenic diet and only have 0.5 carbs per bun!!! Very happy as I haven't had any bread for over 2 months & a little bit proud of how this homemade product came out!!See this image largerCelebrating my 10 lbs (4.6 kg) weight loss today since I started my ketogenic diet almost a month ago. This is homemade low carb almond flour cake (only 1 carb per serving!) It's just a small success but Little Drops of Water Make the Mighty Ocean...See this image largerDespite my very strict low carb (ketogenic) eating our Easter brunch, snacks & dinner were a big success! See this image largerThis is my today's "catch" from a shopping trip to a neighbouring Germany (border city of Kleve), and no ... I'm not starting a low carb goodies shop, I just love to treat my dear family and friends and spoil them with healthy #keto food!!!See this image larger#seeingisbelieving Our view for the next 2 days in peaceful Switzerland... The challenge to keep it strictly #keto (without my kitchen) is accepted!! Have a great weekend Sparkies, we will certainly will too. TGIFSee this image largerI just love this amazing peaceful view from the window @ my Gym.... it's such a great motivation... and inspires me to visit this place at least 3 times a week #premiumworkout #motivateSee this image largerAmazing visual, huh? #seeingisbelievingSee this image largerMc Donalds... healthy style! He wasn't impressed though... #eattherainbow, not a #keto choiceSee this image larger;-)See this image largerPatience is key element of success!!! Stick to your goals and trust your journey #motivateSee this image larger As NOT seen on TV ;-) #healthyeatsSee this image largerJust saying ;-)See this image larger #ketoSee this image larger #goalfeats See this image largerHAHAHAHA Would it be #keto proof??? Any takers??? #recipesSee this image larger;-)See this image largerAnd yes I do lose body fat, weight & drop sizes.... #keto rules!!See this image largerHappy Friday peeps!See this image largerMy very favorite quote! Thank you awesome SP community!See this image largerThe dutch government and the national anti-diabetes authority declared today they will start to treat sugar as any other addictive drugs... it's about time! #ketoSee this image largerToday is my 5 year anniversary of clean lungs #ProudQuitter and as of 2018 I also successfully quit another addiction (sugar) ... & soon to be a #ProudLooser tooSee this image largerDone eating & tracking for today... I even suprised myself a little... My macro's are a precision shooting on the target... #ketoSee this image largerThat was it for today, my #keto macro's are perfect, so is my calorie deficit #gooddaySee this image largerPerfect #keto macro's (todays total is 1172 calories)See this image largerWooHoo me!!!! and the week isn't even over yet!!! #moveitSee this image largerYaaay!! I did It! I've successfully removed most of my cabs out of my meals.. Not feeling hungry, enough energy exercise 6 x a week... And I'm a (weight) loser!!! Sharing my last week macro's... See this image larger2016See this image larger2016

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