The Buck Stops Here

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''The buck stops here'': many of us have heard this phrase in our lifetime. It basically means that YOU assume responsibility for your actions.

President Truman was known to make reference to this phrase from time to time. At the National War College on December 19, 1952, Mr. Truman said, ''You know, it's easy for the Monday morning quarterback to say what the coach should have done after the game is over. But when the decision is up before you--and on my desk I have a motto which says, ''The buck stops here''--the decision has to be made.''

The decision has to be made, but have you really made the decision?  The decision to take your life back?  The decision to stop passing the buck to somebody else or some circumstance and take ownership of that decision?

Sometimes, as we move through life, we tend to pass the buck in order to make it easier on us, right?  There are times in our work lives that we pass the buck to our co-workers.  Other times, maybe we pass the buck to our spouse for whatever reason.  Why do we do that? When a decision has to be made, make it and go forward with that decision. The buck stops here, with you!

As we relate this phrase to our health journey, it’s time for many of us to ''own'' the situation and stop passing the buck to the next guy.  I have had many conversations with others on this journey about this topic.  Sometimes as we move along on our healthy living journeys, we get stuck in the past.  I’m sure you’ve set a goal and you’re working toward that goal.  Do you ever find yourself blaming your genetics for being overweight?  (''My whole family is overweight, so that’s just how I grew up.'')  Maybe it’s a circumstance that you’re stuck on that is holding you back.  (''I can’t find the time to work out,'' or ''I don’t know how to cook, so I eat my meals out.'')  Maybe your spouse doesn’t support the journey.  Whatever it might be, I want to suggest that you accept responsibility for where you are now and move forward.  Untangle yourself from that past and look to the future. You must forgive yourself for allowing life's circumstances to control you so you can be set free.  The buck stops here!

Let’s talk about decisions for a moment. The assumption is that you have made the decision to do what it takes to take your life back. What got you to the point of having to be on this journey in the first place?  You probably guessed it: decisions.  We’ve all made decisions in the past that got us where we are or where we were at the beginning of the journey.  We probably made poor decisions regarding nutrition, circumstances, emotions and any other host of examples.  Sometimes we get hung up on the obvious and need a third party to tell us that we are where we are due to decisions we’ve made!  I want to suggest that you change the way you think.  Will this be an overnight process?  For some, it will take longer.  Changing the way you think is where this journey starts.  It’s your journey, and you own it.  The buck stops here.

The self-destructive mindset must go—it's time to make a change. I challenge you to look for the positive in all situations; look for the constructive rather than the destructive.  You deserve the absolute best life.  Being constructive is the best way to build that life.  Look toward the future with an insightful eye, looking for solutions to any issue that comes your way.  I challenge you to stop passing the buck and to face life head on. The buck stops here!

Do you accept responsibility for your past?

Do you accept responsibility for your success?

Do you control your thoughts?

Do you control your emotions?


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AQUAGIRL08 9/7/2019
Yes it does! Report
HEAT730 5/10/2019
This has inspired me, great blog. Report
SLIDER72 1/19/2019
Absolutely agree. Great to refresh the thought though. Thanks. Report
Excellent Report
Great, thanks! Report
Succeed or fail....yes, it is up to us to set the course. Report
Great blog! Report
Great article, Thanks! Report
Yes to All The questions above it starts and ends with me!!! :) Report
Yes to All The questions above it starts and ends with me!!! :) Report
This us exactly what I needed to read today. Report
True, experienced a situation last week where I needed to take responsibility with my eating but didn't. I need to remember that saying that the buck stops here. Report
True, experienced a situation last week where I needed to take responsibility with my eating but didn't. I need to remember that saying that the buck stops here. Report
I really liked this article. It made me stop and think and see how I've procrastinate a lot during my journey. The buck stops today. Report
Excellent article. I have the source at home of who said this, but a great quote that has helped me is this: "Argue for your limitations and, sure enough, they're yours." Report
Boy this was one of the better articles. We all want to blame genes, circumstances, stress,etc, but let's face it..We are the only ones who can do this for ourselves.As the article says , the buck stops with us. Let's realize it and use it to our advantage!!😉 Report
Personal responsibility is a list art. Report
This is exactly why I stopped listening to my family when it comes to MY weight management. They can bring home junk food, sit on the couch or sleep all day, but I don't have to. The buck stops here. My life is my responsibility and my choice. Report
I realized this a week or two ago and made up my mind that the buck stops here. What worked for me was writing down a list of all my 'excuses'. All the valid and non-valid reasons I had for not eating right or exercising. Then I wrote out the solution to each excuse: for example one excuse is not having time to make a healthy lunch. So the solution was on Sundays I take at least ten minutes to plan, shop for, and cook two lunch options so in the morning I can just grab and go. I decided on only two options because trying to vary my menu up each day was getting too burdensome, complicated, and took up too much time. It has been working so far! Report
good gravy, that hurt! I just made a list of excuses why I gained five pounds since last year. Guess I should have saved the time and looked in the mirror. Report
Good article. Definitely made me stop and THINK. Acting on it will be the key. Report
Great blog - Makes you wonder too - If we blame someone or something else for the bad decisions is our life - who gets the credit for the good decisions? Report
Another great blog Agent J. Ownership and decision making = 2 critical pieces to the healthy lifestyle puzzle Report
I love this quote. My mother emphasized this early in life and the military re-enforced it for me as I served. It is a way that I am truly embracing and striving to achieve a highly level in personal accountability. This blog is great and inspiring! Report
I always put off starting the diet because some event was coming up. This weekend there was a big concert that I went to and went way off track on my calories and water intake. I'm not letting it stop me. One bad day doesn't need to derail my lifestyle change. I take responsibility for having a slip and holding myself (strictly) to my goals for the rest of the week! Report
Thanks for making it more clear: choices.

Great blog. Report
Very good blog! The Buck Stops With Me for how I treat myself as well as how I treat others! I am making a commitment to ALWAYS treat others with respect and to be supportive of others -- just as I would want others to treat me!! Report
Everything we do - or don't do - boils down to choices. Choose to take responsibility or pawn it off on someone else... Me, I'm in control of ME! Therefore I am responsible for ME, and my success or failure on any front! Thanks for pointing this out! Report
Yes, I can relate to all of those excuses. Chunky really does run in the family. So does high blood pressure and heart disease. I have to do what I can to avoid these conditions for as long as I can. I don't want to drag those chains around with me. The buck does stop here! Report
Great Blog and yes it does stop with me, I could easily blame my past and my family for the reason I over eat or am an emotional eater but, I had to take charge of my actions I had to stop the madness and take control. I was watching a tv show Sunday, where alot people where blaming there past of why they were so overweight.. and blaming their parents which yea maybe their family life was to blame but it was up to them to change to control to do something about it. .... that is why I decided to change get healthy and be a roll model for my kids and my family..
great post..... people need to apply it to other areas of their lives also! LOL Report
Another great one Jerome! It really is the center point of true, successful, lifestyle changes. I think the majority of success with long term wt loss has to do with our mind set. How we think about things, our priorities, taking personal responsibility, our attitude, etc. I think people who are "stuck" in this area often think that "successful people" (w/wt loss, etc) always "love to exercise" or "want to" and that they "HAVE the time to do it" and that is where they are often wrong & misguided! We don't always WANT to do it. We are tired, exhausted, have busy schedules too! But we do it b/c we know we should, we made commitments, we prioritize the benefits we get from a healthy lifestyle, etc. I just don't want people to assume that when they see people who have reached their wt loss goals, it's b/c it must be easy for them or something they always "love or want" to do. That's the point, right?!?! None of us WANTS to workout or eat right EVERY day, every time! But the successful people will (usually) do it anyway & not make excuses or blame others for poor decisions. Thanks Jerome!! :-) Report
ouch! those were my toes you were stepping on!!
thanks for a great post! Report
Oh boy, I have blamed a lot of people. Even this past week, I was so infuriated that my roommate bought me a large popcorn at the movies. It was my fault for eating it all! I really took this blog to heart, thanks for sharing. I am going to repeat that motto often to remind myself. Report
I have always believed that it is about the choices I have made. No one forced me to be fat to eat ice cream or m&m's like no tomorrow. I chose to put those things into my mouth. Report
Made me stop and think. I plan to make this my motto...The buck stops here. Thanks for sharing. Report