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Feb 22, 2019
Back. Time to restart. Fun to read old post. Fun to see emotional growth... So much has happened since I first joined SP. Spouse STILL on the coast and I'm still working 10 hours away. He will be retiring at the end of the year, so end is in sight. but, body not changing for the better. Gets harder as I get older to maintain. REALLY notice how much strength I have lost! So, new year. new goals

Feb 19, 2017!
Lost my horse in December - still sad.
Moved to SE Washington! New Job!
Hoping my spouse can move soon as well -- but right now, I'm in an apartment... first time in 30 years. Not awful. Great time to start over on SP.

11/13/16 Is it really 2016?.... almost 17? I logged back in, just on a whim and see that a couple of my sparkpeople contacts are still posting! So glad for your success!

Life has been careening along for me. Horse duty, become horse ownership. I got the horse I always wanted... when I was 18. sigh. 3 years and much water flowing under the bridge -- recently decided my 18 year old self, needs to adjust to the 55 yr old body.

Back at spark people -- figuring my way. New quiting, but adjusting.

2012 is closing, and I am once again starting over. Another year of weight gain and I'm only 10lbs shy of my high weight. Desk job has won out so far, but I see others doing it... I can to. I did start horse-sitting in December of 2012, so I have a workout built in now that can't be skipped.

YEAR TWO. Starting over. I spent 2011 relocating my 2010 health mojo. After 6 successful months on SP, I got off track in january, 2011, Travel, a breakdown in workout equipment and additional injuries (broken tailbone, ankle re-injury) destroyed my routine. And slowly all the good habits developed in 2010 dissolved... Took 7 months, but I realized in November, 2011 I was snacking on cheese nips and skipping my workouts again daily.... And I have the weight gain (20lbs!!!) to prove it. Today, New Job, New Year, new dvd equipment and a new gym membership removes those excuses. Can't fail if you can't quit.

12/29/12 - 175 again?! Really.


2/17/2012 161 But writing this on the 20th and I'm up at 163. No way have I gained. the Motivation is still amazing right now, plus no appetite still from being sick for so long in January.. so an icky monthly thing. My cycle is all off due to Menopause, I think, so hard to know where I am in my cycle exactly anymore. I still "feel" all the ups and down's but I don't ALWAYS have the "visit" anymore. SLOWLY adding exercise to prevent repeat of last-year's re-injuries! Goal is to work up up to 60ish minutes per day. Now at at about 30min 4x/week.

2/12/2012 - 162.5 -- Goal to be back in the 150s, is looking doable! A year ago in April, I was "gaining" the weight I had lost and I was "back up" to 154. Now I REALLY want to Lose back down to that number by mid April. Goal now is to leave the 160s in the dust ASAP and NEVER RETURN.

1/30/2012 - 166 Kinda forgot about my weekly weigh ins -- sick most of the month.

1/1/2012 Right where I was when I started. Sigh. I did it. Can't even bring myself to write down the number. Can't wait until this date is WAY at the bottom of the page. .. Think I'll add ALL of January dates now so this entry will disappear from my screen... Oooh! much better!

----PAST INTROs------------------------------------
Hello! I joined SparkPeople Tuesday, Aug 11, 2010. I've been wearing sweats for 15 years --first babies would use my clothes like Kleenex, then it just got easy to never wear anything else, since shopping while over weight is NOT fun... tired of it! I want to wear the slinky dress out for dinner with my husband on my 50th birthday in May, 2011.... But I can't stand to wear heels. Do they make dress-up Birkenstocks? hmm...

Here is Full Disclosure to keep me Honest and moving on! I weigh-in every Wednesday and will record it here.

--------Weigh In Diary, 1st year on SP can be titled, She Loses, She Gains most back... Its an ugly story, but help yourself to it if you find this sort of thing helpful. --------

April 20... 154. Yes it is the FAT time of my cycle, but obviously that is not the only issue here... TIME TO RECOMMIT. Saw a comment on a board from Lauriewy to take it 10 days at a time -- 10 day challenge, 10 day moderation... I think this is a good idea for me, plus wouldn't you know, its 10 days from my 50th b-day. I won't be in a size 4, but at least I'm also NO longer needing a size 16 either. Never quitting. Start: 08/11/2010

3/9/2011 148.5 The last time I recorded a weight it was 147... so up 1.5 lbs in a month and a half... I'm actually, nothing but relieved... so thought it was going to be worse. The UGLY part is how out of shape I'm in... LOST a LOT of muscle by not lifting for 2 months. I did walk some, but that doesn't seem to do much for me besides mental healthy. So home now from traveling for 6 weeks with the job. 2-3x per week weight lifting and back on track to attempt 50 pushups by my birthday May1.

1/19/11 145.5 Readjusting... then ate out while in Eugene for the weekend-- so body still adjust. Did hit 143 at one point that shot up to 148.5. Today apparently found the middle at 145.5... crazy week (weight-wise)! Do feel back on track -- Traveling for work the weekend... again. sigh.

1/12/11 147 Need to shake things up to get the scale going down and me more focused. Adjusting eating program... going high Pro ... again. sigh. Need to get life under-control, so maybe something more restrictive for a few days will help me readjust.

January Goals: Joined the LOSE 10LBS IN JANUARY challenge... sigh. Hate extremes- but I'm 6.5lbs or so off my weight goal line (GL). GETTING BACK ON TRACK THIS MONTH.
Plan: 2.5lb loss/week is ugly but doable. This will cut my GL deficit in half. It took 2 months to get behind, so I'm figuring it'll take 3 months to get back in line.
1/8/11 Goal- 144 (GL137.5) Results: NOT EVEN ! 148
1/15 Goal- 141.5 (GL136) Result: NOT! Went from 143 to 148.5 in ONE DAY. Must be sodium.
1/22 Goal- 139 (GL134.5)
1/29 Goal- 136.5 (GL133) (10lb Challenge Goal)
1/31 Goal 136

1/1/11 146.5 Extra Weigh-In to start the year! Starting the year way off my Goal line of139-- This IS What happens when I don't focus for 2 months. No Gain for the holidays, but not going to reach my Goal Weight by my birthday without some serious work. Sigh. Its all good. I'm not quitting, so of course I'll get there eventually, but this is a good month for an EXTREME MAKEOVER, since I'm not working much... Let's put that time into fitness and House organization!

12/29/10 148 +.5 Did eat everything this last two weeks, but I read somewhere about how you get the most enjoyment of food in the first two bites... I tried that, and surprising it was mostly true... So yes, I ate everything but mostly just two bites of everything. It was a great Christmas! I originally wanted to lose 5lbs this month.... but then once I realized how HARD this year's celebrations were for me, I re-goaled myself to just NOT Gaining in December. Down .5lbs from the beginning of December, so I'll call this month a weight loss success!

12/8/2010 147.5 Barely making it -- I want to eat EVERYTHING, so must be a TOM or a cold weather thing. Keeping life centered on the now -- just gotta get thru this moment and this day. Bad time to NOT be working! Too much time at home this month!
12/1/2010 148.5 December Challenge - Goal is to see/pursue measurable changes... Something other than the scale.
Pants- Lose 12s and Tight 10s-- can wear some of both, depending on the brand
Push Ups: 12 (good form, no modifications)
-the-rain/ week: AT LEAST 2/Week, so 9 days is the goal.
Bring IT!
Results: Walk - 12/3

11/24 150 Not making my T-day goal. sigh. It will come, if just not in my timeframe. Getting back into my "fat" part of the month-- for about 2 weeks every month I seriously bloat... so don't know if I'll see a loss for awhile on the scale. Hanging in there, however!

11/17/2010 149.5
BMI: 26.4 After 3 months, lost about 18 pounds
I set a goal of 148.5 by T-day (Christmas vest or sweatshirt) and November 5 lb challenge 147. 148.5 seems doable.... 147 seems harder.

11/10/2010 153 My weight has been a moving daily target this week... anywhere from 151-155. I'm expecting something amazing this weekend, if my pattern holds, I should drop significantly.... Hopefully the loss will stay around long enough for me to record here next Wednesday. Also a bit uneven WHERE I'm losing weight... I swear 1 breast is almost a cup size bigger than the other-- its a bit like looking in a fun house mirror.

11/3//2010 153 Well, Lost about 5.5 --Not 10 for the November Challenge -- Gotta stick with 5/month for now on... Increased my weights to 8lbs for most free weight exercises.

10/27/2010 152.5 LOST 2.5 lbs! OMGosh!

10/20/2010 I55. Yes! Working for the 140s by 1st week in Nov... going high protein for a few days... Yuk. Hoping this doesn't backfire and I just gain a quick weight loss all back by mid November... I sooo want this hanging fat gone, plus I have only a couple of size 12 pants... lots of size 10s! So need the quick loss so I'll have something to wear next week to work. NOT buying 12s... or 10s. I WANT 8s or lower.

10/13/2010 157 Was at 156.5 for friday weigh-in for October Challenge... Then 158.5 on monday... today, back at 157... Gotta Just stick with ONE weekly weigh-in!

10/6/2010 Weight 157 LOST 1.5lbs... There is my 157, and just in time for my 2 month anniversary at SP. 8 Weeks completed! Although I guess the anniversary isn't until the 11th... 10 pounds lost total, so 5lbs/month. Should put me at my goal weight pre-50th...
BMI 26.8
Step test 130 (this time used the 12" step-- before I used half that I think.
push ups 33 (modified on knees) crunches 48
Resting Heart Rate: 68

9/29/2010 Weight 158.5 LOST .5 lbs -- I did a mid-week weight check on monday and I was 157... no idea what happened... maybe exercised less. I know its H2O... but still. I was so pumped for this weigh-in -- thought it was going t be another -3 pounder... NOT. At least I can still record a bit of a loss for the week, and NOT a gain. Still RESOLUTE.

9/22/2010 Weight 159. LOST 3.5 lbs

9/15/2010 Weight 162.5 GAINED +.5 Feel strong through. A girlfriend (who I haven't seen in 20 yrs) and I are hiking our way around Oregon this week. We're splitting meals, but still the cal. add up. Not freaking though -- Hiked new trails in the Columbia Gorge area, Mt Hood, along 101 on the coast and down in the CA redwoods, so meeting that goal! good times and great adventures!

9/8/2010 Weight 162 GAINED +.5

9/1/2010 Weight 161.5 LOST -2lbs

8/25/2010 Weight 163.5 LOST -1.5 lbs

8/18/2010 Weight 165 LOST -2 lbs

Weight: 167 (Started 3 months prior at ~187)
BMI: 29.8
Fitness Test: 30 pushups (on knees), 48 crunches, 134 steps
Resting Heart Rate: 67

Member Since: 8/11/2010

My Goals:
2019 Goals
Get in shape for trip June 1 to NYC!
Improve balance
Improve strength.

2017 Goals
Apply to Grad School
Exercise 1-2x daily
Meet People in my new town!

Updated Goals:

1. Find employment that leaves time/emotional energy for more family and friends and activities.
2. Find Home for beloved Richee
3. Ride most days.
4. Have people over.

1. Hike a new trail near home at least 1x/month.
2.Snow ski this winter with my family . Be a Player.
3. Horse duty 4-5x week

10% Weight Challenge
17 lbs Replace laptop? (stolen dec/2012)
15lbs Manicure (I've never had one.)
13lbs Restock clothes (use those gift cards!)
10 lbs Goal!

My Program:
Move daily/walk with older dog - but also start adding add'l movement.
Strength train daily. Even if that is just shoveling snow...

Updated Program 11/13/16:
1. Eat healthy. Salads/vegys daily
2. Add yoga 2x/week and core work most days.

1. Eat 1000-1500 cal/day
2. Do SOME form of exercise daily
3. Track efforts daily at Spark People

Personal Information:
Awesome new job! Now in Washington State - Walla Walla
updated personal info - 11/13/16
Still North Bend, OR -- but looking to move away from coast
1 Spouse, 2 sons - 1 now college grad, other in college, 1 dog, 1 horse

North Bend, OR
2 boys, 1 spouse, 1 dog

Other Information:
Be Fearless. God has not given us a spirit of Fear. But of Power and of Love and of a Sound Mind.

Question Authority. -- Moto still stays the same.

Read More About MCCLOD - Profile Information moved here. (Updated February 24)

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    Really happy to see your post and it sounds as though you've kept busy with the horse and all. Best wishes to make it all happen.
    1169 days ago
    Nearly mid Jan. and I'm wondering how it's going for you?

    Stay strong!
    2571 days ago
  • v GOINGFOR20
    How are you doing??
    I've been off track for months- really couch potato-ing and eating the wrong stuff. Just too lazy to focus on my own health... pretty angry with myself right now. *sigh* I'm back up to 161.8 today...nearly back to my start weight on Spark. Why do I do this to myself???

    BUT...this morning I had a healthy breakfast and did 45minutes of cardio and a bit of weights on my arms. Got to get it together!
    2581 days ago
    Welcome back.
    2584 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Thank you for your comment on my blog - The Great Snoring Caper. I am leaving behind a gaudy display of the new emoticons - because what is life without a little gaudy. I'm just sayin'.

    Have a great week, rock star!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2757 days ago
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