Find Your Ideal Activity With the Exercise Flowchart

By , SparkPeople Blogger
The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that all healthy adults engage in at least three to five days of cardiovascular exercise, at least two days of strengthening work and at least two days of stretching. Use this handy flowchart—designed by trainer and fitness author Rachel Straub—to find the ideal workout to meet your goals for any given day. 

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Could be fun!
For those who what to copy it: copy and paste to a word doc then print, I do it all the time because I can never find things again. Or google the name of the article including sparkpeople, that'll get you there too. Report
Great recommendations, thank you 😊 Report
Spot on recommendations for me. Report
This is prefect for beginners. Report
thanks for sharing
I thought it would be sheet we could use to plan and track and watch our fitness improve. no help to me hope it helps some one else. Report
I think I can figure all of this out everyday without a flow chart! Good try though. Report
What a confusing chart. No thanks. Report
All exercise can be modified. Report
It's a little confusing for me, but I think I understand the gist of it. Report
Too many colors, lines, and arrows for me. I got dizzy just looking at it. Report
Fun chart! Report
thanks Report
Too vague. Are you interested in going to the gym and doing cardio?... go to the gym and choose a cardio machine. Want to straightens all your muscles? Do reps of strength training moves that strengthen all your muscles. Could figure these out on my own sans flow chart, thanks. Report
This would be more helpful if I could print it out:( Report
I like this, but I wish I could print this out. I'll never find it again. Report
A little confusing, but a lot of choices. Very helpful. Report
A little confusing, but Report
I found this to be confusing. Too many arrows for the average person to follow. Report
Mine says" get a trainer". I am gonna make that investment in myself. Thanks Report
thanks Report
This is amazing Report
you can use this as a guide to select your routine Report
Wow, this is not helpful! The upper and lower body strength training are identical. And the others say basically if you feel like stretching, stretch. If you feel like cardio, decide indoors or outside. Go. Report
I was hoping for an exercise routine. Report
interesting Report
interesting Report
interesting Report
There appear to be errors with the lower body strength workout. Report
Great. Report
good idea Report
Informative Report
I loved these flowcharts. Great way to think about the best exercises for me. Report
I appreciate this article Report
This is cool! Great idea! I really need this. Thanks! Report
Thanks, this is helpful! Report
Great idea Report
great article Report
Never seen an exercise flow chart before. interesting idea. Report
Thanks for the tip! Report
Super awesome post!! It's really helpful. Thanks for sharing with us. Keep sharing.
A cute attempt. Report
A good concept and good information. Report
I like the over all idea, and that you went all out. But it’s a little too much lol. I do appreciate the fact that you should decide what exercise works for you, so you stick to it. Report
thanks Report
so interesting.. Report