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See this image largerSee this image largerThank u to those who recommended doing a omelet for breakfest. 340 calories for the omelet vs the 405 calories of my normal breakfest and the omelet was 10 times more filling Used one whole egg(i still need to see that yellow color), 2 egg whites, mushrooms, ham and mozzarella cheese. I call it my healthy omelet lol See this image largerHappy 1st day of Spring!! I can't wait for the walking paths by my work to be cleared of snow! I have heard of some people who when they started cutting back on food they had dreams about food (a friend of mine would have dreams about donuts!) well last night I had a dream about french fries! Wow! Here is my life improvement list! I know I have the word "goal" in there but I don't want to call them thatSee this image largerOne day cloaer to friday! Not sure about you guys but I am ready for the weekend! I Had to cut my morning exercising 10 mins short, woke up with a Migraine and wasted 25 mins before getting to exercising. Make it a great day everyone! Here is some light humor for today :-)See this image largerDid alittle cleaning today, I let my husband know a few days ago I was going to be doing this.. Didn't want him thinking I was moving out lol top pic: clothes on right fit, clothes on left don't fit but I want them to Bottom pic: clothes I packed awaySee this image largerSee this image largerOMG!!! OMG!! Today was weigh in! Let me begin by saying I changed alot of things this last week and realized just how out of control my eating had been. Drum roll please!!!! I am down 7lbs!!!!! 267 to 260! See this image larger(-: morning :-) I am still mentally exhausted from work yesterday (see my blog/vent post) today's a new day and going to make the most of it! Have a great day everyone! See this image largerSomeone thinks he needs to exercise with Mom..lol don't mind the mess lol we will be moved in some day ha!See this image largerStory of my life! Ha! So instead of dreaming about french fries last nights dream was about a double cheeseburger yikes! Make it a great day! See this image largerIt's weigh in day!!!! But also monday blah! Last week I was at 260 and the week before I was 267 this morning I am at 256.4, a loss 3.6lbs last week! Total of 10.6 gone or in sparks weigh tracker 11lbs as it rounded up!! Wooohooo!See this image largerMorning! Make it a great day! See this image largerIt's Wednesday! That means I get to move to a different desk at work! You guys don't know how super excited I am for this! See this image largerSee this image largerMorning! It is 43 and rainy here not my idea of a Saturday!See this image largerSo I may have fell alseep after lunch and slept for 2.5 hours. Darn weather! I made baked breaded pork chops, green beans and hashbrown patties for supper. I was worried this was going to put me over the 1500 mark today, it did not! Woohoo! I did go over for the fats today but I am okay with that! Not everything can be prefect!See this image largerSo true! Plus if you use coupons you hardly ever find any for healthy foodSee this image largerTonight supper, don't the mini tacos look yummy? Well I will never buy corn tortillas again *yuck* lol but I ate them, See this image largerIt is Monday! That means weigh in day for me! Down another 2.6lbs! Woohoo :-) See this image largerSunny and 62 = 30 min walk on lunch. Slightly windy but still a win win!See this image largerSee this image largerGood morning :-) somedays I wish I could just call into work and say I don't feel good and just stat home and sleep. Unfortunately or fortunately however you look at it I don't call in unless I am super sick and on the edge of death lol Have a great day :-) See this image largerHars to believe the other day was almost 70 and I went for a walk...now we wake up to this... And sxhools are canceled..Thats wisconsin for you! See this image largerJust got the groceries unpacked and everything in this pic is healthy correct? ;-)See this image largerNot much to get excited about! Only lost 1/2lb BUT is is better then gaining a 1/2lb! Justneed to try better for next week! Have a great day!See this image largerSoooooooo true! Have a great day!See this image largerSee this image largerMorning! Just some flooding! We got hit hard with rain yesterday, this pic is a small creek on our property that drys up in the Summer, not so dry now.. It kept getting higher finally the township closed the rd along with many more. Have a great day! Like the tiny creek you can do this! You got this! See this image largerHappy Easter everyone!! Have a great day!! See this image largerHappy Easter everyone!! Have a great day!! See this image largerAfter last weeks weigh in with a loss of only 1/2lb I challenged myself to lose 2lbs well I feel I blew that out of the water, todays weigh in shows I lost 3lbs!! I was so nervous yesterday thinking about weigh in today. I worked so hard last week! Pretty impressed!! Woohoo 🙌 🙌 🙌See this image largerSee this image largerI Raided my sons Easter basket... I have enough to get me through 4 weeks :-)See this image larger~*~*~ Happy Wednesday *~*~* Hope everyone enjoys today!! Today is National walk @ lunch Day! Today if the weather is good I intend to walk for my whole lunch hour! As we are ordering in pizza for lunch so I will eat before my lunch and work some of it off on the lunch hour. Have a wonderful day!!!See this image largerDid you get out and walk on your lunch? I did! Took 47 mins out of lunch and walked. Then when we got home my son wanted to go for a bike ride.. So I walked another 20 minsSee this image largerMorning! Don't give yourself 1 week or 3 months not even 5 months! Give yourself AT LEAST 6 months! Remember 2lbs a month is 26lbs for a year! Everyone loses weight differently. Don't give up! You got this! Go out and rock 🎸 it!!See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerPlease!See this image largerDecided to write a letter to my future selfSee this image largerMorning! Happy Sunday! BRING ON THE NEW WEEK! Challenge yourself to go the extra step this week! No matter if it is 5 mins extra on the bike, 15 mins of extra walking, 5 extra push ups, 10 mins extra weight lifting, NOT eating that cookie or having that soda or not going back for seconds!! Challenge yourself to be better for YOU!! Have a great Sunday! Remember YOU woke up this morning that is half the challenge!!! Peace, love and harmony! Rock on YOU got this!! 💘See this image largerMorning! I was not expecting great results today as last week was that dreaded week plus I had fried food, a brat a hot dog a cheese Burger.. But i never went over my calories and always burned around 900 calories a day.... So this morning I was surprised by another 3lb loss! I have officially lost 20lbs total so far!! Have a great day! See this image largerSums up waking up this morning!! Have a wonderful day everyone!! YOU got this!!!See this image largerMorning funny!!! Just like i still have my baby fat ;-) See this image largerMorning sparkies!! Today is the day that I take off EVERY year, garage saling day! Little town next to mine has about 100 sales, Have a great day!! Remember you got this! You are great!!See this image largerAfternoon sparkies!! Decided to call it a day of garage saling after about 45-50 sales and walking on and off for 4 hours. I spent a whole $35! LoL one good thing is I wore my smaller size jeans and now they fit better! Ha! Have a great eveningSee this image largerMorning mbmy fellow awesome sparkies!! Put some sparkle and laughter in your day!!See this image largerHappy Saturday!!! I know it is the weekend but get out there! Rome wasn't built in a day!!! Have a great day!!!See this image largerMorning!! Who else agrees with me? Personally I would love to sleep how I did when I was in my teens and 20s! Now days sleep seems overrated! Have a great day!See this image largerMorning! Down 2 more lbs!! From 267 to 245, love seeing the scale move in the right direction!! Have a great day!See this image largerHappy Tuesday!! Lets get out there! My friend lost his mom to stomach cancer about 18 months ago and this was her favorite saying, it can be applied to so much in life! Have a great day!! Remember you are AWESOME!!See this image largerSee this image largerI decided to post me lol it is not my "beginning" pic as that is alittle too private for me to post but here is me after 22lbs of loss. I am working towards fitting into this shirt comfortably, i received this shirt for my 1 year of service at my job...four years ago.. Just took tags off tonightSee this image largerOur front windows are reflective and this little guy spent an hour this morning arguing with his reflection.. He must want to lose weight too b/c i argue with myself in the mirror also haha!See this image largerHappy Saturday!! I actually woke up feeling refreshed! First full night sleep in at at least month! Have a great day!!!See this image largerHappy Motbers day to all the wonderful, caring, hard working moms out there! Also to any Dads out that who are doubling up with this role. You all rock!!!! See this image largerUp at 4:30 not by choice, as we have only have one vehicle right now until my mine gets looked at. Today is *weigh in* I wasn't expecting great results as this weekend I did eat more and had more chocolate then normal and my fat level was was high. I am happy to report that I lost 3.6lbs! 241.5 now! Almost to the 230s marks woohooo!!See this image largerWe made it to Tuesday!! Great job everyone!! Tuesday funny for everyone! Have a wonderful day!See this image largerHappy wednesday!! We are half way there!! Lets all sparkle today! My hubby is a very lucky man that I love him and didn't try to roll him off the bed last night! How can one person snore so much?!?! Anyways have a great day!!See this image largerMorning!! I won't say food is my 1st favorite, somedays I am a sailor lol I swear more then the hubby lol have a wonderful day!!!!See this image largerI always see pics of pet so figured why not! Here are our girls, they are sisters and born in 2006. The left one is my hubbys and the right one is my baby girl,See this image largerMorning!! See this image larger took a chance on buying a couple smaller size pieces of clothes today.. Something to work my way into..both shirts are 1x also got 2 size 18 pants. In no time they will all fit great!! The purple one I already have a 2x in it but love the shirt and was glad shopko still had a smaller size! The other shirt was my $3.25 thift store find!See this image largerHaha mine states I am 145lbs haha yea when I was 17! 145 yea not planning on that size again! I would be happy with about 170-175 maybe I will put that down when I renew end of July! HahaSee this image largerMorning! I am running about 4 hours behind today and I'm okay with that! I slept in a bit woke up with a migraine, made hubby bf made son bf, waited for hubby to leave for work then took my migraine meds and slept til 8. Nothing planned today just picking up the house and trying to decide what to make for supper. Have a great day!!See this image largerMorning!! down 1.8lbs today woohoo!! 239.6! Haven't t been in the 230 range in at least 2 years! 9.6lbs I am coming for you!! Have a good day!! See this image largerHad to grab a pic of this the different colors of the sky! It was beautiful! more to the left the sky was completely white and more over to the right the sky was a pretty blueSee this image largerMorning everyone!! Have a wonderful day!!!See this image largerMorning!!!! Lets all have a great day today!See this image largerSee this image largerHappy saturday night! I am looking forward to showering tonight! Loaded hubbys 6x12 trailer up with dirt today, too many shovel scoops to count! unloaded 24 wheelbarrow loads into the new gardens. Planted 6 out of 7 beds today, moved some of the wood pile and worked in the garage. Do I really need to exercise tonight?? YES i do!! i did reward myself with having a whole soda today! i don't drink soda often but it went down good. Now exercising then shower then bed!See this image largerFun litle game! Liquor, lettuce, licorice, leeks and Liver See this image largerMorning!!! After loading dirt to the trailer and 24 wheelbarrow loads unloaded later I am just happy I am not as sore as I figured I would be today! I am wind burned, holy arms and I look like a raccoon! I dislike having a fair skin, I never win with it! No day of rest for me! We have to finish cleaning the garage! Have a great day everyone! Remember it is a new week and you are an awesome person!!!!See this image largerHappy Su ny eveni g!! Hope you all had a wonderful day!! We FINALLY had two nice days in a row now to be followed by 3 days of rain and temps in the 50s...boo! the farmers are just able to get into some of fields, inbetween projects today we grilled out, lunch was pudgy pies and supper was chicken and sweet corn. We got 90% of our projects done today, spent 10 hours in the wonderful 70+ weather! Probably burned some of those extra calories from the great food today!! Have a great evening!!!See this image largerMorning!! Only down 1.6lb this morning, guess I ate too well over the weekend! BUT it is loss so I will take it! Have a great everyone!!See this image largerHaha See this image largerSee this image largerHappy Tuesday but feels like a monday!! I have a feeling it is going to be a long week! Have a great day!!!See this image largerDid the model my diet (google it) the left side is my sw: 267 and right side is cw: 238. What a different! Can't wait to lose more especially the butt area!See this image largerI will be happy until 7:43 when I walk into work... So over my supervisors sad depressed pity me life that she makes the whole dept pay b/c she isn't a happy person and it makes her feel better then she is rude and makes fun of others. Oh well maybe at 4:30 I can be happy again! Have a sparkly ❇ day!!! :-)See this image largerSee this image largerHave a great day!!! You got this! Crush it today!!See this image largerMorning! Have an awesome day!!! You got this!!!See this image largerHappy June 1st!! 2 months until my bday!! Have a wonderful day!!! You got this you are a rock star!!See this image larger~HaPPy Sunday~ late start for me today as I decided to make rhubarb jam this morning and I packed a healthy lunch for the hubby (not sure if he was too impressed lol) Somehow I volunteered do the trimming with the push mower today so hubby doesn't have to do it tonight when he mows.. What is wrong with me? I NEVER volunteer to help with the lawn! Have a great day!!!See this image largerSee this image largerSo true lol. BUT instead of gaining a pound it would probably be 5lbs for me lolSee this image largerI may have to "volunteer" to assist with lawn mowing in the future but shhh don't tell my hubby that! Mowed lawn for 2 hours but stopped once to make son his lunch so deducted 20 mins. Tonight hubby will finish the rest, super proud I got as much done as I did! Tonight I will do another 35 mins on the bike. I feel like I am crushing it today! See this image largerHappy Monday morning!! It is a GREAT weigh in day today!!! Weighed in at 3.2lbs less then last week woohooo!! Sw 267 CW 235!! Have a wonderful day!!!!!See this image largerHope everyone had a great day!! It is finally warming up around here and we are starting to get idfels where to go camping so we took a drive tonight and we found this site that I fel in love with. It is booked every weekend BUT we plan on going midweek at the end of july and it is available! Pic is the view! looks like some good fishing! After exercising tonight I am going to book it plus we have 6 other weekends to book. Have a great night!!See this image largerHope everyone had a great day!! It is finally warming up around here and we are starting to get idfels where to go camping so we took a drive tonight and we found this site that I fel in love with. It is booked every weekend BUT we plan on going midweek at the end of july and it is available! Pic is the view! looks like some good fishing! After exercising tonight I am going to book it plus we have 6 other weekends to book. Have a great night!!See this image largerIf you are reading this that means we made it through Monday!! We got this!! Lets rock Tuesday!! Have a great one!!!See this image largerHoping to make it to friday! I had to go back into work last night and finish things as my supervisor was admitted to the hospital.. We also have other people out the rest of the week. I am suppose to leave early friday as it is the last day of school, may have to pick up my son and take him back to work with me. Good thing i am not a stress eater anymore lol See this image largerHappy Thursday!! We got this today! One step closer to Friday!! Anyone ever look at this "person" and think I can do that? BUT for my leg would be higher and my head would be more down and my hands would but out in the air as I am tipping over haha I think this everyday!!See this image largerMy babies are growing!! Anyone else just having an okay week? I don't feel like I am rocking this week. My food intake is good and my exercise is awesome but I feel come monday morning my weigh in won't be that great. On the bright side I have three days to turn it around before weigh in day!(1 comments)See this image largerSo my exercise bike has these buttons.. But where is the button saying: chubby lady needs to lose weight? lolSee this image largerTried to text my hubby to send our son with a bottle water for me....still exercising and waiting for water lol boys and legos.OMG hubby just entered the exercise room with a bottle of water!!!See this image largerMorning have a great day!!!!See this image largerMorning!! I Knew this day was coming! I hopped onto the scale today and I have gained 1lb back. It happens! Glad it was only 1lb! We were running back and forth over the weekend working on home projects and eating wasn't exactly controlled, am I going to get down about the gain? NOPE! it is a new week to try again!! Have a great day!!!!!See this image largerSee this image largerMorning!! :-) not sure about you guys but I dislike sweating more then anything in the world, it drives me nuts. Have a great tuesday!! See this image largerTuesday laugh! Haha! Maybe the kitten is just doing pull ups? See this image largerHappy Thursday!!!!! I can NEVER go again without doing my morning exercises!! Yesterday I swear I was losing my mind all day and Doubling up on last nights exercising almost kiled me lol I made sure to check my alarm clock about 12 times to make sure it was set right! So this afternoon I have my yearly doctors appt, fingers crossed that scale shows what I weighted myself at this morning! Have a great day!!!See this image largerStarted using these for my lunch sandwich and I love them! Found at walmart for 2.48See this image largerMy all time favorite lunch! Strawberries, cucumbers and Turkey breast w/ mozzarella wrap! Hope everyone is having a great day!! We quartered up a deer last hunting season so I will be working on cutting that up to take in for summer sausage and snacks sticks. Have a great day :-)See this image largerMy all time favorite lunch! Strawberries, cucumbers and Turkey breast w/ mozzarella wrap! Hope everyone is having a great day!! We quartered up a deer last hunting season so I will be working on cutting that up to take in for summer sausage and snacks sticks. Have a great day :-)See this image largerMorning!! Down 2.6 more pounds today! Yay! Cw weight 233.6 almost to the 220s!! Haven't been there in 7+ years! I work until 7 tonight so I did my lunch prep last night. Have a sparktastic day!!!See this image largerHappy Tuesday!! It has been alittle over 3 months of my journey and NEVER in a million years did I think I would enjoy getting up at 430/5am to exercise only to exercise again at night! Change is good!! P.s - I still like sleeping in on the weekend! (1 comments)See this image largerMorning!! We can see the light at end of the tunnel!! Lets make today great!! Either today or tomorrow my SUV should be fixed! A week without a vehicle sucks! Hubby and I have been juggling his truck around and I am sure he can't wait to have his truck back See this image largerTook some pics of the garden, it is coming along nicely. I can't wait to have some fresh peas!See this image largerIt is my friday!!! Have a great day!!See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerHappy sunday evening!! I hope everyone had a great weekend! We got back about 2pm from camping. What a wonderful weekend of hiking, relaxing, drinking and probably eating alittle more then I should have. It was such a wonderful weekend! I can't even explain how bad we needed to disconnect and get away! Here are some pics. I will post more tomorrow as I NEED to get to exercisingSee this image largerMorning!! I have offically lost 35lbs!! Woohooo!!See this image largerHere are some pics from camping :-) I love going down on the rocks! My poor hubby knows I like to wander off during hikes... One moment we are all hiking together the next moment is: son: DAD! I found mom! She is down on the rocks again!!See this image largerMorning everyone!! Remember you got this!! You are awesome and can do this!!(1 comments)See this image largerMorning!! Yesterday every time I was in front of a mirror I was in complete awe, as in I can't believe I have lost this much weight! Man I feel great! On lunch I stopped at the thrift and picked up some size 18 AND 16 pants! It is unbelievable that I wearing a size 18 and working to a 16. I am just in shock! Have a great day everyone!!See this image largerMorning!! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!! It would be my right knee lol lord this getting old crap really sucks!(1 comments)See this image largerMorning!! Remember don't give up in the beginning months! Give yourself at least 6 months to see your changes.See this image largerA month ago I posted this and I can say today that I fit comfortable into a size 18! After my shower tonight I am going to try size 16! I am positive I will have the same results as I had a month ago trying to get into size 18! Just have to keep at it!! Size 16 WILL be a reality before I know it!!!See this image largerNever give up!! You got this!!!See this image largerMy garden progess so far! I noticed this morning that my Asparagus is FINALLY growing! So happy about thseedsI had some extra cucumber seeds that I toss into the flower planters and they are growing too!See this image largerHappy July!!! It is exactly 1 month til my bday!! Last week I promised myself to try to lose 8 more pounds by my bday! Well now I need to lose 5.8lb by my bday! Down 2.2lb this morning!!See this image largerJust saw this and needed to share!! So true!See this image largerMorning!! We got this! We are awesome!!!See this image largerMorning!! 9 hours to go and it is 4 days off! Have a great day!See this image largerHappy 4th!!! Hope everyone has plans today!! hubbys uncle puts on a big celebration for the 4th so we are heading to his place today. I am nervous as The last time i saw hubbys family was almost 40lbs ago, so wonder if anyone will say anything! Have a greay day and let celebrate Independence!!See this image largerOh my! Sorry I am dying laughing!See this image largerHope everyone had an awesome day!!!! I wasn't me today I was b!tchy and doing extra snacking which didn't help my mood Anyways!! After exercising I will be working on 40 cups of rhubarbSee this image largerHope everyone had an awesome day!!!! I wasn't me today I was b!tchy and doing extra snacking which didn't help my mood Anyways!! After exercising I will be working on 40 cups of rhubarbSee this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerTodays weigh in didn't go well, I knew it wasn't going to be good. I gained 2.4lbs since last week (wth?) Okay... Breathe... it is what it is. Last night I already decided that after weigh in this morning that I am starting fresh, the slate is clean. I have lost close to 40lbs I need to keep moving the scale down not up. Have a good day!See this image largerSo true! Sunday I was ready to throw in the towel and give up! I posted my feelings on here and I had gotten some awesome replies as I read them I cried. I then knew it was me limiting myself and putting up a wall that I need to break down! I will get there! Have a good day!!See this image largerMorning! I should be losing weight in my sleep!! With no central air (repairman coming today) all I do is toss and turn and sweat! Woohoo maybe 10lbs loss this week! Haha j/k!! Have a great day!! Remember you got this!!!(1 comments)See this image largerMorning! So our central air has a bandage on it, one of the coils as a hole and the unit is so old they can't get the correct Freon that it needs. That means a new system! It is working for now they did fill it with a different Freon might last about 4 days. New one should be put in next week it is suppose to be 91 in the next few days!! Glad we have a home warranty!! Have a great day!! One day closer to friday!!See this image largerMorning!! Today we celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary and 15 years together. Have a great day!!!!See this image largerMorning! Happy to see Monday! Last night I was so sick I am sure at least 1lb of my weight loss today is from it! Not a good night, still my body feels warmer then normal. Anyways! Weigh in this morning!! Down 4lbs!! I am a few oz's from 40lbs but hell I am rounding down. So I am going with 40lb weight loss! Have a great monday!! Hoping I feel better as the day goes!!See this image largerMorning!! Have a great day!!!See this image largerToo cute not to share! Come ladies I know we all do this lolSee this image largerSee this image largerMaybe $5 a pound?? Okay $10 a pound would work better for me!See this image larger5pm I will be doing Michael Jacksons moon walk as I moon walk out of work and into 10 days of vacation!See this image largerA VERY needed NSV tonight. I have been an emotional/mental wreck this week. I am sure I have gained some weight back, but will deal with that and everything else. This pic is a pic of a pair of shorts that I will be tossing tonight but wanted to share. The 1st knot is when I start my weight loss the top knot is where I am now, i cannot tie another knock in these so they will be tossed. Got to keep moving forward!See this image largerI am so the one on the right!(1 comments)See this image largerMorning! Weigh in day! My eating as been all over the place last week, mcdonalds, ice cream, extra snacking... So this morning I figured it wouldn't be pretty...But I am happy to say I actually lost 1lb! We are heading out camping for a few days so everyone have a great week!!See this image largerToday is my bday and today is the day I got to open the letter I wrote to myself back in April. Some of my answers to my questions are: i don't know if 35 is all that bad I am 34 until 10:5am then I will probably fall apart! I haven't lost 35lbs I have lost 40lbs. We are heading to the waterpark today and no 2020 family is not booked. On a good day I am in a size 18 jeans. Have a great day everyone :-)See this image largerMorning :-) last day of vacation and back to the real world tomorrow :-( have a great sunday!!(1 comments)See this image largerMorning! Weigh in day!! I only gained 1.6lbs over vacation I consider that a win!See this image largerMorning (-:See this image largerI promised myself last night that I would give myself a full year. I came up with this this morning and wanted to share it. Have a great daySee this image largerHave a great day!!!See this image largerSee this image largerDown 2.4lbs :-) lost what I gained on vacation and extra. Have a great day!See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerLOLSee this image larger Morning I have lost most of what I gained from the fair! Yesterday I ate my feelings... As you can see in the pic.. This is what happened to me while I was driving. I am so angry right now, we can't seem to get ahead, i was hoping after we refinanced and paid off some bills and got caught up on things we could actually attempt have a little extra money. I am so sick of being an honest hard working person who does things the right way. It seems to only screw us over. See this image largerThis goes with the post I just posted.. Someday 30 years from now we will look back at this and laugh (i hope)See this image largerMorning!! Weigh in day! Down 4lbs this week!! 222.8 now Woohoo! We also got the carpeting done in the rec room (the room flooded awhile ago) so no more exercising in the spare bathroom! Have a great day!!See this image largerMorning! Question off the path of exercise and health.. What is a good way to help a 2nd grader practice for spelling tests? I did flash cards and cut out letters so he could assemble the words. Looking for other ideas in case this doesn't work well. Thanks! Have a great day!See this image largerHappy Wednesday!! We go get my vehicle tonight!! Someone yesterday said they never wish for anything like 9/11 to happen but they did wish to have another 9/12 meaning 9/12 is when our country came together. 9/11 we will never forget(1 comments)See this image largerMorning! I got my new used vehicle last night! My marriage will survive lol we are NOT a one vehicle household that is for sure! Payments went up some as there are so many electronics in it that if something went wrong I know I couldn't afford to fix so I took out a 3 year electronics warranty. now I can get back to a better sleep and exercise routine! No more juggling things around! Told hubby this is everyones christmas and bday presents for the next 8 years! Have a great day!!See this image largerMorning!! Movement is REQUIRED today! So I have been MIA this week I have been battling a cold and cut my exercising by 30 mins each day due to pure exhaustion. I have to say with this cold the last 6 nights I have gotten the best sleep in about 3 years. Have a great day!!(1 comments)See this image largerYour Tuesday funny :-) I am guilty of this. See this image largerThis is true! I have lost 45lbs and at 1st I was like damn I look good! But I still want to lose another 35ish and I am at the point of thinking God I am fat and nothing looks good on me! But I need to keep thinking that wait I lost 45lbs! I do look good!See this image largerMorning and happy Wednesday! I am struggling with balancing life and exercising right now during the summer I was managing 85-95 mins a day some in the morning some at night. Lately I have been lucky to get 30-47 mins once a day. I have gained 4lbs back and am trying so hard to not quit. Some exercise is better then none right?See this image largerMorning! I haven't posted in awhile and had a long post typed out but decided to delete it! So instead here is a pic that makes me giggle whenever I see it! Have a great day!See this image largerSomething to think aboutSee this image largerSaw this today and it made me giggleSee this image largerSo back to my starting weight from last year... I was down to 223 BUT lets not dwell on the past! Bottom left I needed to type up some tips for my family when I am exercising! Today is the 1st day of the rest of my Life!See this image largerSee this image largerProud of myself today. Even my hips hurting I was able to burn 458 calories on the bike... I already have my heating pad out for sleeping tonight.😆 I deleted my old blogs and started over. I hit the 500pts on the wheel today and ended up with 500 more as I am trying spark premium. Also the picture on the top left I saw on facebook today and fell in love with it as it is exactly how I feel.See this image largerMorning 😃 my hips are still hurting me today even with sleeping on a heating pad and rubbing in icy hot. Today I think I will call the chiropractor to see if she is open and try to get in after work. Daily goal today is get in 50 mins of exercise. Have a great day!!! 🌞See this image largerGot in 50 minute of exercise today!See this image largerMorning! I made it to the chiropractor yesterday and feel so much better! Still sore but can bend! My daily goal yesterday was 50 mins of exercise and I nailed it. Daily goal today is another 50 mins of exercise. Hace a great day!See this image largerMorning! Yesterday I met my daily goal of 50 mins of exercise. Here is to another day of working on meeting that daily goal!! Have a good one!See this image largerMorning lets hope my little germlin oops I mean child is going to act better and listen today. I can only stand so much until I check myself into a padded room! I met my daily goal yesterday :-) Might be a few mins short for my morning exercising as I got up a few mins late but will make it up tonight. Have a great day!!See this image largerT.g.i.f!!! Woke up this thinking it was Saturday! Glad the weatherman was wrong we did not get the hard freeze as he predicted. It looks sunny out but is only suppose to be in the 40's today, boo! Working until 11 then grocery shopping.. Feeling cute today might go the wrong way down the one way aisles in Walmart ha! Have a wonderful daySee this image largerHappy Saturday!! I didn't sleep well. I didn't go to bed until 4:41am and was up at 8:30. I couldn't sleep last night I was so upset over something. Have a great day :-)See this image largerMorning! It was weigh in for me todaySee this image largerMorning 😃See this image largerMorning! I swear at some point we will have summer! Maybe that one week in August?See this image largerI guess everyone is doing house work as a form of exercising? Is there a storage of vacuum cleaners by you? OMG We went to buy a new one and went to 3 different stores and they had no middle priced vacuum cleaners only the $400 and up ones. Our vacuum cleaner only lasted 11 months so we need something that with handle 8 carpeted rooms and pet hair. Guess I will have to look on Amazon.See this image largerSee this image largerNot the best weigh in. I wish I could get with it! I should be able to! I know at my next doctors appt she is going to point out again my "fatty" tumor under my breast.. Why can't I seem to get with the program? See this image largerMorning! Last night I did something pretty stupid... I boiled eggs and for some reason once my timer went off I tilted the pan towards me to look at the eggs... No idea why I did that but now I have a wonderful (not) burn above my stomach. Not the greatest way to start the week! Oh well things happen have a great day! See this image largerJust had to share lol! See this image largerMorning:-) I slept in this morning so will need to make up exercising tonight. I have a new coach, I have to say I like her hair color lol my supper last night on the bottom and a bowl of mixed fruit for b.f today. See this image largerYou know you are getting old when you come home from grocery shopping with these....See this image largerYou know you are old when you bring these home from grocery shopping..... I miss my 20's lolSee this image largerMorning! Okay someone explain this to me... Thinking yesterday was sunday I weighed myself(top) then realized it was saturday.. So today Sunday I weighed in and now I am the bottm number, Wth!See this image largerWe visited a county park about an hour from our house and spend alittle over an hour hiking. It was beautiful.

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