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4/13/20: Happy Monday - lots of rain, supposed to come with high winds. We're staying in today and not going to Laconia to do laundry - we'll go tomorrow instead. That's after I go to grocery store at 6 a.m. Don't need a lot. Made a great bread yesterday - I call it "Posie's Easy Cinnamon Bread" - from King Arthur Flour - made a boo boo. Used almost a cup of powdered milk to make 1 cup of milk. Of course I found out today I should have used only 3 Tbsp to 1 cup of water. Oh, well, live and learn. Had Zoom church yesterday with SKUUF - it was nice. Then made the bread and had lamb chops with potatoes and green beans for Easter dinner. Talked to Elle for a while. On goes the COVID-19 quarantine. We don't know how this will end.

3/31/20: Beginning of 3rd week of staying home because of the spread/threat of Coronavirus-19 COVID-19 that started in Wuhan China back in November, 2019. Many thousands infected, thousands have died from it. Most vulnerable are the older people and those with underlying heart/lung diseases and diabetes. NH Gov. Sununu finally issued a Stay-at-Home order effective 12:01 a.m. Saturday March 29. I last worked Sunday, March 23 for a couple who was supposed to get married. They 'ghosted' Sheila and Bill. Oh well. The place is clean but no guests. So far I've made 2 braided loaves of bread, Wacky Cake submitted by Roberta Thompson (I really miss her), and we just made 5-Ingredient Banana Bread muffins. I only go to the store once a week - now it's once every 2 weeks - with gloves and a mask. Charlie's up in his room watching Glee, while Im down here trying to clean up the living room. He's down to 150 and I'm down to 159.

1/1/20: Just watched the ball drop in NYC. It's a new day and a new year. Time to start moving forward - it's been almost 3 years since John Jay died, and it's time for me to come back to who I am!
We have snow, some rain. Not working until Thursday - so a day to finish cleaning up. Charlie doesn't go to Lakes Region tomorrow, but he's working on Thursday. Good night for now! The challenge is 10 pounds by Feb. 27!
10/17/19: Thursday, wind still blowing from last night's Nor'easter. Just read about the M-A-N-Y Benefits of Humming from Spark back in 2011! Don't want to lose that.

3/30/19: Great team effort by the Pemi Baker River Rats at the SONH Basketball Tournament in Derry, NH. Pictured is our team after they received their medals. Then we went to Papa Gino's for pizza and fun!
3/29/19: Laughed so hard at tonight's Pemi Baker River Rats basketball practice. It was parents against team. Got in some good exercise. Going to bed early because we need to be in Derry by 7:45 and it's an hour drive.
3/19/19: First 5K of year done: Shamrock Shuffle by Speare Memorial Hospital. Then St. Patrick's Day with corned-beef and cabbage (cooked early and water dumped to reduce salt). My oldest son's 26th birthday celebration (forgot to get a cake). Then Monday I got sick on the way to Charlie and my bowling/laundry/guitar lesson. Home for rest of day. Forgot to get to Spark - I was that miserable. Now on mend. Chicken soup, water, rest.

3/14/19: I FOUND BUCKWHEAT! It's not a wheat - and it's nutritious and filling, too. I put it in my chili, added it into my rice mixture for dinner, and now I have Old Fashioned Buckwheat pancake mix. Added in ground flax seed instead of the egg, added a couple of Tbsps of wheat bran, some banana, carob chips, and black raspberries! Love it! Shamrock Shuffle coming this Saturday - hope the sidewalks are clear and the weather is good. Enjoy your day.

2/24/19: Getting ready to register for the first 5k of the new year: The Shamrock Shuffle for Speare Memorial Hospital, here in Plymouth, NH. It's just around St. Patty's day - March 16. Hoping for unsnow-covered walkways.

2/8/19: I really loved today's Best of SparkPeople:
ess_articles.asp?id=835 "OPTIMISM AND THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING " I don't want to lose this article or the ideas behind it!

2_4_19: The Pats won 13 to 3! This is the year I finally rediscover my true self and decide whether I want to walk the rest of my life with a partner or not. I'm working on getting over the grief of my last one.

2/3/19: Super Bowl 53. Oh well! Patriots again. Getting over a head cold. Spent most of yesterday in bed. Better now. My son is fixing my computer so I m ony phone and I hate it

1/24/19: Now I've moved my computer off the kitchen table, I'm not using it as much. Yeah! But I'm also not starting the day off with Spark. It's been a tough January. I'll be changing my phone number tomorrow as I've been plagued by scamming calls from ABSWorld for almost 2 years. They get a new phone and call again. Warning to MAC users: Never call the number on your screen if it appears something is wrong with your computer. Just shut it down - and password protect your computer!

1/19/18: On my way to the 3rd Annual Women's March - in Concord. No snow, but it will be cold. Oh, well. Life isn't perfect! Have a safe warm weekend! Expecting snowfall in northeast.
1/9/18: It's the New Year- middle of winter-and we're getting more snow/rain here in New Hampshire. Looking forward to spring and new things.
12/26/18: Hope all had a wonderful Christmas! Ours was good. Now I'm starting over - have GOAL sheets printed out - with mini goals listed and checklist to post. I'll be starting tomorrow. My biggest problem is meal planning. Will conquer that this year!
11/4/18: Great start to another episode of weight loss. I projected for 159 by today - I'm 159.2! I've written down my next weight loss step on the calendar. I'll edit this when I bring it in from the car.
10/13/18: Went to Laconia Pumpkin Festival.
10/6/18: Picture above is from Proctor Academy invitation to the Special Olympics athletes for a family fun day. The pic is Charlie and Shawnee at the "Dance Off." Great day - great cafeteria, too!
9/29/18: It was a timed race. I came in at 54:15!
9/28/18: Getting ready to do the Tanger Fit 5K in Tilton, NH on Sunday Sept. 30. Great cause to be walking for! It's actually a timed run and/or walk - looking forward to doing it in less than 1 hour.

9/18/18: Boo Hoo Hoo! I was too busy yesterday to get on Spark - so I'm back to Day 1 on check in. I was up to over 174 consecutive days! Oh, well - Start again, shall we???!!!

9/15/18: Going to Ashland, NH for their Town-Wide Yard Sale. Our Pemi Baker River Rats are joining forces with the Ashland Community Church to raise funds for our activities this year. Cool start to the day - I'm glad this is the last "Bake Sale" we do - I've got over 8 dozen different cookies to sell!

9/2/18: Did "Run Your Buns Off" 4.2 miler in 1 hr. 20 min. Had a beautiful day to walk, and had a great companion to walk with!
9/1/18: TWO YEARS Smoke FREE! Off to "Run Your Buns Off" 4.2 Miler in Bristol, NH!

8/11/18: We're heading out to Rumney's Old Home Days this morning. Food, fun, local handcrafting vendors, and supporting our local politicians. Then this afternoon it's on to Hebron's Family Fun Day. Hoping for good weather. Right now it isn't even 60 degrees. Nice change from the sweating heat and humidity!
8/1/18: Trying to follow Oprah and Deepak's free 21-day Meditation series: Energy of Attraction: Manifesting Your Best Life. I'm behind as usual, but still there. This really hit home, though: "I ATTRACT ABUNDANCE FROM MY TRUE SELF" Shreem Kleem Namah. This says "acceptance of myself from where I am every minute."

7/21/18: We went to Portsmouth to walk the Black Heritage Trail. Beautiful day for it. Saw a few prominent homes where black slaves had lived, including John Langdon's, former Governor of NH. Most memorable were the North and South churches and the burial ground memorial. Will be going back in the fall to do more once I have done more research.

7/8/18: Beautiful weather these last two days after the extreme heat and humidity with no rain for a week. Working more as business has picked up. Back to walking track in the mornings, too.

6/14/18: Just ran the fitness report for the month and another since Feb. 1. Since Special Olympics weekend, I'm on a sad, downward trend in minutes and distance! It's going to have to change!

5/31/18: Charlie and I are going to UNH in Durham this afternoon for the Special Olympics New Hampshire Summer Games! Looking forward to fun, smiles, lots of athletes doing some really great things - and watching Charlie compete in the Bocce Ball games!

5/20/18: Charlie and I are heading to Lebanon, New Hampshire this morning for the Walk to "Help Stop Hunger" for the Grafton County Senior Citizens Council! Should be fun - we're hoping the rain holds off. He's going to a prom in Meredith tonight, too.

5/5/18: Happy Cinco de Mayo! Charlie and I are leaving soon to go to Londonderry to the Special Olympics New Hampshire Summer Games playoffs in Field & Track. He's doing Bocce Ball. It should be busy and fun! Rain stopped, too!
4/29/18: Went to Stowe, VT for the 60th New England Square Dance Convention. Great time dancing -seeing old friends, making new ones. LOVE Square Dancing after all these years. Would love to see the young people (teenagers) get excited about it like we did!
4/13/18: New Day, time for getting errands and walking done. Rumor has it we have snow&ice coming in later today through tomorrow. That just means I have 'now' to do things and enjoy!

4/9/18: Have posted "Weight Loss Milestones" for weight and BMI and positive results arising from losing weight - including easier breathing, lower cholesterol, and better functioning immune system.
4/8/18: Just stumbled on this: SparkPeople's Mind Over Body series, a 10-step program to ending emotional eating and creating a permanent healthy lifestyle. View the full series here.

3/18/18: Survived the really cold temps and strong winds yesterday (22 deg. and 8-10 mph by the high school) - finished the 5k in less than an hour. Over 288 registered, about 200 ran/walked. Rewarding feeling!

3/17/18: In just under 2 hours from now I will be walking the Shamrock Shuffle, a fundraiser for the Speare Memorial Hospital here in Plymouth, NH. This will be the coldest one yet - it's 20 degrees now. This is my fourth. Charlie just wants to volunteer - not walk this year. tradition of the first 5k of the new year. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all!

3/6/18: Skipped a day for Trivia, but I'm at least 15 for 15! I did the check in but didn't get the rest done. Busy day. I was going for the Mayo Clinic Diet, but when I got there I found it wasn't very maneuverable - so out with that. Started yesterday with good foods but got derailed when my son and I went to the Down Syndrome Team's monthly dinner. Great salad and lots of it, then came the Papa Gino's pizza: hamburg & pepper (I got the smallest slice I could find). And then one of our ladies made excellent oatmeal cookies without raisins - and there was this one sugar cookie I couldn't resist. Onward and forward today!

2/21/18: Starting the month over again! I wasn't even on the computer yesterday - I had to get to work, got home and got dinner, went to a meeting that lasted 2 hours, came home, read for a while, and went to bed. My great days counter is now reset to 1 for today. Better luck next month!

2/4/18: Still down the pound. Hydro-Quebec d/b/a Northern Pass has been shot down here in NH! (at least for now). I've found a video for strength training:

2/1/18: Happy February! It's a great way to start the day - I'm down a pound! I've changed one thing: I start my mornings off with a glass of water before anything else. I also am drinking at least 4 glasses, and sometimes more per day! It's working!

1/20/18: Concord, NH State House here I come, along with lots of other women - it's the 2nd Women's March since this administration took over! How can men treat women so horribly? We need MORE good women in office!

1/19/18: Blood tests were fine, caffeine is off the menu however. Been off it for over a week with no dizziness. Maybe . . . I'm also starting the day off drinking more water before anything else - it's helping.
1/11/18: Went to my PCP because I had the 5th or 6th episode of dizziness - no nausea, just dizzy. Blood test to rule out thyroid and Diabetes (my blood sugar has always been in a good range, but . . .) I'll see next week.
1/8/18: Busy start to new year. Extreme cold with strong winds (15-30 mph) started off last week, but now over, TH! Moving down ever so slightly on the scale:161.4.But it is moving. Sugar is really hard to kick, more than nicotine was (back 9/1/16). Will keep trying because I know I can beat it. Drink more water will help. Did Tai Chi video with Scott Cohen yesterday morning; want to do more.
12/31/17: Wishing everyone a happy, prosperous, refreshing New Year. Tomorrow is the first day of 2018, another day to start fresh, just like all the other 364! This coming year will bring changes, day by day. I'm going to try to look at each day in the present. Step by step reaching the goal to get to a healthier weight, with a reward for progress.
12/24/17: Happy Holidays 2017May you all enjoy a warm, safe, happy and healthy holiday, be it Kwanza, Merry Christmas, or other celebration of this season. And a Happy Healthy New Year, too!
12/13/17:Small Changes are Good Not succeeding in losing weight yet, but exploring options. I would like to be down 6 pounds by the time I see my Pulmonologist in January (5 more weeks). That's a reasonable 1 pound per week. Looking into the Mayo Clinic Diet (yes, I know it's a lifestyle program).
11/15/17: The Pemi Baker River Rats face their competition in bowling this coming Saturday at FunSpot. Charlie's bowling shoes came in - so we're going to practice ahead of time this week with them. Should be a fun, noisy, crazy morning!
11/12/17: Hoping all our Veterans were able to enjoy the day dedicated to remembering them! This coming week looking forward to the Special Olympics Bowling Tournament at FunSpot in Laconia, NH. Should be noisy, fair competition, and Fun!
10/18/17: New banner picture shows my son standing next to a 730# pumpkin. I wish I had the weights of the other ones-the one way behind him was even bigger. This was at the Sandwich Fair - the rain broke for about 3 hours so we could enjoy walking and seeing the animals (who cares about all the "bad but fun" food!
10/9/17: Monday - Indigenous Peoples' Day: It's raining here in central NH; however, we've planned to go to the Sandwich Fair - it's the last day - and it's going to be muddy. But we're going anyway. We did get to the North Haverhill Fair back in July, this is the end of the fair seasons. Packing a second pair of shoes and dry socks.
9/17/17: Another bake sale to benefit our "Pemi Baker River Rats" in Ashland! More money was earned towards uniforms and activity fees! Great day. I just wish I'd remembered to come back to Spark yesterday to keep up. Got really busy and tired. Oh, weel.
9/9/17: Our new Special Olympics athletic team "Pemi Baker River Rats" held a bake sale/yard sale at the Community Site of the Plymouth Town-Wide Yard Sale today! We got some money to put towards new uniforms and bowling charges!!! Not too shabby Team!
9/2: Hard to believe September is already here! Going to Bristol, NH very soon for the "Run Your Buns Off" 4.2 miler (not 4.2k) to benefit some worthy community organizations. Nice and cool this morning - and it ends with sticky buns from Basic Ingredients Bakery on Rt. 3A in Bristol!
8/29: Love the article titled "Stop and Chew Your Dinner" or how and why to learn to eat more slowly! Thanks for that. Starting on Flovent to see if it helps; prescribed after my physical yesterday.
8/24: Forgot to sign in yesterday, again. I left when Charlie left - but was really tired because the old smoke alarms had been thrown in the dumpster, and we live in the apartment closest to it. Couldn't find the noise until 7 in the morning. So I was Really TIRED all day! Oh, well, a new month is around the corner! I managed to return the iFitness band to Kohl's for a refund. The band did not stay on for more than 4 hours without getting knocked off. Pretty useless.
8/22: Oops, forgot to sign in yesterday. Really busy day getting Got Lunch done (last time before school starts next week), laundry, finish making cookies and mac salad for his DST pool party, get Charlie to his guitar lesson, and then to the pool party. Oh, well. Good day, though.
8/20: Charlie and I walked downtown yesterday. It was over 3 miles round trip! yeah! Later I broke down and bought an "iFitness" band on sale at Kohl's. It tracks steps, sleep, calories burned. I'll see how it works.
Aug. 13: Oops! Back to the beginning! I had an Annual Meeting at the Squam Lakes Science Center in Holderness, NH to go to yesterday - and I forgot to sign in all day! Haven't had that happen in months! Charlie and I then went to the Rumney 250th Celebration, back to the Squam Lakes Science Center for the Porcupine feeding - back to Rumney again for the rest of the day. Oh, well . . .
Aug. 9: Down to 157.7 after a week and a half of South Beach Diet - and not doing it perfectly, either! We went to an Eastern Star Ham & Bean Supper on Saturday night. I ate a lot more chocolate than I should have this week, too. If I'd followed the diet strictly, I wouldn't be hungry and I would have lost more. But I lost good - and I definitely feel better!
July 31: Starting South Beach Diet again. Had success back in 2004 and it had wonderful recipes, even though lots of cooking. Tired of weight making me tired. Charlie and I went to Flume Gorge yesterday - perfect weather, and he even went through the Wolf's Den! It's awesome.
July 25: Went off gluten-free yesterday. After busy morning, getting an oil change, C and I went to Sal's and had thin-crust pizza slices. Since I hadn't noticed any difference in psoriasis in previous 7 days, I don't thing it's necessarily the answer. Will look into that later.
July 23 - still staying off gluten. Went out last night to see a great musical family/group at The Purple Pit in Bristol, NH. Swing Rocket! Wonderful evening, sorry to see Michael, the saxophonist/clarinet player leave to go home. But enjoyed a great evening. Had a glass of wine with soda water too.
July 18: On third day of gluten-free eating. Found an article that was encouraging - but of course can't find it now. It seems it's a long-range test of up to 12 weeks to see if it really improves the condition. There's inflammation involved, too, which can be helped by ginger and turmeric. I'm down to 162 this morning.
July 2: Last night Tornado warnings here in NH! Loads of rain, flash flooding. This morning is calm, sun shining. Variety - and water. Need to renew my commitment to losing weight and feeling great. Happy 4th of JULY Everyone!
June 12: POISON IVY, YUK! Had it for over a week now; can't wait to see the nurse today because nothing is making it better. I know it will eventually run its course, dry up and leave me alone, but in the meantime it's just itch! May 22 I just finished reading "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo, and I emptied out over 60 pounds of clothing-going to donation boxes (there's one for Special Olympics in my town) and to Goodwill (stuff I wouldn't admit I even had in my drawers and closet). It's starting to feel good! June 7 working on sorting out my books and donating.
Now reading "LIfe is Good" for motivation in starting my own business doing Norwex (creating safe havens by pitching the plastic and eliminating chemicals from the home!
For the past three days my psoriasis has been almost non-existent - and I can't figure out why! The biggest change since Jan. 1 has been eating collard greens (with black-eyed peas on New Year's Eve and Day). Added a little bit of non-filtered vinegar (Bragg's). Don't know why, BUT I LOVE IT!
THE POWER by Rhonda Byrne has a wonderful path to Gratitude and a Wonderful Life. It's a Must Read! Reading more - and just found "Life Is Good" - loaded with inspiration!
Started 2017 with no smoking since Sept. 3, 2016! Yeah!
Each day I will try to do something good for myself to get healthy and lose this weight so I can feel better.
"Things are neither Good Nor Bad. Thinking makes them so!" by Shakespeare (smart man!) Here's a great newsletter that just might help anyone who's feeling the $pinch in a big way (found it somewhere else here in Sparkpeople): It's about Frugal Living and many other great things! I'm trying it!
LIVING ON A DIME NEWSLETTER - Lose Weight With Easy and Delicious Soups:
Exercise Makes Your Brain Brighter At Any Age - MSN Link:

Member Since: 8/2/2008

Fitness Minutes: 34,906

My Goals:
Moving forward in baby steps. Trying to gain control of eating patterns and exercise. Going to get off this sugar addiction.
Looking and feeling good while finding my true Being. Learning that Smiles and Kindness are good to give out!

My Program:
Finding new recipes for us to improve blood pressure and weight. Here's one: Lemony Spinach Quinoa Bean Salad from Anne at Fanntastic Food. Taking it with Charlie and me to the DST BBQ July 10.

Personal Information:
I'm Barb from Plymouth, NH. Sixty-six-year-old Mom of two boys: 26 and 24.

My youngest son has MDS (Mosaic Down's Syndrome) and is a real love. He's now part of the DownSide Up Group here in Plymouth, the Pemi Baker River Rats Special Olympic team, and he's a White Mountain Toastmaster. He also is involved with Best Buddies. My other son is a very talented and creative graphic artist and mechanic. We belong to Plymouth and Lakes Region Parent Networking Group and it's joining with NH Family Voices, too.

Other Information:
On pg. 2 on Spark Trivia on June 8, 2017. Keep smiling, it's free, easy to give away, and it makes people feel good, besides being contagious, and FREE!

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    Hey, thanks for the Goodie and the kind words. No, I’m not an active user of Spark any longer, but happy to answer questions. It would be 1 cup of dry milk powder. No need to turn into liquid milk. The powder is what helps produce the “crust”. 😊
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    Thank you for the goodie and for thinking of me. I am not ready to party, but you never know.
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    Thank you for the goodie, I was happy to hear from you.
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    Barbara, was in hospital and not feeling like getting on computer when I got home, so bear with me. I am fine now, not really but at least I am on computer. The story is way to long to go into but I have cellulitis on my right leg and the RN comes to my house once a week, still under doctor's care and going to see him for shots because I AM NOT GOING BACK TO THE HOSPITAL. Bev
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    Howdee, I had to dismantle team because there was ZERO participation, now on another team and there are NO challenges, just chatting, and the team is very, very active. Go on my page and you can find it. I miss chatting with you. Maybe if you join the team we can get caught up. Bev
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