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See this image largerMy son and me - December 23, 2012(3 comments)See this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerOne tough chick! May 4, 2013(2 comments)See this image largerday 1012 of my streak for "Reward yourself 1 time per day" earned 12/17/2014See this image largerMy son and I with Bouchon December 31, 2014 [I am wearing my hubby's thick green jacket!](1 comments)See this image largerDeuce the Prairie Dog and meSee this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerTaken Easter 1997.See this image largerMy sports blog I write for fun.See this image largerThe Lady Gridiron C. 2015See this image largerMy son is 18 years old today, and I am wondering where the time went.See this image largerJesus is risen! Hallelujah!See this image largerAll ready for testing this week!See this image largerMy classroom is back to normal!See this image largerI have to avoid stinging nettle in my yard, or else I will have a reaction and spread the "wealth" all over like I did last summer. Grr!!See this image largerI tried this yesterday, and I did not keel over. I did modified push-ups and low-impact jumping jacks to save my knees.See this image largerSee this image largeris awake at 3:01 A.M. but would prefer to be asleep. Off to the recliner! Grr.See this image largeris remembering 9/11 today.See this image largerI crashed last night but was awake for nearly two hours before I fell asleep again. I must make sure I get to walk three or four times per week. I need that time outside!See this image largerBanygirl is married now!See this image largerI saw my son, and I made sure he had food to take with him on his return trip to school. I miss him terribly.See this image largerThis is my first iris of the season!See this image largerI am glad it is Friday!!!See this image largerI am dragging this morning, but it was worth it. My 19 yo son wanted to watch Nanny McPhee last night, and it started at 11:00 P.M. Sure thing, son! He is home for the summer from college, so every moment spent doing spontaneous goofy things is precious to me.See this image largerIt's National Iced Tea Day! See this image largerIt's National Corn on the Cob Day! I'll be celebrating later on today.See this image largerThis is me with my husband and son after lunch. We had been to the worship service first. #familySee this image largerIt's National Jerky Day!!!See this image larger#SummerBeginsSee this image largerRoasted vegetables I serve during the summer months. I use McCormick's Vegetable Perfect Pinch. There are NEVER leftover veggies!See this image largerIt's National Graham Cracker Day!!See this image largerHeading to church this morning.See this image largerI love my one and only son. He is a blessing from God!!!See this image largerFour miles today! #runkeeperSee this image largerI made beef enchiladas (cazuela) yesterday for lunch. My son was happy to eat seconds!See this image largerI also did dumbbell flies, crunches, and stretching.See this image largerI teach sixth graders, and I am earning my fellow educators for possible madness tomorrow. Rest up tonight! 😜See this image largerChristmas has officially been taken down at my little house on the prairie!! #BeforeAndAfterSee this image largerRod Woodson says only twenty-six days of school remain. Woohoo!See this image largerI did some strength exercises. Now I get to walk for about 20-25 minutes before getting ready for the day at school with my students. #21DaysOfSchoolSee this image largerYesterday's step total. #MovementSee this image largerHip hip hooray!!! I overachieved my walking goal today.See this image largerFourteen days of school. #countdownSee this image largerThirteen days left in my school year. I had to crop the picture, but the text below says "when student behavior is like Halloween, Field Day, Valentine's, Full Moon, Friday. Every. Single. Day." #truth #tiredteacher #worthitintheendSee this image largerWith my little sister yesterday at our mama's choir concert.See this image largerI have four days of school left, and the students are eager to be out, but we still have work to complete. And last night was a full moon. You see the point, no?See this image largerBeef enchiladas I made on Thursday for dinnerSee this image largerI feel good after taking care of laundry this afternoon.See this image largerI worked on my iris beds last Thursday and Friday. Whew! #GardeningGoalsSee this image largerMonday's results.See this image larger#Gardening I trimmed more irises along the exterior of my fence. The interior is next on the agenda, but not today. 😸See this image largerSo far so good!!See this image largerToday’s results so far. I’ll be going to bed soon.See this image larger#Exercise completed #Squats #ModifiedPushups #LowImpactAerobicsSee this image largerNow it’s time for bed. Goal accomplished.See this image largerI’m glad I was able to do this yesterday.See this image largerI savoring my last full weekend before I return to work on Wednesday for our inservice.See this image largerYesterday’s achievement. #classroomsetup #sorelastnight #teachergoalsSee this image larger#YesterdayAccomplishment #BackToTeacherInserviceTodaySee this image largerToday’s accomplishment. Now I need to put my laundry in the dryer. #TiredMamaSee this image largerThat’s a wrap.See this image largerAnd I hit the hourly goal, too. #Success #Bedtime #SchoolStartsTomorrowSee this image largerNo official fitness minutes, just me walking about as a teacher on the first day of school. #TeacherGoalsSee this image larger#FridayResults #accomplished #teachertiredSee this image larger#DailyGoalMetSee this image larger#TeacherWalking #10000stepsSee this image largerTa-da! I normally don’t make it to 10,000 steps on Saturdays.See this image largerDay’s end.See this image larger#exerciseSee this image largerToday’s results.See this image larger#SaturdayAccomplishedSee this image larger#TuesdayGoalsSee this image largerI need to find this book since I have awakened so frequently these past few days. Perhaps the excessive rain has disturbed my rest. I think it is a call for me to pray, so I will. Good "night," again.See this image larger#WalkedThreeTimesThisWeek #RainFinallyEndedSee this image larger#GoalsSee this image larger#BirthdayGoalsSee this image largerThe coffee is brewing, and my frozen fruit is in its container waiting to go into the lunch box. #PreparationSee this image larger#Today’sGoalSee this image largerToday’s accomplishmentSee this image largerToday’s fitness.See this image largerSaturday, and I walked 10,000 steps!See this image larger#AccomplishedSee this image largerLiving room tree is up and decorated. Whew!!See this image larger#MondayDoneSee this image larger#TiredGirl #DozedInReclinerAgainSee this image larger#Woohoo #GoalMetSee this image larger#StepsGoalAccomplished #FridaySee this image larger#Runkeeper #NumberOfWalksGoalMetSee this image larger#10000StepsTodaySee this image largerMerry Christmas from my family to yours.See this image largerWhat I look like inside when I am battling against foes: Laundry Dragons, negative thought patterns, and bad habits. LORD, provide me the strength I need each day!See this image larger#FridayChristmasHolidayAccomplishment ##10000StepsDaySee this image larger#HappyNewYear #2019See this image larger#TuesdayGoals #14000StepsSee this image larger#WednesdayGoal #13000StepsSee this image larger#FridayAccomplishment #12000StepsSee this image larger#Saturday #11000StepsSee this image larger#SundayMorningAfterChurch #SunnyWeather #BlessedByTheLordGodSee this image larger#MondayMonday #19000Steps #WowSee this image larger#Tuesday #15000StepsSee this image larger#16000Steps #ThursdayWalkingSee this image larger#7000Steps #ShoppingWithMamaSaturdaySee this image larger#14000Steps #MondaySee this image larger#BackAmongTheLiving #WalkingSee this image larger#FridayGoals #14000StepsSee this image larger#MondayMovementSee this image larger#15000Steps #TiredTeacher #FridayEveSee this image larger#Thursday #15000stepsSee this image larger#MorningWalk #RunkeeperStatsSee this image largerJust for home from my work as a school teacher. It’s time to make dinner: homemade tacos.See this image larger#ShortAndSweet #TuesdayWalkSee this image larger#MondayMotivation #16000StepsSee this image larger#12000Steps #TuesdayGoalsSee this image larger#Wednesday #17000StepsSee this image larger#Thursday #13000StepsSee this image larger#FridayGoalsSee this image larger#QuickWalk #WorkingTowardMyGoalsSee this image larger#WeeklyWalkGoalAccomplishedSee this image larger#FiveDaysWalkingThisWeek I was more concerned about enjoying the sights and sounds than about speed today.See this image larger#MondayMorningWalk #WonkyGPS #BlessedToBeMovingSee this image larger#WednesdayWalk #HumidHumidHumidSee this image largerSchool ended for my students last Thursday, and my last work day for this year was Friday. I am savoring my recovery time right now. #TeacherLifeSee this image largerQuick morning walk to keep the body moving. #Blessed #TeacherRecoverySee this image larger#DDaySee this image larger#ActiveVacationDay #WowSee this image largerA rare Saturday morning walk. #FifthWalkThisWeek #FloraAndFaunaSee this image largerMonday walk. Distance and speed are wrong, but the time is right. 😓See this image largerChicken spaghetti in the oven - Tuesday’s dinner Foil packets - Friday’s dinnerSee this image larger#EnvironmentalWasteLoad #ClutterHitTheRoad #ContentSee this image largerFor fun!!!See this image larger#GardeningTime #BeforeAndAfterSee this image larger#LotsOfSteps #VacationModeSee this image larger#VacationMode #13000StepsSee this image largerFriday’s tally!! This included gardening (clipping hedges). #9000StepsSee this image largerShrubs are snipped, and I am pleased but a bit tired.See this image largerI met this wonderful gentleman, a Holocaust survivor, at my workshop yesterday. #Remember #NeverForgetSee this image largerThis was Thursday’s tally. Yes I am still on vacation.See this image largerFriday’s steps. Still on vacation mode.See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerToday’s walk using Runkeeper as my tracker.See this image largerWednesday’s tally. #StillOnVacayModeSee this image larger#VacationMode #Gardening #WalkingSee this image largerToday’s step total!!! #VacationModeSee this image largerToday’s walk.See this image largerToday’s tally. #VacayModeSee this image largerToday’s step count.See this image largerToday’s morning walk!See this image largerThis morning’s walk! I have an all-day meeting across town, so this was what I could do and still reach work on time after cooling off in this Texas summer heat!!!See this image largerToday’s walk.See this image larger#ClassroomWorkDaySee this image largerToday’s walk. #FirstDayOfSchool2019 See this image larger#FridaySteps #Nearly12000StepsSee this image largerTaken at the end of the week.See this image largerCelebrating Diwali with my students.See this image largerAt Middle School Matchup, a weekend baseball tournament where students form teams to represent their middle schools. Our team won both games last night. :)See this image largerI managed a mile in my house being a digital teacher. I did not get up in time to take my morning “clear the mental cobwebs” walk. I’ll be ready tomorrow.See this image largerThis was my day’s worth of steps. #9000StepsSee this image larger#SatiurdayWalk #SanityKeeperSee this image largerI walk several times a week for sanity. #WalkBeforeSunriseSee this image largerI found this on my walk yesterday. Please continue painting and spreading encouragement, dear artists!See this image largerMy Runkeeper stats with cool sidewalk note to nurses. #ThankYouNursesSee this image largerWhile on my walk, I saw this sign was still on display. I miss teaching my kids. #TeacherAppreciationWeekSee this image largerA thank you to police officers. I spotted this on my morning walk. #ThankYouPoliceOfficersSee this image largeris blessed to call this lovely lady Mama. See this image largerToday I celebrate Mother's Day by showing an early picture of Mama holding me as an infant. I am blessed by her more than I can express in a few words. Happy Mother's Day, Mama! <3See this image largerToday I celebrate Mother's Day by showing an early picture of Mama holding me as an infant. I am blessed by her more than I can express in a few words. Happy Mother's Day, Mama! See this image largerMy classroom is packed and stacked. I am back home tomorrow to teach at a distance.See this image largerI made homemade banana blueberry muffins. Take your banana muffin recipe, and add fresh blueberries to it. More fruit per serving. My husband and son LOVE them. #BeforeAndAfterSee this image largerI made it to my 5th walk this week and my 17th this month. 🥳#WalkingGivesMeSanitySee this image largerMy Sunday morning walk. #QuietTimeWithTheLORDSee this image largerToday marks my 21st walk this month.👣See this image largerFirst day of school on the left. Last day of school on the right. With the LORD's help, I have made it through my 25th year on the other side of the desk. #TeacherLife #BeforeAndAfter See this image larger#ForLaughs #MamaIsSerious See this image larger#Yardwork #ClippingIrisFrondsSee this image largerToday’s walking results. #14thWalkOfJuneSee this image largerToday’s walk results. #15thWalkOfJuneSee this image larger#WalkingInTheRain #NewMissMorton #SanitySaver #17thWalkOfJuneSee this image largerMama Mallard and her little ones on my walk this morning.See this image largerJust for fun!!!See this image largerToday’s walk during the morning hours before the sun rose this morning. #19thWalkOfJuneSee this image largeris feeling grateful for today being the 4th of July, our country's Independence Day!See this image largerNot going to be walking for exercise for a couple of days. #KneePain #RICE #StrengthAndStretchingSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerMy dinner tonight. #HomeCookingSee this image larger#GoodMorning #Coffee #LiquidSanitySee this image largerI was able to sing in choir this morning. 🎵See this image larger#MondayMorningHumorSee this image largerIt was lovely to walk outside, knee brace and all!!! #SlowAndSteadySee this image largerToday’s sunrise was lovely. Oh, I walked a little, too.See this image larger#WednesdayWalk #PaintedRockSee this image largerThis was the painted rock by a neighbor’s mailbox.See this image largerGood Friday morning! This was today's painted rock. I did enjoy my walk today. :)See this image larger#SaturdayWalk #SidewaysPhotographTurnYourHead #PaintedRockSee this image largerThis is the end result of my Saturday’s results.See this image largerThis is what I accomplished today on my morning walk. Now it’s time for my breakfast and coffee. #LastDayBeforeSchoolWorkDaysBeginSee this image largerI helped pass out materials for school today and was primarily a gopher.See this image largerMy husband and I dropped our son off at college again yesterday. It doesn’t get easier. #EmptyNesting #HouseReallyQuiet #MissMySonSee this image largerI walked this morning. #CobwebClearer #PrayerWalk #MentalHealthSee this image largerYesterday’s walking tally. #10000StepsSee this image larger#BecauseCats #LaughTodaySee this image largerAs part of my cooking prep, I made turnip greens yesterday. I was getting hungry smelling them cook. I will eat some with dinner this week.See this image larger#TellWorldAboutJesusSee this image larger#SaturdaySteps I had about four hours of work (on my computer) that I completed, so getting this amount was an accomplishment.See this image larger#AbideInHimSee this image larger#SundaySteps Some time spent raking leaves added to the grand total.See this image largerMonday morning walk.See this image larger#ResurrectionAndLife #LORDJesusSee this image larger#ThursdaySteps #GodIsGoodSee this image larger#FridaySteps #12000Club #ThankYouLORDSee this image larger#SaturdaySteps #10000stepsSee this image larger#SaturdaySteps #6000ClubSee this image largerWhen your 22 year old son wants to go walking and doesn't mind your company, then this happens. #14000Steps ClubSee this image largerThis was my morning walk.See this image larger#10000Steps #Monday #WeekBeforeChristmasHolidaysSee this image larger#TooTrueToBeFunnySee this image larger#MorningWalk #PaintedRock #Christmas2020See this image largerToday’s walk with the rain coming down the last seven minutes. 💦See this image larger#HedgerHumorSee this image largerToday's walking stats. #LastDay2020See this image larger#BeforeAndAfter I should have realized that if I had that look on my face how things might go. Nah, I try to find silver linings and good things even on rough days. #StillKicking #GodIsGood #BonVoyage2020See this image largerHow does he do that? Every. Single. Time. #HumorSee this image largerThis was my New Year’s Day dinner: pulled pork, greens, and sweet potato.See this image larger#MorningWalk #GoodMorningSparkPeopleSee this image largerHere are my Saturday statistics.See this image larger#HumorSee this image largerSaturday’s totals. 1.9.2021See this image largerToday’s morning walk.See this image largerToday’s walk.See this image largerThursday’s results.See this image largerFriday’s final tally.See this image largerMonday’s step total.See this image larger#Humor #CatsSee this image largerWednesday’s step totals. 💃🏽See this image largerToday’s walk. 👟See this image largerFinished my morning walk. See this image largerFriday’s total steps.See this image largerGood morning. Here are my results for today. #GodIsGoodAllOfTheTime #GratefulForAnotherDaySee this image largerEleven Rules Your Kids Did Not and Will Not Learn in SchoolSee this image largerSee this image largerSchool picture 2009-2010See this image largerSchool picture 2010-2011(1 comments)See this image largerSchool Picture 2011-2012(1 comments)See this image largerSchool Picture 2012-2013See this image largerJust back from the salon! July 14, 2010See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerSee this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerMy husband and I at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum(4 comments)See this image largerMy husband and I at South Padre Island on July 31, 2011(2 comments)See this image largerMy son and I at the Dallas Zoo on March 14, 2011(3 comments)See this image largerSpring green dress! (Spring 2009)See this image largerSee this image largerWith my Christmas tree in my classroom.(1 comments)See this image largerChristmas present from my husband! :-)(3 comments)See this image largerWoman in Red(1 comments)See this image largerNew haircut! (May 22, 2009)See this image larger11 July 2009See this image largerEaster 2010 - April 4, 2010(1 comments)See this image largerNew school year!See this image largerOutside of my classroom 8-26-2011See this image largerReconnecting on Facebook

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