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Most People Call Me "Angel". It is what I answer to.

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March 2004. I love how thin my face it here. I want to look like this again.

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And time for a page makeover!

I'm on a journey. Been on it a while.
It's taken me a while to not let the mental game get in the way. As my kickboxing instructor says "Stay out of your head!" and he is so right!
I've been fighting with my scale for so long I lost sight of what was really important.
Research shows that it isn't skinny people that will inherit the's healthy people.
I am motivated to be strong and healthy and to be active. Man wasn't created to sit in front of a computer or sit on a couch all day..we were created to be in motion.
I plan to stay in motion. If weight loss happens as a byproduct of my effort, that is just a bonus!

Something I wrote a while back:
"While for the very overweight, weight loss usually instantly equals, healthy.. I want to take a moment to really consider what a healthy body looks like.

A healthy body is a body that stretches into it's full range of motion.
It bends forward at the waist..
It reaches high into the sky..
It lunges deep..
It stretches deeply to each side..
It touches it's toes..
It opens it's lungs and takes deep cleansing breaths..
It twists at the spine..
It crouches.. it twists.. it springs.. it curves.. it dips.. it leaps. It rejoices in motion.

It's full of life and energy.
It desires to move..
To feel air filling lungs, to feel the heart pumping it's life giving blood.

That is a healthy body.

A healthy body is treated to water that it craves to replenish and rejuvenate.
It is given what it craves: REAL nutrients from real food of every color.. greens, reds, yellow, purple. And yes.. food that will make the tastebuds AND the body happy.

It is given rest when it needs it, to relax and renew and to gain new focus.

And it is treated to relaxing baths..and deep tissue massage (when the pocketbook allows ;).

It is treated to things that will engage the senses. Bright new hat.. manicured fingers and toes.. a bouquet of flowers...

It weeps at additives, toxins and things that will clog it's pores, pipes, and throughways.

Remember folks..
This is the ONLY body you get for this lifetime.
Love it. Love it in every shape and size it has been in.
Admire it for carrying you through your day, for helping you meet your goals.

This is your one body.. you can CHOOSE to love it and nourish it.. or you can choose to hate it and deny it. "

About me:

My friends mostly call me Angel.

I lie habitually about my age, but that's okay, you'd never guess anyway.

I've been going to school for over 8 years and I"m halfway through toward my BA. (Yeah.. just my BA.. by now I should be at my doctorate.. I know!)

I'm a psychology/sociology major and love people and learning about human behavior.

I'm a 7 on the Enneagram.

I'm an ENFP.

I"m told I missed my calling and should have been in theatre.

I am told I'd make a great teacher. I'm considering this.

I'm full of life, but prone to being down.

I aim to live a purposeful meaningful life filled with joy and love.

I believe in giving, loving and nurturing.

I'm a dreamer, a romantic, and drama queen.
But I know how to take a moment.. to relax.. breathe.. and listen.

I"m a raging shopaholic addict. I"m finally okay to admit that this is a full blown addiction. But I"m a spendthrift budget seeker.

I"m also a bit of a packrat.. not yet at "hoarder" status. I actually know where to find 90% of my items.

I love to read, but mostly romance novel trash. Lately I"ve been on a Young Adult novel kick.

If there was something I could do and not fail.. it would be to write a young adult novel..and then some.

My weight loss journey thus far:
I"ve never been the fat kid, and I was a rather slender teen, at times even being quite thin. My issues began after I had my son.
Turns out I have PCOS or Insulin Resistance.. my doc isn't exactly sure since I take hormones so his testings aren't accurate. But those are the likeliest culprits.

In 2004 at 185 I lost 35 pounds with Weight Watchers.
I learned how to portion control and make wise "point" spending choices on what to eat.
I plateaued at 150 and didn't budge. I stopped weight watchers.
In the 4 years since I've put on 15 lbs.
On average..since I was 18 I put on about 4 lbs a year.. while a net gain of 4lbs a year is less than 1/2 a pound a month.. it has added up to 40lbs!!!

NOthing I've tried recently has worked.
I pounded myself all 2008 to try to lose weight.
I used to be an avid yogi..but I admit it's something I haven't practiced in a long time.

At the end of 2008 I began to see an endocrinologist.
I am now beginning a doctor supervised and recommended Low Calorie diet using HMR Products. 4 shakes + 1 meal.
It is our hope that I will lose the 20-25 lbs to get to 145-140 and then work out a plan to maintain that weight.
Hopefully that will be my new "set point".
It is his belief that my body has settled at the 165 mark as it's "set point" and we have to drasticly shock my body into shedding the pounds, as the traditional 1200 calorie/cardio 3x a week hasn't worked so far.

I' ma big advocate of the South Beach plan as I believe refined sugar and flour is simply BAD for you and has no value to your health whatsoever.
That being said.. I will still "breakdown" and eat a chocolate fudge sundae if placed before me.

In my regular diet I aim for:
1. No white flours or grains ~ only whole grain flour, rice
2. No potato or pasta
3. Fresh vegetables.. lots of them
4. 1 or 2 pieces of fresh fruit
5. Lean protein
6. Avoid refined sugar

I also try to avoid processed products.
I challenge my friends to go weekly food shopping on "the shopping cart plan".
Only allow yourself:
2 boxed items
2 frozen items
2 canned items
Nothing in a cellophane crinkley bag.

You'll notice how quickly your cart is filled with fresh fruit and poultry and fish... *grin*

By now you might have noticed.. I have no problem talking about ME. LOL.
Anyway..if you are here.. stick around. I can use all the encouragement I can get!

I admit I loved zombieland. While I"m not necessarily a fierce believer in the zombie apocalypse..I say.. it never hurts to be prepared.

So this is my list, created by me, with the help of zombieland rules.
not only with these rules keep you alive when zombies will (hopefully) help you look hot on the beach in the summertime! (I've taken some liberties obviously to the interpretations of many of these rules... )

Rule #1: Cardio
Yup.. rule #1 is cardio. Weight loss is NOT going to happen sitting on your butt all day. Even cutting back calories alone isn't the answer. To lose weight you gotta shake what your momma gave ya.

Rule #2: Beware of Bathrooms
aka Be Sanitary
Keeping your gear clean, and cleaning up before and after you use machines at the gym is a good way to keep us from spreading those nasty germs that are certainly not good for staying healthy. Getting sick only hinders our progress.. so wash those hands!!

Rule #3 Seatbelts
aka Safety
If you haven't been active in more than 6 months it's a good idea to ease back in slowly.
If you have health issues it's probably a good idea to speak to your doctor first before taking upon yourself any new diet and exercise program.
Also if you are going to start working out, using proper form and learning how to use machines and do exercises correctly are all important to being safe and not getting hurt on your journey!

Rule #4 Doubletap
aka Rev up your intensity
Not seeing results.. maybe it's time to really go for the burn. Maybe you are letting yourself get away with minimal effort. For best results.. really push.. go the extra mile. Double time!!

Rule #5 Skillet
aka Healthy home cooking
While restaurants all over the world are coming out with the healthier menus..I have found that the healthiest menus are the ones created by you at home with your own skillet. There you are able to control how many calories, how much sodium and what size your portion will be.

Rule #7 Travel Light
Don't let travel hinder your weight loss. Jumpropes are easy to pack, as are your sneakers. If you don't have access to a gym, going for a jog, a brisk walk, or using a jump rope is an easy 'light way' to stay on course even if you are far from home.

Rule #12 Bounty
Be thankful every day for what has been given to you. You've been given this body..this great tool.. treat it well and be grateful for it even if it isn't in perfect shape. Nobody is perfect, and we are all on this journey together.

Rule #15 Bowling Ball
aka lift heavy stuff
While cardio is great and necessary it is important not to leave out strength training. Women often leave this out of their routines because they are worried about bulking up and looking manly. For most women however, it takes years of training and supplements to reach 'body builder' proportions. Lifting weights or using body weight resistance is important for healthy bones and being fit and lift heavy stuff every chance you get!

Rule #17 Don't be a Hero
Listen to your body. Some days we need to take a break. It's important to know when it's time to push..and when it's time to take a breather. As my fitness instructor says "I don't want anyone passing out in my class.. if you need to take a breather..take one!"

Rule #18 Limber Up
Well this goes without question..always remember to warm up before jumping in to your exercise. This will prevent injury and soreness and will help loosen the body up to go even further!

Rule #22 When in doubt, know your way out
Just because you screwed up today and ate a whole box of donuts today doesn't mean you can't immediately make an about face and get right back on track. There is no reason we need to linger in our slip-ups, instead get out of that place..and get right back where you are supposed to be!

Rule #29 Buddy System
nothing spells weightloss faster than having a buddy to keep you accountable. That is what SP is about..that is what WW is about.. Working out with a buddy or going on a diet together with a buddy is shown to help aid the progress of weightloss.

Rule #31 Check the Back Seat
So what happens if you are doing everything you can be doing and still nothing is doing? Maybe it's time to 'check the back seat'. Is there perhaps something you haven't factored in? Are you tracking everything you eat? Are you really working out as hard as you think you are? Are you taking the "weekends" off? Sometimes it's the smallest thing we haven't considered that is hindering our weighloss.

Rule #32 Enjoy the Little Things
OMG this is so important. Seeing our cheekbones/clavicles for the first time! Fitting into a new size! Having that healthy "I've worked out" glow. And most importantly.. reward yourself ever step of the way! If you are staying the course and sticking it through.. enjoy yourself.. treat yourself to a movie, a manicure, a massage, a new outfit.. a day off! Whatever. Just remember.. life is just a journey.. and it's really the small things that count!

Well folks there you have it.. the zombieland rules for weightloss :))

Written Feb 24, 2010 Angellybelly Sparkpeople

Member Since: 6/3/2008

Fitness Minutes: 8,277

My Goals:
Starting June 2008
Starting Weight: 165
First Goal weight: 155
Long Term Weight: 140

First "mini" goal: To get under 160 lbs on the scale and stay that way for at least 1 week.

Fitness Goal: Cardio or any exercise of my choice 2x a week for at least 30 minutes.

Nutrition Goal: Drink more water.
Starting with 4 (8 oz) a day.

Eat at least 1 fresh fruit a day.

Update my tracker regularly to watch what I REALLY intake, vs what I THINK I intake.

Weight 170

My Program:
June 2008 - walking
Started walking in the park 2 miles

July 2008 - Began yoga in the park 3x a week 60 minutes

Aug 2008 - HIIT & Yoga.
My routine will consist of AT LEAST 10 minutes a day of HIIT Jump Rope workout.
Aiming also to do yoga 2x a week.
Use my 3lb free weights as well.

1250-1550 calories
Fresh foods. Home made meals.

I stay away from pasta, potatos & rice, and grains in general.

I try to eat no more than 30 grams of carbs in any 2 hour window.

I eat 6 small meals a day.

NOVEMBER 2008 - back on the wagon after a 2 month break.

Plan is to:
Try South Beach Diet again.
Go walking. Starting 15 minutes a day working up to 50 minutes.

Jan 2008.
DOc has put me on 800 calorie HMR Shake plan. We'll see how this goes.

Also going to try some exercise DVDs.

May 2010:
Naturopathic Doctor
No sugar/sweetener
No grains
No fruits (only

Personal Information:
I used to be a yoga junkie, and still feel it is the best exercise on the planet.

I love goth clubbing, corsets and stompy boots and fishnets.

I HATE exercise passionately and wish I can be hypnotized to LIKE it and crave it.

Other Information:
This too is for the best / Gam Zu L'Tova

~This Too Shall Pass~ / Gam Zeh Ya'avor

What would you try if you knew you could not fail?

Waist: 31.5"
Hips: 43"
Bust: 39"
Thighs: 26"
Arms: 14"

Waist: 31"
Hips: 43"
Thighs: 26"
Arms: 14"

Waist: 30.5"
Hips: 42.5"
Thighs: 25"
Arms: 13.5"

Waist: 31.5"
Hips: 43.5"
Thighs: 27"
Arms: 14.5"

Waist: 31.5"
Hips: 43.5"
Thighs: 27"
Arms: 14"

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