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See this image largerMy lovely wife Debbie, known simply as "Nanna" to Miss Selah Joy born on Father's Day 6/15/08!!!(1 comments)See this image largerDebbie & Selah Joy, a precious gift from God!(1 comments)See this image larger3 of my "FAVE FIVE GIRLS", granddaughters, Brianna Danielle & Selah Joy & daughter Bethany GraceSee this image largerOldest daughter Kristen Melody, passionately praising Jesus, has an incredible voice & ministry!See this image largerJonathan plays piano, while leading worship at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, MO.See this image largerBethany also enjoys singing & acting in plays at school & playing piano since she was five!See this image largerYoungest son Josiah, Kristen & husband Jeremy, Bethany Grace, & oldest son Jonathan in Tennessee!See this image largerMy theme for both Mistry & business "The Bridge & The River flows through it" Bridge of Faith(1 comments)See this image largerHere I am in the radio studio of 90.9 KSWP in Lufkin, TX. I am on-air 10a-3p M-Sat on (1 comments)See this image largerKeith Green, my favorite singer/songwriter, died prematurely in a plane crash in 1982.(1 comments)See this image largerKeith pointed people to Jesus with his unque blend of passionate, prophetic, piano driven music!See this image largerJosiah & Bethany surprised Debbie & I with a photo shoot! Bethany put her outfit together herself!See this image larger"Dancing with one of my Cinderellas", youngest daughter Bethany Grace!(1 comments)See this image largerBethany loves her puppy dog, she & Josiah outfitted with cool shades at "Build a Bear Workshop"!See this image larger"Dad, it doesn't matter how tall they are...I'll "D" 'em up! Bethany Grace & one of her passions! See this image largerA special part of the "Because I Love You" team: My oldest daughter Kristen Melody & her family!!!See this image largerOops, don't forget Miss Selah Joy, she was in Mommy Kristen's tummy in previous picture!!!See this image largerHere's Selah's big brother Aaron...He's ready to take care of his little sister!See this image largerMy oldest granddaughter, Brianna, her constant companion an insulin pump. She is a Type 1 Diabetic.See this image largerKristen & her husband Jeremy with tired eyes from being up all night with Brianna's blood sugar!See this image largerMiss Selah Joy's introduction to big brothers Daymon Elisha & Jacob Blade in the hospital. See this image larger"Jake", second oldest grandson Jacob, celebrates his third birthday! He's such a big boy now! See this image largerYoungest grandson, Daymon Elisha, shares his second birthday with one of Sesame Street's finest!See this image largerYeah, it's just too cool to be two! All this cake and now I can praise Jesus with both hands now!See this image largerSelah Joy says: Hey, don't forget my birthday! Even if I am sleeping through it myself!See this image largerBrianna's thinking, I get to practice "being a mommy" with the "real thing" now! See this image largerKristen gives Jacob & Daymon some first hand experience, with Selah Joy. on how to be loving daddys!See this image larger"Giving thanks" for what God has done...with a few "props", oldest grandson, Aaron w/ mom KristenSee this image largerThe best thing about baking a cake...! It didn't take Brianna long to figure it out!See this image largerMy favorite pro football team, the five time Super Bowl winning Dallas Cowboy!See this image largerHook 'em Horns! I love the University of Texas Longhorns' football, basketball, baseball, tennis...See this image largerI would really love to be as fit as Bjorn Borg!See this image largerBjorn Borg, my favorite tennis player after winning at Wimbledon! I'm praying I can win by losing!!See this image largerBorg improved his serve...See this image larger...his approach to the net... See this image larger...& his volley just enough to win 5 consecutive Wimbledon championships!See this image largerBorg was best known for his unflappable concentration & a two-handed backhand hit like a slap shot! See this image largerHe also had an incredible top spin forehand & stayed amazingly fit! He would outlast many players!See this image largerBjorn Borg, a great tennis champion from Sweden!See this image largerBjorn Borg, now 52 same as me, flanked by two current champions, Roger Federer & Rafael Nadal!See this image largerTwo of the best tennis players ever from two different eras: Rod Laver & Bjorn BorgSee this image largerBorg with Jimmy Connors, probably his biggest rival! Borg beat Connors 3 times at Wimbledon!See this image largerBjorn with good friend Vitas Gerulaitis, who died much too young, never was able to beat his friend!See this image largerBjorn Borg was finally dethroned at Wimbledon, after winning 5 straight, John McEnroe prevailed.See this image largerIf opposites attract it would be these two Borg a gentleman on the court & McEnroe a hot headed bratSee this image largerProbably my second favorite tennis player Mats Wilander captured a remarkable 8 titles in Grand SlamSee this image largerPat Cash, Mats Wilander, Bjorn Borg, & Guillermo Vilas, four incredible players particularly on claySee this image largerMy favorite female tennis player was Chris Evert, popularized the two handed backhand! See this image largerChris Evert lifted several of these...She won 18 Grand Slam singles titles!See this image largerChrissie is a pretty lady!

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