A Butt-Kicking Workout with Nike Trainers

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I was that girl who would fake cramps and feign random injuries to get out of gym class in high school. (Sweat? Me? No--not after all the time I spent straightening my hair. I'll read a book on the bleachers, thankyouverymuch!) These days, I'm no wilting flower when it comes to exercise. I run. I Spin. I practice yoga. I do Pilates. I love the strong, toned body that exercise affords me.

(Almost) nothing scares me. Except squats and lunges. They annoy me. I don't feel coordinated and get bored doing them. On the rare occasion I incorporate them into my strength training, I don't really get very creative with them. I just do 'em and move on.

During the Nike Women’s Training Spring 2010 Media Summit in Vancouver, we had the opportunity to work out with Nike trainers.

On Wednesday we had been warned that we would be doing some moves that were similar to those used by the Olympic athletes we'd met.

They had Julia Mancuso stand on a stability ball, and Katherine Reutter did some complicated hip stabilizing exercises, so I was a bit worried.

It would be hard, but a few women who had attended the Summit last year said it was nothing we couldn't handle.

Little did I know how many squats and lunges were in my future!

For a full hour, we sweated, shook and squatted our way through a series of exercises. Led by Nike certified trainers Alex Molden (a 9-year NFL veteran!) and Marie Purvis, the workout was high-energy and high-intensity. I wore my heart monitor--and it was around 75% and even as high as 85% a few times.

I decided to share with you the details of the workout (those that I remember--I was focusing on the workout more than committing the details to memory).

(NOTE: I'm not a trainer, so this post is just informational. I do link to some similar SparkPeople exercises if you're interested in more information on a particular exercise.)

Like any good workout, this one started with a warmup. We split in two groups and lined up.

One by one, we high-kicked our way across the large workout room, then ran to the end of the line. Two minutes later we switched to skipping, then a series of grapevine and other "fast feet" moves. Ten minutes in, we're glowing and plenty warm. We've all stripped off our warm-up jackets.

For the next 45 minutes, we did these exercises (and more), most of them for two minutes each:

Then we finished up with 10 minutes of stretches. I was drenched and my muscles were sore, but I felt energized and strong. I still don't like lunges and squats, but I am trying to do them more often.

Thanks for a great workout, Marie and Alex!

Do you do any of these strength moves in your normal workout routines? Are there any strength moves you avoid because you just don't like them?

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Actually, I do often do a lot of those move in the classes I take. We always do lunges, and squats. Often we will combine the moves with weights, or lifting a leg to make them more challenging. Even the boxing classes usually break off into a series of stations where we do laps, maybe mountain climbers, planks, push ups,etc. It always feels challenging to me, and makes for a good work out. Sounds like you had a great workout! Report
Wow! I don't come close to that kind of workout but my workout is still working great. Report
This looks Awesome! I've added it to my Favorites! Woo hoo, thank you! Report
With bad knees, both are not comfortable. I never was very coordinated and have learned to do both with a trainer, but I still hate them. I do bridges instead. No knee problems there! Report
In one form or another, I do all the moves listed in this blog. Personally, I HATE lunges. but, I still do them because I know they are good for me. ;) I'm not a big fan of burpees either. The move is a little too high impact for my knees. So, if I do happen to do them, which is rare, I'll do a modified version. Those are the only two exercises that I don't really like. I'm fine with everything else. Push ups ? No problem.

Making the Cut by Jillian Michaels incorporates a lot of the same moves, it's a great workout! Thanks for sharing your experience. Report
I'm with you on the squats and lunges. I don't feel very coordinated doing them. I'm not fond of "fast feet" moves either. I would much rather be running, walking, or biking. At the moment, I'm working on balance, using my new balance board with the new balance board exercises from Nicole and Tim (along with my walking, running, and biking). Report
I have never been a huge fan of squats or lunges, probably because they work our largest muscles and hence why I get so tired so fast, but for the past 4 months I have incorporated them into a quick circuit session on my non strength days and lunges with weights on my strength days; still hate them but at least I am doing them. A lot of the moves you did that day are also a big part of my strength workout and I have to say they have been paying off when you see how toned I am getting! I bet it was a great workout and wish I could have been part! Report
Lunges make my legs shake ... still not in shape enough to go even across the living room in lunges. Report
That would be VERY intimidating to join and attend but I bet EVERYONE there was soooo proud of themselves after! Report
I'm with you - down with lunges & squats.... But they do work! Report
Try Jillian Michaels or Gilad workouts if you want a lot of squats and lunges. Report
Loathe squats & lunges! Our instructor made us do one legged squats on a raised platform, touch other toe to lower level and stand up tall; then repeat multiple times - can hardly move - and this was following what seemed like 15minutes of calf raises Report
I love squats but I hate lunges but I do them because I know they're helpful - since I've been so lazy lately and the weight shows, I set up 2 different exercises on my EA Active and the second day includes both squats and lunges. I want Shakira's bootie - is that too much to ask for? Report
I absolutely HATE lunges...but I do them. ^_^ I'm not quite coordinated enough to do squats though...I always feel like I'm going to fall over! :D Report
when i do push ups my husband laugh ,i cant do them in the right way ,squats are better than lunges ,but i feel its really good to join a club Report
I love the Nike women's training online club and Iphone app. The workouts are awesome but lately they have been experiencing techincal difficulties which makes me a bit sad because I was seeing results with the workouts. Hopeful they will have all of the bugs worked out soon, as I was told by a customer service rep last week, because it is definitely a workout I would recommend to all. Hopefully sparkpeople will get the workouts listed on the exercise tracker so we know approximate calorie burn! Report
I love lunges! For some reason they come easily to me. Squats, on the other hand, not so much. I have never felt like I was doing them properly (despite personal trainers and instructors telling me that I was, lol). I have no intention of throwing out my back or knees, so I'm still pretty timid with the squats. Give me lunges instead any day! :) Report
i loathe lunges and squats but have incorporated them 1x a week for now. i don't do jumping or running anything - slow and steady wins the race! i pace myself as i haven't exercised regularly in quite a while. it's starting to show in my clothes now and that makes it easier to get into the habit. thanks! pj 8-} Report
I never liked squats either, but since I appreciate what a great exercise they are, I do them anyway. I noticed that when I've done them consistently enough for a while, I actually start to dislike them a little less.

Oh the other hand, I have a much harder time getting myself to do lunges more than occasionally. Report
Wow what a great workout! I don't really like squats and lunges either.. but I've been trying to add them to my workouts more and more. They just seem like best and most natural exercise for the lower body. I'm all about exercises that use natural body weight and movements as opposed to exercise machines :)

One thing I always avoid are jumping or "running" lunges... to be honest they are hard and I just don't like them. Plus I feel like an injury waiting to happen. Maybe I'm just not used to it or don't do them right? Report