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Gear Up: SparkPeople's Cardio Blast Workout DVD

By , SparkPeople Blogger
I believe that fitness should be fun, accessible and affordable. That's why I've created more than three dozen free online workout videos for SparkPeople. Lately, I've been branching out to create new workouts that you can buy on DVD at The SparkPeople Store. My newest feature has upbeat music and never-before-seen workouts that are all fun and easy to follow. Here's a sneak peek at my newest workout DVD, SparkPeople Cardio Blast with Coach Nicole.

Stop thinking of cardio as a chore, and start having fun with these fat-burning and boredom-busting workouts that burn over 600 calories per hour (based on a 150-pound woman). The DVD contains six workouts that you can do one-at-a-time or any any combination you choose:

1. Walk It Out - An indoor walking routine great for beginners
2. 80s Aerobics - Bring out your leg warmers for a fun flashback of oldies but goodies
3. Cardio Kickboxing - Box, kick, squat and punch!
4. Hop to It - A high-impact jumping routine with plyometric moves
5. Jump Rope - Torch calories, even without a rope
6. Cardio Bootcamp - A high intensity workout that pushes the limits

Free of complex choreography, I also give detailed instructions to help you either decrease or increase the intensity, depending on your fitness level. Plus all of the workouts vary in intensity, so there really is something for everyone! Click Here to Buy SparkPeople's Cardio Blast for $15.50.

What do you think about SparkPeople's new workout DVD? Do you have any requests for future SparkPeople DVDs?

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Coach Nicole, you do such a fabulous job. Your workouts are always easy to follow and very achievable. I never walk away frustrated because I couldn't do a certain movement. The variety and 10 minute intervals are great, it allows me to mix it up every night. I bought two of your DVDs and I couldn't have spent the money any better. I'm embarrassed, but grateful, to say the $30 workout videos collect dust, and your very affordable DVDs are constantly spinning. Thank you for being innovative and keeping us moving.

There are so many free resources available, and you dedicate your life to helping people achieve their goals. I'm glad there is some way to pay you back.

Keep doing what you're doing! Report
This is at the top of my wish list. I'll be ordering it soon. Thanks, Nicole.

This looks great! I love Coach Nicole's workouts, and they are always so easy to follow. I would love to see some workouts using bands and kettlebells, too! Report
Right on! I'll be buying this because SP is FREE and this is a nice way to pay into an organization that has done SO MUCH for SO MANY. (I feel the need to shout this as folks have been getting a bit cranky on these blog postings this week)

Count your blessings, people. One of them is the website you are using right now! Report
I plan to buy this. I like doing the videos online but I prefer having it on a bigger screen so as to follow along better. Thanks, Coach Nicole, for making this dvd!

I used to wonder who the "based on a 150-pound woman" disclaimer was really based on. Until I read a blog post on here a while back about how much Coach Nicole weighs. =] Report
What a great idea! I think we're all lucky to have a site like this that has tons of free videos AND is starting to offer DVDs - Spark has to make money to keep in business, people! :)

I also like the ideas of a strength/cardio video in one, using bands and other simple, portable "equipment" - I travel a lot too, and while there usually is a gym in my hotel, more than once there hasn't been one or they want a fee to use it!

I think it would be really neat, if SP is going to make more DVDs, to include SP members in the videos as well! Report
This DVD seems like something I would enjoy, but I'd want it to be cheaper in order to purchase it. Report
I have not gotten any work out dvds but i may get this one but have to wate and see have to get are truck fixed first Report
cool, thanks Report
I bought the DVD. I have used almost all of the different workouts. They are great as a 10 minutes workout, or to add to existing DVDs. Thanks for making it available.

I would suggest a DVD that has part cardio, part strength training. Report
I'd love to have a full length one geared towards the business traveller, half strength half cardio, for an hour - something I can download as an mp3 file and use in my hotel room! Stretchy bands and bodyweight for the strength training, and tough cardio that doesn't use much space, would be perfect :)

Thanks for all the free exercises you've already done, and for putting this dvd together. What a nice mix of options we already have :) Report
I think it is great for people that only have a little bit of time to exercise. I am able to spend more time exercising and would love to see full 45-60 minute exercise DVD's. Report
Looks GOOD! Report
Neat new option, these DVDs. I am going to consider this for a "stay-home-from-the-gym" days. Report
I would of liked a longer preview of the workouts, just to see what is on there. It seems fun and like a good idea for a reward for those who don't have the money right away. Save a few dollars here and there, and keep working hard to your goal and before u know it you will have the money for the DVD.

I also would of liked it to be downloadable and to pay online. I am never home so I do not like getting this shipped to me. Report
I love that I can do these anywhere there is a computer and I don't need any equipment. SP rocks! Report
Awesome! I didn't even know about the free online videos here. I will check out your stuff available here on the site and if I groove to them I'll definitely pick up this DVD! I'm kind of a work-out DVD a-holic. I've found having a variety (and even a small store of ones I haven't tried yet) really help keep me motivated! Report
May think about it. I have alot but really my time is limited on what I can do in one day. It sounds like a good dvd Report
I wish I could afford to purchase this (or any) DVD's but I am lucky the bills get paid on time lately. It is nice that they are out there for those that CAN afford them, though. Maybe if time ever get better and I have the mone to spend, I could get it. Report
Things are so tight I still have to wait until payday but that's as far as I'm waiting. I have more room in the room where the TV is than the one the computer's in and I'm tired of using the laptop. Report
I normally dont follow DVD's BUT sence I've been with Sparkpeople I've learned to use them as an added tool to keep things HOT for me.. Thanks!!(I already won workout DVD's from SP..LOVE them). Report
Wow Coach Nicole Thank you so much for every thing you have been doing for us! I am getting one of these DVD's
Thanks Debbie Report
Thanks Nicole and SP........I plan on ordering this soon myself, I've been using the online videos and love them but sometimes our service is unreliable and I'm unable to access the internet and printouts just don't cut it for me. Your routines are great for any level of fitness, including those with arthritis, since they are easily modified to fit individual needs/abilities.

C'mon people, quit complaining there's a great library of workouts on here and all have printable versions of each exercise as far as I can tell, yes a downloadable PAY PER DOWNLOAD would be a great addition for those out of the US to save shipping (at least I'd hope you wouldn't want it for free.....SP has bills to pay as well and their store/products help with that) since shipping rates have become so expensive. I'm in complete agreement with MOMOKO. Report
I think this is a great idea. If you look at other cardio DVD's for sale, this one is a bargain. I am so glad to see an affordable workout from SP that you can take with you where ever you may go. Thanks Coach Nicole and SP! Report
I would also love to see a downloadable version (free or otherwise) of this DVD. It would also be nice if the other fitness videos on could be downloaded to your computer desktop - sometimes I have a computer, but no internet. Report
Our members have requested for years that SparkPeople's online workout videos be available for purchase as DVDs. That's why we have started to make some. All of our free online videos will continue to be available to people as well. Report
I'm VERY exicted about this dvd - thanks, Coach Nicole! Report
Coach Nicole has made over 3 dozen of her videos freely available. I am amazed at the audacity of some people to whine and complain because she is selling this one instead of giving it away. And for those who complain about the video containing exercises that they cannot do because of disabilities, there are plenty of alternatives out there. Do you really think that everything should be made just for you? Report
In today's economy, with so many people losing their jobs and no money coming in, it would be nice to have this offered on the site.

My husband and I are both retired and tightening our belts. We can afford only just so much to make ends meet. Report
Cool! I l love fitness DVDs. I'll have to save a little to buy it! Report
Sounds good. The thing I take issue with is burn 600 calories in an hour. I have been wearing a heart monitor for over a year, do lots of spin classes, and other cardio exercise and have yet to burn 600 calories in an hour. I am 200 pounds and 52 years old, my resting heart rate is in the 40s , I work as hard as I am able and my heart rate is an average of 138- max of 158 for an hour and that is my best calorie burn in an hour for about 410 calories burned. I take issue with claims in my cardio classes when an instructor will say you just burned blank amount of calories, since we all burn at different rates, and supposedly the less body fat you have the less calories you will burn. I have a friend who has lost 110 pounds and that is great her heart monitor said she burned 1300 calories in 90 minutes doing the same thing I did and I burned 660 calories. I told her it was hard to believe she is 70 pounds lighter than I am and 10 years younger and supposedly more fit than I am according to everything I read , I am supposed to be burning more calories than she since she is supposed to be more fit. Report
For those of us not in the US, it would be great to be able to order a downloadable version of the DVD to save on shipping costs.... Report
I think it would be great to have a printable version of the workouts for those who cannot order the dvd's, cannot afford them etc. Report
I have the video. I think it is the best work out video i have seen. There are no impossible moves. THANK YOU!! Report
I saw this video in the "new you bootcamp contest" and I loved it. I intend to buy it. Great video Nicole! Report
I'm getting ready to order this puppy. It sounds like an awesome workout. I love the variety. I've just recently incorporated jump rope into my fitness repertoire.

I would like to see a different workout that is geared to sitting down. Some people with arthritis have talked about a workout while sitting down. After my surgery I could have used something like this to work out when I couldn't stand on my feet for long nor walk for long. I heard you can get a good workout that way. Report
Wish it didn't have the lunges and jumping rope--my knees will not allow me to do these. Report
Mine arrived yesterday and the darn kids have it. They're having so much fun, I hate to take it back. In the mean time I'm using the one you have with the ball. WHAT FUN. Report