Your Actions Create Your Life!

By , SparkPeople Blogger
When I started on this journey over 4 years ago, my main motivator was to reclaim my health and get back into so-called ‘normal’ sized clothing. But there was something about this time that was so different from all my other past attempts—I am too not sure if it was my internal clock to get healthy ticking ever so loudly OR if I had reached my breaking point where I just needed to finally gain control over my life.

So many times in the past, I allowed myself to become a bystander in this journey we call life. I would lackadaisically go through the motions, but never felt the need to permanently change. I often wondered why this time was so different. There is one little word that seemed to make sense and that word is ACTION!

Action, you may be asking yourself? Yep, action it is! This time I decided I would longer let life pass me by. I was going to take action in every thing that I did in my life. If that meant tracking every food item I consumed, whether I strayed or not, I did just that. If that meant drinking my 8 glasses of water every day, I did just that. If that meant searching until I found my exercise passion, I did just that. If that meant coming to the boards and looking for advice, support, and encouragement, I did just that.

By taking action we are taking control of our lives. No one else is driving the car. We are the driver! SparkPeople tools are the ideal means to helping us take action toward our goals. They help us not just to lose weight and get fit; they are the tools to help us transform our lives.

It seems like such an easy thing to do, but there have been times I have been paralyzed by frustration, fear, and plain ol’ tiredness of putting in all the hard work and not getting the results I wanted or expected. But since there are some aspects on this journey that I could never control, the scale being one of them, I did take control over those areas that I could and this was all done via that one tiny word--ACTION.

I hope you will find the action in your life to get you to your own goals. This is truly an area in which we can control. We can’t allow ourselves to become paralyzed. We must allow ourselves to keep working hard each and every day knowing that ACTIONS BRING RESULTS.

What actions do you take to get the results you want? Do you get frustrated by your inaction at times? How have SparkPeople tools helped you achieve your goals?

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YMWONG22 6/7/2021
Thank you Report
USMAWIFE 5/11/2021
thank you Report
JAMER123 3/31/2021
Thanks for sharing. Report
_CYNDY55_ 3/30/2021
Thanks Report
USMAWIFE 2/26/2021
thank you Report
Thanks! Report
BMCKERLIE 1/24/2021
My action was to find my favorite exercise. I joined a Pilates studio and take at least 3 classes a week. Now that I’m stronger I take 6 classes a week! Report
PLCHAPPELL 1/21/2021
I won't be a bystander Report
In simple words, "So True." Report
PMORENA 10/1/2020
"If it's to be, it's up to me" Report
RYCGIRL 9/23/2020
thx Report
CHRISTINEM80 8/12/2020
Love this!! I'm taking ACTION to take control back of my life Report
thank you Report
great motivation article... thanks Report
Great blog! ACTION will be my new key word. Action, even in baby steps,will add up and condition our bodies. Thank You for the great encouragement. Report
Thanks for the reminder Report
Absolutely great Report
Oh yeah Report
Wow! You said it all. That is exactly how I feel. Wow that blog blew me off my feet. I swear you are in my head. Report
This year my 'word' is: PERSIST. I can often *start* taking action, but I don't always *PERSIST* with it. Already I have been very active, then took a step back/slower (it was the Olympics, my birthday, and I was snowed in a lot), but I am back, peristing in my ACTION. :) Report
Indeed, action is the operative word for sure. Report
Some good points to consider. Report
Thank you for putting what has been running around in my mind and heart down. It was like many years ago going to O.A. and hearing my story spoken by someone else. We are all here for the same reasons. Happy Healthy & Blessed New Year. Report
what a great message! Actions speak louder than words!!! I was the same way, I have always been overweight, or the heaviest one in the circle of friends. but something this past year changed in me and my new passion is exercising. If I don't get some type of exercise in for the day.....I feel terrible. Through the years I have tried Weight Watchers so many times, I would have results but only to a certain point. I would get discouraged and quit and go back to my old ways. Not now........I am new to Spark and I am finding that I love it more and more everyday!!! Report
i love sparkpeople

through it i was so motivated to loss weight and be more toned and fit ,through tracking food and workouts ,and the most important thing was the help and advices i got from the coaches,and other members,i used to exercise but some times in a wrong way without realizing ,or i have many questions without clear answers .
I love it! Thank you... the word that moved me was "participate" I also often think of the saying that goes something like "showing up is 99% of life the rest will follow"
I take ACTION by taking responsibility for MY actions. If I overeat or under exercise.....I don't find someone else to blame it on. I know who's in control of MY life and I wouldn't want it any other way! Report
For the longest time I resisted keeping track of my food intake. It was such a hassle! Now SP practically does the work for me. From telling me how many calories I need in order to lose, as well as such a huge list of foods, the guesswork is almost gone. My coworker and I are encouraging each other to keep track.

I had a teacher long ago who would always say, "Actions speak louder than words." So true. Action begets action. I think once you start the momentum going, it moves into all aspects of your life. Report
I feel like this blog was written for me. I'm new to Spark and so glad I joined. Wolfkitty suggested that I write down some goals. So this morning I took her advice and did just that. For now they are on paper, I will add them to my SparkPage later. I'm really ready to do this. Action creates change! Report
SP has saved me in ways I didn't think possible! Report
I've dieted through high school and beyond,and it just seems like this time it feels like I'm ready and actually serious. I'm at my heaviest weight and i feel as if it's holding me back. I need a workout buddy or gym buddy because my current exercise buddy always just wants to talk and workout but its just too distracting and i tell her that and she still talks ugh. i guess all i really have is myself Report
Thinking about plowing a field does not get the field plowed. I love this saying. I am trying to make this a part of my life. Report
I have learned to quit "wishing" I could do something. When I catch myself saying that, I try to stop and determine if it's something I really want and think I am incapable of or is it just a whim. If it's something I really want, I find a way to make it happen. Case in point, I am 41 years old and just signed up to take beginner swimming lessons. I've always wanted to be able to swim, but was too afraid. I know that my fear is irrational and I'm going to face it. And just to make sure I don't wimp out, I signed up to do a triathalon in September that will require me to swim 750 meters. I don't care if it takes me all day to do that leg of the race, but by God I'll be out there trying.

Its hard to not seize the day when you see so many people achieving such great goals here on spark. Report
This is why I love SP! Weight loss is not an easy thing to do long term. It involves life long decisions. Plus, as we all know, there are so many other things that go along with our actions and SP also goes on to tell us the possibilities both positive and negative that can be consequences of th e"ACTIONS" we choose!
I too really enjoyed this blog! It is right on!
This is not the first time I have tried to lose weight. This is not the first time I have been successful at it. But this is the first time for me that it feels different. I also feel this take charge attitude, the I won't give up thoughts, and the reaching out for support. I am astounded at the many weight loss blogs there are on the net. I will always be thankful for the day I clicked a random link and found this site. I am already encouraged beyond belief in the few days I've been here. Thank you for this post. It makes my journey so much easier, knowing I am not alone. Report
Thank you for the inspiring words this morning! It sure makes me feel good to be a part of a community with the same interests, problems, and goals that I have for myself. I wish I were as far along as many of you are already, but I am confident that my day will come. I am becoming a stronger, more confident person. Peace. Report
I am new here but the nutrition and fitness trackers keep me honest with myself and what I am doing. The goal tracker will allow me to celebrate my successes and stay motivated - great article/blog - our action or inaction do create our lives! Have a super Day!! Report
Thanks for the encouraging piece.
The nutrition tracker has helped me on the road achieving my goal.
I am so thankful to my friend for hooking me up to this site.
I get so much out of this site. It has something for everyone. Report
When I first started using this website again in August '08 I knew I had to make the changes that I couldn't make myself make before. Before I started spark again I would tell my self that I can't control what I eat b/c I love food to much, but now I can control what I eat and I still love food just not always the same stuff. I found out that greasy food makes me want to get sick now and I only crave it occassionally. I will give in to my temptations every once in a while, but I try not to go overboard. Once I started seeing results from eating healthier I thought man I bet I"ll get even better results if I work out too. I'm currently down 45lbs and still have 15 to go to make my target weight loss and it's been hard, but it's been worth gaining control of my life again! Report
Thoughts become words
Words become actions
Actions become our destiny.

Think positive! Report
definitely action AND additude. i have been using this site since march and it has completely changed my way of thinking - i am finally in control of food! i've only lost a little so far but i know that with the modivation of articles like these and everyone else here, we can all succeed!! Report
Going on 3 weeks with sparking up my life. The energy I feel each day is amazing. Most especially the positive support from all of you. My dear friend from High school and I are sparking together and truly find the site so helpful. Action I believe was the inspiration for this blog and it remains true for this 46 year old mama of 2 teens! Action to take care of the temple God gave me. Report
I absolutely agree. My friends complain that they could never lose weight because their eating is beyond their control and they "just can't help it". There is nothing in our lives that is MORE under our control than what we choose to eat and how we choose to move (or not move). It is the combination of these choices, action and inaction that determine what actually "happens" to us. Report
I've been here just a few weeks, and right now, I'm just trying to figure out a plan! LOL But the biggest thing I've found is just being able to blog or post - vent and share - to and with people who have been there and done that or are there right now. and even if I don't lose a pound (only joking about that, God)...the people here are AWESOME! Thanks everyone! PS: Those silly little spark points do motivate me to do stuff and log my exercise! Something so minor as spinning the wheel of pointage! is a little something special in a ho-hum day Report
I have found so much help and information here at SparkPeople and now your blog puts everything into perspective. I have never seen it worded like this, but I love it. This is something I can do.. Report
This blog has renew my purpose and movitation to do everything with vitality. Report
I feel stuck ... Stuck in low-energy negative emotions. My head knows that motivation will follow action. Life is passing me by. I'm comforting myself with food. I know all this *stuff* and I just can't seem to get myself together.

Step 1 ... Wash and get some clothes on.
Step 2 ... Head for the park with my camera.
Step 3 ... Well, I'll take it from there.

Marie Report
Great blog full of encouragement for any who are 'stuck' or at a plateau. Sometimes it's hard to find something to capture your attention and add a little variety to either a workout or to keep eating from becoming so overly monotonous. I have countless times found myself taking a day break which ends up leading to months breaks. However, this is my lifestyle now and am enjoying the "drive". I have created challenges to take on besides my normal workout routines. I love to cook and have created [healthier] alternatives to some of my faves. I had taken (Spark) buddies with me to classes now (which I would've never done). And, I've taken my workouts outside the home and outside the gym to literally outside and am enjoying this variety. Thanks for the encouragement - keep up the good work! Report
wow-thanks for sharing this. I never thought of myself as the driver in my own life. I need to get up and out of the house myself and exercise. Hard to get motivated though. Report
Thank you for sharing this. Its given me renewed hope and purpose. Good luck to you!!!!!!!!!! Report